18-year-old Howard University Student Launches His Hair Care Brand

18-year-old Howard University Student Launches His Hair Care Brand
18-year-old Howard University Student Launches His Hair Care Brand

18-year-old Khalil Battle, a freshman at Howard University and a Tiktok force to be reckoned with, has launched another Black-possessed hair care brand called KingCurls.

At the point when your image begins with “King”, one can accept your item will be magnificent and surpass assumptions.

At the youthful age of fourteen, Khalil was motived by his own hair care difficulties and started seeking an answer that would assist with tending to his hair misfortunes and other youthful guys who might have been confronted with comparative difficulties.

Preparing and taking care of oneself eventually turned into Khalil’s focal spotlight on his ceaseless inquiry to finding items that worked for his finished hair.

He submerged himself in the exploration and science of haircare and started to take on an early morning wavy hair schedule that upheld his objectives of accomplishing delicate, reasonable, solid hair.

One of the significant difficulties he confronted was tracking down items in stores that addressed youthful dark guys that appeared as though him.

Particularly since the overwhelming majority of the hair and magnificence passageways were loaded up with brands that designated ladies or more established men with stubbles.

Khalil expressed, “when I didn’t see myself addressed in the regular hair care brands field, I made my own”.

With practically no different choices accessible at that point, he started utilizing his mother’s hair items to style his uncontrollable twists.

By exhibiting his interaction on the web, he started moving on TikTok with content accumulating a large number of perspectives.

In 2019, he was marked as the “The CEO of Hair’ and has turned into a visionary power in a field ordinarily overwhelmed and focused on to ladies.

As a juvenile in secondary school, Khalil was at that point longing for sending off his own hair care brand for young men and young fellows.

At sixteen years old, he’s used web-based entertainment as an instrument to additional his effective image.

This youthful self-
care business visionary is otherwise called KhalilGotTheJuice.

His noteworthy imprint in the haircare business has proactively laid out him as a compelling figure in the regular hair local area on account of his viral haircare recordings.

With the send off of KingCurls, he is one bit nearer to guaranteeing that haircare passageways are more delegate of youthful guys that very closely resemble him.


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