23-Year-Old Young Man From Borno State, Constructs Tricycle Sport Car From Scratch

Constructs Tricycle Sport Car From Scratch

Kingsley Uchenna through his LinkedIn profile shared the story of a young and vibrant Nigerian by name Ali Fidal, a 23 year old indigene of Borno who construct tricycle sport car from scratch.

According to uchenna’a post, it was revealed that it took Ali about 6 months to completely construct the tricycle.

Features of the car include; remote kick-start, low fuel consumption, manual drive type, two-seater, double exhaust, and three tires.

However, in further research to trace the emergence of Ali, it was gathered that he was displaced from Marte Local Government Area of Borno State during the insurgency, but that didn’t stop him from achieving his goals.

After his school diploma graduation from Ramat Polytechnic in 2010, Ali started a career in welding and that makes him becomes well known for the construction and fabrication of various farm implements and machinery.

Source: Kingsley Uchenna LinkedIn Profile

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