10 Secrets to Making Straight A’s in Higher Institution

See the 10 Secrets to Making Straight A’s in any Higher Institution.

Behind every successful student, is a laid down simple but strict rules. For some students, for some students, these rules are called SECRETS. I have gone through books, interview, videos and excerpts and concluded on these rules as the best and sure way to make straight A’s in higher institutions like University, Polytechnics, College of Education, etc.

Before I list out the ten secrets, there are two important things I would like to share with you! Firstly, be aware that making parallel A’s in higher institution is POSSIBLE. Some students have done it! Why not you? Example of such students are, UNILAG ‘016 best graduating student with 5.0 CGPA, UNILAG ‘017 two best graduating students, Taiwo Bankole and Oyindamola Omotuyi with 5.0CGPA, UI ‘017 best graduating student Nkemelu who graduated with 7.0CGPA, to mention but few. 5.0CGPA and 7.0CGPA means these students, never got a grade below ‘A’ in their courses. They had parallel A’s from their first year to final year.

And Secondly, always bear in mind that it also takes the Grace, Love and favour of God to excel in everything you do in life! Baba God is the “Boss of all Bosses”; do not ever forget to commit your dreams into HIS HANDS! HE NEVER FAILS.

Before we continue, take a deep breath, straight your legs because I’m about to help you smile on that your graduating day.

Let’s start listing the secrets! Viz:

  1. Change your Mindset:

This ranks my list because students usually get it all wrong when they just want to make first class. It is pertinent to mention that you ought not to read just for A or first class in examination. Let us face the truth, you’re in university to acquire knowledge, and be learned!

When you bear this in mind, you try to understand the concept of each course and not just cram your textbooks. Read as if you must defend your course in Real World. When you read to acquire knowledge, you will be forced to see parallel A’s in all your courses. It’s not magic, it’s reality!

  1. Prior Study
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Prior means “before/earlier”, merging Prior with Study, it means study before…

Yes! You have to study before each lecture. It mustn’t be a day before the lecture. Just make sure you literally prepare for each lecture. This will increase understanding of the topic and create a medium to understand problematic questions you encountered while reading.

Do not joke with this! I did and guess what… “In the first semester of my first year in University, I consciously ignored this point. I was like, “I will understand the course in lecture hall, LET ME ENJOY MY SLEEP JOR!”. Like you expected, I had poor grades. The next semester, I changed my philosophy, I studied before any lecture, and the magic worked! I made excellent grades.

  1. Always Attend Lectures
Students attending Professor Arredondos lecture (jicuf.org)

As simple as this sounds, yet some students seems to underestimate the power of this point. In Universities, attendance to lectures has its own mark. Some schools will use the attendance list to admit students to the examination hall. This means if your name is not in the overall attendance list, you will not write the examination!

Now besides attending classes for the aforementioned reasons, in classes you will be opportune to ask problematic questions, answer problematic questions and most of all makes you appear responsible to your lecturer.

Since you have decided to always attend lectures, then I must advice you to stay in the first three sit in the class. This very helpful to facilitate the point!

I hope I am still communicating??? If YES, let me see your teeth…Thank you! Let’s continue… 

  1. Self Assurance

Self assurance and self confidence works together. Believe you can break past record; believe you can also be among the best students. To be sincere with you, University courses are not just that easy! Some lecturers can be so threatening, some might even tell you guys in class thatYou Just Can’t Make ‘A’ in this course”. The scaring part is when few students still believe they can still make ‘A’ in that course, after a test or quiz, they see 3/30 as their score. If you happened to be in this category of students, you need to reassure yourself you can do it! You need to believe in yourself! You have to be confident that you can still make that 70%. Oyindamola Omotuyi a 5.0CGPA graduate of UNILAG is a good example.

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Just don’t get discouraged when you fail test/quiz.

  1. Do Not Cheat Nature:
do not cheat nature
Say No to Cheating (TheLifeExpert)

Don’t cheat nature! How do I mean?? This probably should be your question. It’s all right; I will answer it right away! A little story… I had a friend in High School, during our early years, he always reads 10hours (7.00pm – 5.00am) per day. After reading, he takes just two hours sleep and most times do not eat till 12.30pm. When I approached him, he said he is doing FASTING/PRAYING. I tried to convince him to help himself, I used to be like…”My guy eat very well since you’re reading very well”, his response will be “Bros, don’t worry about me, My God can do all things, He is a God of impossibility…” You know what I did? I never talked to him about it again. Towards the end of the semester, he got ill and was admitted into Our general hospital. He barely wrote the exams he has been preparing for. Results came out and like I expected, he had poor result! It’s not that His philosophy about God is not true, but the point is HE WAS CHEATING NATURE… Some will say give to Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser and to God what belongs to Him.

Cut down your reading hours, have some nice sleep. Sleep at least 5-6hours a day! Eat nice foods and exercise your body!

Least I forget to complete my story, the next session, I met that my friend and after sympathizing with him, I told him not to cheat nature. It worked perfectly for him.

  1. Study in a Suitable location

Some students prefer reading in a cool environment while some others love reading with music playing at the background. Whichever, case you find yourself, take advantage of a good study location. Do not go to the library because your friend always reads in library.

  1. Have Smart Friends
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Make Smart Friends
Smart Friends (lovelustandlaptops.wordpress.com)

I have come across students who always say “I people do not influence me, rather I influence people”. I understand this might appear true but do not be deceived because “the good are easily influenced”. You just have to get a friend that has same vision with you. When you guys share the same vision, you achieve same vision. Make friends that are smart, brilliant and intelligent.

  1. How Many Hours to Read:

Many will advice you read 10 or six hours but this solely depends on personality. One might read 2hours and understand the concept while others needs more time. The necessary point should be, make sure you read prior to lectures. Revise the notes you made in lectures. Do not procrastinate it!

  1. Do the Right Thing at the right time!
Do Right Thing
Do Right Thing (Huffington Post)

Oh yes! Don’t play with this guy! It can be very tempting and most time begs you to compromise him. Do not wait until the last minute before you do your assignments, termpapers, seminar, mini-project, projects etc

  1. Dream Big, Think Big

Do not limit your vision to just being a good student, aspire to be the best student. Do not just limit yourself to having a good grade like B or C, aspire to smash A’s in all your papers and more importantly, do not just read to pass examination, read to understand the concept and for KNOWLEDGE!

That’s all! We hope this will be helpful! Best of luck in your academic pursuit.

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