12-Year-Old Boy Gains Admission to US University, Set To Graduates As An Engineer At The Age of 16

12-Year-Old Boy Gains Admission to US University

Meet Jeremy Shuler, the 12 years old boy who got admitted into a US university to study Applied Physics and Engineering at Cornell University, New York, United States, therefore making history as the youngest student ever to be admitted into the university, and graduate at age 16 as the youngest graduate from the institution.

The parents of the little boy are both  Aerospace Engineers and they discovered their son’s ability after he was able to read fluently by the age of 2.

When the boy Jeremy Shuler turned 11 years, he taught himself chemistry and thereafter earned an online high school diploma.

Despite the fact that at that Jeremy was homeschooled throughout his young age, he was able to gain admission to Cornell University in New York at the age of 12.

The boy’s parents however narrated that they faced difficulties in obtaining research opportunities because of Jeremy’s young age.

It was challenging trying to find professors to do research with because of his age … there were child labor laws Jeremy was subject to and also liability issues, especially in lab settings,”

She added;

“He was lucky to find a professor who let him do research that mostly requires computer simulation work, which doesn’t involve lab work,”

Nonetheless, Jeremy also made a statement saying;

“When I started college, I was not 100 per cent sure what field I would pursue for my future. I had always loved math, especially number theory since I was five, and I liked the physics that my mom taught me. By the time when I became a sophomore, I decided I would study physics

CONGRATULATIONS BOY! Yabacampus wishes you well in all your endeavors.

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