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10 Easy Ways To Remember Everything You Read in The Exam Hall

See the 10 Easy Ways To Remember Everything You Read in The Exam Hall

The most common thing among students is forgetting what they studied immediately they step into the exam hall, sometimes when you collect your question paper in the exam hall and look at all the questions they will look very simple.

But when you pick up your pen to start answering it you will find it difficult to retrieve the answers from your memory. That was why a friend of mine told me after our philosophy and logic examination that “His brain stopped working when he entered into the exam hall”.

Let me gist you, sometimes you will read and understand but once you enter into the exam hall you may not be able to remember 90% of what you have studied, the serious problem now is remembering everything you studied during the exam.

The fact is that I have never forgotten anything I read in the exam hall and the secret that makes me remember 90% of what I studied is what I’m about to reveal to you in this article, kindly calm down as we discuss it below.

How To Remember Everything You Read In The Exam Hall

1. Read A Lot

The quote “A reader is a writer” is still active because you can only write what you know, you can not remember a lot of Things during exam when you have not read a lot.

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The major thing I usually do when ever I’m preparing for any examination is that I usually have more than one textbook for each subject, reading different topics on a different textbook will really make you to read any topic more deeper.

“It is what you have in your head that takes you ahead”  that you have big head doesn’t mean anything.

2. Understand What You Read

Read to understand because if you just read for an exam for reading sake or for entertainment then you will find it difficult to remember, after reading think and ask your self ‘Do I really understand what I have been reading’?

3. Jot somethings down on paper

Close your textbook or note, and start thinking about what you have been reading, jot all you can remember down after that, open your textbook or note to check if what you have written down is actually correct or not.

4. Reread it again

Consistency is the key, revising what you have read before the exam is very important because it is not Okay to read a textbook just once, the major purpose of rereading is to make sure that the information sticks to your brain.

5. Solve Questions

Pick up different exercises and pass questions paper that is related to the subject/course and start solving make sure you solve as much past questions or exercises as possible,

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This will make you to understand how the exam questions will look like.

6. Teach or discuss it with Others

Teach or discuss what you have read with your friend around, make sure you explain it clear to them during the teaching until they understand it, give them many different examples and make it fun.

7. Argue With Friends

Having an intellectual argument is very nice for student to be able to remember, argue about a very difficult topic with friends that will involve you to make research and at the end come into conclusion,

once you have seen the real answer to the topic make sure you understand it in case if you have been off point during the argument.

Wait! There are some topics that no matter how you read it you will never understand it, see what to do below.

8. Cram

Do I mean cram? Yes! Cram when your exam involves things like, “Formulas” since no one will ask you to derive it, the best option is for you to cram it into your memory.

9. Read points

Their are some textbooks that are always full of introductions plus unnecessary points, try and learn the most necessary information focus on the key points of what you are reading.

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for instance, in English language comprehension passage the examiner is expecting you to bring out points from the passage, he does not seek for your own opinion or unnecessary points.

10. Make stories

If you want to remember everything you read in the exam hall try and put them into stories, or you can record what you are reading using tape recorder and listen to it later.


For you to store anything into your head for a long time you need to store them into your long-term memory, but things like formulas that you may not be able to store sometimes you need to keep reading it every day until it enters or tries and cram it a day before the exam, try to understand what you learn each day, and always try and explain what you learn in your own word if you succeeded in doing that you have really understood what you learn.

I wish you good luck in your exam, feel free to let me know how you feel about this article.

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