14 Years Old Pilot Aspirant Wins Scholarship after Solving Tough Mathematics Question without Calculator

14 Years Old Pilot Aspirant Wins Scholarship after Solving Though Mathematics
Sibahle Zwane a 10 year old boy who goes to school at Olivansvlie Primary. Zwane has a rear ability of calculating and maths sum you give from the top of his head. Zwane says he sees the numbers in his head when a math sum is posed to him. Zwane wants to become a pilot when he grows up. PICTURE: KABELO MOKOENA

A 14 years old African kid recently wins a Scholarships opportunity after getting correct answers to some hard to solve mathematics works without using calculator. He solved it offhand!

14 Years Old Pilot Aspirant Wins Scholarship after Solving Though Mathematics

From our source, it was gathered that this lucky boy by name Sibahle Zwane is from South Africa and he got this attention that brings his breakthrough after a video of him solving some tough mathematical multiplications offhand goes viral online. Indeed, don’t underestimate the power of social media.

It was also gathered that Sibahle Zwaneg had his first recognition for having a strong mathematical prowess when he was 10 years old. At 10 years, the little boy was filmed while giving solution to complex maths questions as asked by a local policeman in South Africa.

Below here is what the policeman (Constable Roger Pillay ) who filmed him said

“I was patrolling the area and he came up to me and asked if I know mathematics, and I said no. He said I should test him and I asked if I can record him, he agreed,”

Communicating with his mother on how comes about the brilliance of his son, his mother Mbali Zwane says she also tried to figure out how he does it and she does not know.

Just me years after the the boys first video went viral, AfricaFactsZone shared another video of Sibahle Zwane solving hard mathematics questions offhand on Twitter, without Calculator and this video caught the attention of Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng who happen to be the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

Upon seeing the video, the VC through a Twitter post subsequently sought to grant Scholarship to the boy at the University. She tweet;

“Help me get the details of this brilliant Math genius, I’d like to help him study at @UCTOnlineHigh School. His talent cannot be passed by! I want to pay for his studies to make it possible for him to access good education to enable him to use his talent to change the world,” she tweets.

Record has it that he young boy Sibahle Zwane who is fondly called “human calculator” was previously offered a scholarship by Independent Educators of Curro Holdings and now a new scholar opportunity by at the University of Cape Town awaits him to enjoy.

While interviewing him, he was asked about what he wants to become in future and Sibahle responded “I want to be a pilot,”

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