3 Simple Steps To Writing An Essay In English

3 Simple Ways To Writing An Essay In English 2021

By Jessica Stone

Writing an essay is the assignment we all come across, whether in college, school, or university. This often sounds like something tedious, lengthy, and time-taking, but let’s make some room for unpopular folks; writing an essay is interesting! It does not matter if you are preparing for TEFL Courses or just another routine assignment; essay writing lets you manifest your creativity in the best possible way.

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Essays allow you to channel the uniqueness of your thoughts in an organized way and help in enhancing your writing skills simultaneously. Starting your career as a good writer, always start with being a good essayist! Here are three simple steps that will help you to become a pro at essay writing:

  1. Brainstorm:
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Once you know the topic, brainstorming is from where you need to start. Jot down the things that randomly come to your mind as the topic is given. Do not worry about organizing your ideas; pen down whatever you feel should be covered under the given topic. Moreover, if the topic includes something novel, Google it! Also, have only the tenets directly relevant to the topic and avoid bombarding the page with ideas during the brainstorming session.

  1. Make Outline:

Outlining is the most crucial step of the writing process. This is where you organize your thoughts and define how you will put down your ideas. Other than the introduction and conclusion paragraph, make sure to make your content arranged adequately. One section should have a connection with the other, and for that matter, you must look for relevancy among the ideas while outlining so that jumping from one paragraph to another shouldn’t be a problem. The outline helps you avoid randomness!

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  1. Prepare the Draft and Review!

Once you have got a carefully designed outline, consider half of your work done already. The next step is to get started. Make sure to invest some time in writing an interesting and catchy introduction since this is the part where the reader decides if they want to continue reading it out of interest or unwillingly have to go through it.

When preparing the draft, go with the flow. Do not pause to check your written paragraphs because checking your content over and over can disturb your train of thought. Let your creativity flow continuously. Once drafting is done, review your essay. Look for grammatical or typographical errors. See what can be done to make it better. Reviewing is a vital step. Make sure to pay attention if you are doing it manually. If using any software, do check if the available suggestions or corrections are going with your writing context.

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To Sum it up!

Writing is always an interesting activity. Whether you are writing an essay, a poem, or a story, it lets you channel your creativity and ideas aptly. Feel free to add your opinion or suggestions if the topic requires you to. Focus on the uniqueness of the content and the newness of the ideas for your essay to stand out among that of your peers!

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