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Achieving a good GPA in university is hard but very possible. An excellent GPA can be achieved through a combination of several factors. Below are four things you can do to achieve a good GPA in Nigerian university


There is no other way to boost your GPA in university than to get to work. You need to study all the materials required and do personal research. Try as much as possible to attend all lectures, even the seemingly insignificant ones. There is a saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. To obtain your desired grade or a good GPA in university, you need to work hard.


Having the ability to achieve a goal or do better at something done before is the power of focus put to work. This is an attribute everyone should apply to life challenges and university students are not exempted. As a university student, you will certainly dive into diverse challenges such as difficulty in understanding a course, change of environment, difficult lecturer, missing scripts, miscalculation of your GPA by Exams and Records, pressure from peers, etc.

The ability you need to manage all these is “Focus”. According to Venus Williams:  “I don’t focus on what I’m up against. I focus on my goals and I will try to ignore the rest”. When a university student has focus, every other thing that stands as a distraction will be easily spotted and acted upon as a bait to attract success.

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Getting as much positive vibe as you can and shunning all negative influences that come your way is a good step towards achieving a good GPA in university. Let me share with you a similar experience I had during my first year in school.

A senior coursemate shared some things I needed to know about my course of study and most were negatives vibes and statements such as “That lecturer is stingy with marks and his course is difficult to pass”. Other times, it is “That particular course is very hard” or “That lecturer always fails students”.

Immediately I heard those words, I decided to prove those statements wrong. Even when a particular lecturer failed me, I knew it wasn’t my result and followed up with some enquiries. Finally, the lecturer admitted that it was a miscalculation.

I also experienced another instance where the reverse was the case.  I had a school daughter when I was in my 3rd year. She was just a first-year student.  It was my turn to advise a new student when she told me what her senior coursemate told her. She was advised to pay her lecturer as some did to pass. I told her to resist all negative advice and focus on her studies. Fortunately, she got a very good grade in that course.

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This is another major way to remain on track with your goals and get a good GPA. In university aside from studies and other extracurricular activities, there are various social activities that might distract you. If you don’t set your priority right, this might affect your GPA.

I’m not against social activities, in fact, it is also part of the learning process but always remember that your first priority is to obtain a good GPA. With that feat, there’s no doubt you will graduate with your course mates, make yourself proud and your parents/sponsor happy. It is also important to pray that God crowns your efforts with success as you study.



This is a way of measuring your intelligence and as a student. The intelligence of a person is determined by the total score of a written test divided by his age and multiplied by 100. Intelligence quotient helps you to know whether you need to put more effort into your studies or maintain the standard you have built already for yourself. It reveals the tactics of solving calculation, memorizing things and recalling subject matters.


This is what makes people build a network of friends and maintain it over a long period of time. There’s a proverb that says “You want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far go with others”.  Not to worry, if you think you are not social and can’t build up a network of people, you can develop a social quotient by paying attention to details, who and what is around you. Be observant of different actions and conversation you have with people.

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This will help you to identify those with the same interest and skills as you. Endeavour not to argue about someone else’s point before you listen to their entire views. Don’t be quick to judge, think about it later, then filter the words and retain what is beneficial to you. The impression you give to people matters a lot.


The ability to manage emotions goes a long way in your studies. This makes you maintain peace with others, responsible, honest, respect boundaries, genuine and considerate. Your emotional quotient also helps you to recognize and control your feelings such as anger and frustration in a social setting. This makes your study environment conducive for learning.

So, how hard have you been working on your studies?

Credit to Oluwabukolami Olajide


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