13 Years Old Girl Get Admitted in Medical School after changing from Space Engineering Studies, History Created

13 Years Old Girl Get Admitted in Medical School

13 Years Old Girl Get Admitted in Medical School-History has indeed been created as a 13 years old girl identified as Alena Analeigh becomes the youngest black person to gain admission into a medical school.

13 Years Old Girl Get Admitted in Medical School

If you have been following our achievements stories

you can recall that last year a girl of 12 years gained admission to study engineering course in a US based university, YES, it was this same girl Alena who sets that record and upon turning 13, she has create another shocking record by securing admission into a medical school.

Alena was still a high school student as at the time she was offered admission to the University due to her excellence brilliance and dream to become a space Engineer in future.

Nonetheless, in the space of one year, the history maker, Alena has already finished two and a half years of college by taking a full course load at Arizona State University and Oakwood University, Alabama in the United States.

I know that a lot of you might wonder what triggers this little girl to take such a bold steps, so in that case, here is what she said;

I really want to leave my mark on the world. And lead a group of girls that know what they can do,” – Alena said

According to what she said in her next speech, it was gathered that what really inspired Alena to change her passion from Engineering to Biology is her trip to Jordan and The Brown STEM Girl foundation.

Alena said

“It actually took one class in engineering, for me to say this is kind of not where I wanted to go. I think viral immunology really came from my passion for volunteering and going out there engaging with the world,”

She further said “What I want from healthcare, is to really show these underrepresented communities that we can help that we can find cures for these viruses,”

“I want to inspire the girls. I want them to see that there are no limits,” she said

Alena will attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham Heersink School of Medicine and She will be 18 years when she becomes a doctor, that’s if everything goes as planned.

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