10 Must-Have For College Students 

They are must-have for college students, these must-haves are what keep students to the hustle of college.

Being in college is entirely another world, the struggles to meet up with all that is needed. As a student, you practically need some things; not even in the 21st century where everything has become digitalized.

With these simple handful of things, your time in school can be seamless. 

How does college life feel

As everything is in stages, from birth to death. For every moment we try to make it seamless and memorable. 

Once you get into college some things practically need to be attended to, as an adult, you wouldn’t want to live a life that won’t be on plans. What you do in the next four or more years in school might practically design your future.

However, being a graduate doesn’t limit you to the wonders you can do. Meanwhile, this aspect of life places you on a path that might direct each of your next actions in Life.

As a college student, you would want to meet up or keep time for lectures, study hard, get good grades, and not miss out on social life. These balances can be very difficult.

The hustle of everyday college students is a pre-real-life exposure, if you can do well in college, and balance things then you are sure to do well in the real world.

College can be fun, all you need is to get things right and well planned.

Some Facts about Formal Education 

College or university both provide students with degrees however the university is higher than college.

Here are some great facts about higher education.

With the increasing demand for higher studies, getting a degree in University is increasingly expensive. Getting a standard and quality degree could mean a lot. Countries like USA, Hungary, Malaysia, Chile and more. 

In the United States, the tuition fees in the most prestigious school might cost students around $45,000 depending on the program. However, they also countries with cheap college tuition fees, like Kenya, France, Germany and others.

In recent data, it has been recorded that 59.5 per cent of college students in the united states were women, showing that women tend to be in school while 40.5 per cent were men.

The world’s oldest university is said to be in Italy, the University of Bologna. It was founded in the year 1088 and has never stopped operating.

Talking of equality, the world’s first university was founded by a woman named Fatima Bint Muhammad Al-Fihriya Al-Qurashiya in 859 CE in Fez now Morocco. The school was formally a mosque but was changed to an educational centre. The university was called the University of Qarawyinn.

India has a record of having the largest school in the world with over 32,000 students. The school is called City Montessori School.

 We have seen how students go home with a lot of homework. China is recorded to be the country where children get the most homework with children sitting 14hrs a week on assignments.

World Bank in 2020 stated that the number of students in the tertiary institution has increased from 100 million to 220 million since the year 2000.

Public or Government-owned schools are still the best. Many public institutions are practically the best, maybe because the government spend so much on them. Most of the world’s best universities are public schools.

Many of Africa’s pre-colonial era education systems were in form of internships, where young people learn a master craft.

10 must-haves for college students

Now we would be looking at the must-haves for college students to make their time in school seamless.

Here are ten must-haves, my first on the list would be;

Digital Alarm

We understand that our body might need to rest well after a long day. Sometimes we tend to sleep off forgetting that next important schedule.

An alarm is a good way to force us out of bed, so we can meet up to timing. In as much as we need to rest. As students, we need to also keep to time. Time we need to study, exercise, socialize and others. Our alarm can also function as a reminder.

There are several digital alarms with several functions, now that the world has gone digital. You can get them on phones or get a clock with an Alarm. Galarm, Book morning, Alarm, and Talking alarm clock beyond are good alarms you can download.


As funny as it is, notepads are very important for every college student. You literally want to take notes of some information, an urgent write-up.

The digital world had even made it easier as students can take notes anywhere. If you find the hard copy inconvenient you can always get the soft copy on your phone.

Fitness Tracker or Apps

Health is wealth they say, to be going, students need to monitor their health. We understand students always go through stress in school. Stressing from one point to another, trying to balance daily activities of schooling.

There are several digital Fitness apps one can download, MyFitnessPal is a great one to get, others include, Fitify, Home workout, Bodyfast and others.

Study Desk and Lamp

College students practically need to always keep studying to get the best grades. Understanding needs constant practice, whether indoor or outdoor

A study desk and Lamb are tools that keep you concentrating while studying, imagine being in a dark place your can help, while the desk makes you sit and position you to concentrate.


Every college students need a Backpack. The backpack has always been there for students. This is an essential and must-have for students.

You can fit in your laptop, and other gadgets to keep them safe and all packed in one place. They also can be used for travelling and some are waterproof. So you can check online or visit any store to get a backpack if you don’t have any.

Laptop or Tablet 

The world has gone beyond manual, now you have to go digital. With gadgets like laptops, tablets or even a PC, you can accomplish so much.

You do not need to go to the library if you have a laptop, you can access so many files online. Not only that, the laptop can serve as your entertainment centre; when bored, you can watch movies or listen to music to keep you entertained. 

So it is necessary for a college student you must have one. It saves time and eases learning.


Storing you must important files is essential, even when you store them in clouds, you still have to get them stored in a drive.

Having them saved in multiple instances is great as this would make it easier to access. 

Sticky notes

I love the idea of sticky notes, they can serve as a reminder, planner or more. 

Students are engaged with different activities, that they barely remember. Sticky notes can be placed anywhere, Your toilet, bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, on your laptop, your fridge etc.

Sticky notes come in different colours, so you have a clear view of what you need to do, as they can form a to-do list.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is very important as we all know that water is very important. Students sometimes stay all day and probably would miss out on taking water or other forms of liquid to stay hydrated.

Water cans are very important, take them so you can always refill them so you don’t stay dehydrated. There are several bottles out there that might cost you less.

Other must-haves would include;

  • Stationery (pen, pencil etc).
  • Planner
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Extension

These are just ten things you must have while in college to keep you going college.


College is a very important part of many students’ life. There are so many things that need to be done. 

For every student, you probably would be needing to have some must-haves to keep you going in school. These must-haves have been listed above. 

However, they are others but with these ten, one is sure to have a great and seamless time in School.



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