5 Things That Makes a Girl lose Interest In Dating You

5 Red Flags to courting a lady as a guy

So many men wonder what exactly is making that lady that was all smiley when he just started talking to her to suddenly lose interest.

Well! I’m here to tell you the 5 things that made her lose interest in you after the first date. So you succeeded in getting that lady you like to join you on a first date, but after the first date the butterflies she had in her stomach suddenly disappeared and she starts avoiding your call and presence. You must have done one of these things I’m going to tell you now that pushed her away as she can’t survive with the impression you gave knowing fully well she mostly has an advantage in the early stage of the relationship. She can’t jeopardize her decision and end up sad or not happy in the relationship or perhaps ends the relationship later when people are already seeing them as couple-goals. She decides to rather end it now and find a good catch. 

Here are 5 dangerous things that turns a ladyl off immediately after the first date. 

  1. Coming late to the first date 

 You asked her out on a date and you arrived late without prior notice of any such. That’s a quick turn off for some ladies. She probably feels she’s not a priority, hence your reason for wasting her time and draining her energy. A lady expects you to be there before her on a date because your definitely the one who asked to meet her. Why waste her time when you asked her for date? She was on her own and you decided to take things further and asked her on a date and still went late?  Who does that? Definitely some Men😂. 

Make her the queen that she is and avoid going late for a date. Make sure you there before her just to make sure everything is set and the place is quite comfortable for  a date. A serene environment is the best, but it also depends on what you both agreed on. All the same, make sure everything is sound and very much okay before the queen arrives. This might sound unreasonable and petty to some men, believe me this matters a whole lot.

  1. Cancelling a date Few minutes to the time because of some unforeseen circumstances 

I’m so sorry to say but another unforeseen circumstances will follow that too 😊. Some men cancel a date without prior notice which is a very bad one. She must have probably be making up or done with her makeup and you cancelled the date, what exactly do you expect her to do with the time wasted on looking good for you? That’s very annoying. 

A girlfriend of mine woke up very early to prepare for a date that was by 12pm. It took her hours to makeup and dress. When she was done around 11:30am, the man called and informed her that he was needed in the office by that time and won’t be able to make it to the date. No apologies, nothing and he ended the call. This left my friend angry for days, she swore never to go out with him again, she felt he doesn’t value her. 

That’s exactly how you make a lady feel when you waste her time and effort and end up cancelling an event you both were to attend. Yes, I know that there some situations you can’t help but cancel the date. You should try as much as possible to make sure you are not needed anywhere before picking time and day for a date with a lady. It’s quite disrespectful to waste her time. 


  • Degrading other ladies while complimenting her


This particular one happens not only during dates, it can be when you just met a lady or while in a conversation with a group of ladies. This is a big turn off for ladies. With the modern woman manner of thought, you can’t compliment a lady while degrading others. That opens her eyes to knowing the Kind of person that you are.

There was this man that had an interest in me then,  he came to where I was with my friends, greeted us and started complimenting me by telling me how I looked good without makeup and how he doesn’t like girls with makeup, how I’m keeping my natural hair and how I do not use coloured hair. Meanwhile, he was on the otherhand degrading my friends as they had everything he had mentioned. I laughed at him, gave him my instagram handle to see my pictures. I use everything he mentioned. The fact that I wasn’t using it that day does not mean I’ll  never use it.  And even if I don’t use those things, it’ll still be a turn off for me because of he’s manner of approach. You can state that you do not like a thing without degrading that thing. You didn’t create anyone, you shouldn’t state how the person breathes. 


  • Dividing bills
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Okay! This one is a total turn off for me personally and it is for so many ladies too. I know we are in a society where we strive for equal rights and the rest. Some men brings this up and asks the lady to pay for her meal while he pays for his. That’s a very petty mentality. You asked her to join you on a date. Like you asked her out on a date, she didn’t carry herself or force herself to go out on a date with you. So why should she pay for her meal? This shows a very high level of greediness and stinginess. No lady wants to be with a man who is stingy and greedy. Her thoughts will be like He will probably take me out for shopping, then tell me to buy my things with my money while he buys his. Or perhaps, cooks a meal if we end up dating and eat the meal alone then ask me to cook mine😂. Who knows the extent of his greediness. So as a man, even if you do not have enough money with you it’s very much better you let the lady know this and you both agree on a low cost restaurant or place. Instead of demanding that she pays or coming off as a very rich person when you’re not. 


  • Being too sexual 


Nothing turns a lady off like being too sexual at first date. It tells her exactly what’s in for her. It explains your intentions towards her even if it might not be. First dates are not even supposed to include sex or touches except she initiates it. Avoid trying to be too sexual when you first meet a lady. It can be very difficult especially if you’re the sexual person but it is possible. If you really want to keep that girl you’re seeing then you need to take baby steps with her. Do not speed up the sexual moves when it is supposed to be very slow. Get to know her, her likes and the rest. Talk for long, then you can from holding hands to hugs  to kisses and the rest. You shouldn’t plan on taking her to bed immediately you meet her. There are some ladies too that are interested in being in bed with you that very first time you both meet, in as much as that might interest you try to let her know that you’re not seeing her because you want to be in bed with her. Let her know you love her and want something real with her. Believe me you’ll win her heart more when you tell her that. 

This is the top five things you need to know when taking a lady out on a first date. The five red flag that might turn her off and make her avoid you later on

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