15 Years Later, Ghanian Banker Appreciates Disabled Shoe Maker Who Repaired His Shoes For Free When He Still Young

There’s real truth in the saying; the world belongs to givers.

The touching story of a Ghanian banker has touched the hearts of so many internet users.

Edward Asare, a who is a banker took to his LinkedIn page to share a story from fifteen years back of how a disabled Shoe maker saw him going to school one time with his sneakers in his hands and him walking barefoot.

He stated that the physically challenged man called him and offered to repair his shoes for free. Asare said that he never forgot the act of kindness that the man showed him that day.

Just recently,  he did some research and found out that the cobbler was still staying where he used to stay before. Asare mentioned that though the man couldn’t remember him as he was the only child he had done such for, he still appreciated him in ways he could.

In his words:

I used to walk from Kokomlemle close to Joy FM to school at Deyoungsters close to Akufo Addo’s house at Nima. My footwears always spoilt early due to the wear and tear on the road. One time while going to school, this physically challenged man who is a shoe repairer saw me holding one of my sneakers in my hands, called me and repaired it for me. He did it for free. He didn’t collect any money from me 🥺 This was around 2007/2008. I never forgot his act of kindness. It has always been in mind. I made a post on Twitter about him and I was told by someone who stays close to where he used to work that he is still there. I went there to visit him and to tell him how that act of kindness touched the core of my heart. He couldn’t remember me because it’s been over 16 years ago and apparently I was not the only child whose footwear he repaired for free. Indeed the world belongs to givers I am grateful Mr. Ernest Adu Ansah 🙏🏾❤️

We encourage you reading this right now to always look closely around you and identify those that are in need of your help and extend your helping hands. You never know the little kid you help today might reciprocate the same to you tomorrow.

Social Media Users Reactions:

Carl KwaoSenior commented

It takes a good heart to recognize and appreciate another good heart 👍

Carl Nii Martey Akrong–

I’m touched. Keep wining

Donald DzameshieDeputy National said

God bless you for remembering him



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