50 Scholarship for Students Whose Parents Are Teachers

Scholarship for Students whose Parents are Teachers- Teaching is an important and honorable profession. Even though the salaries are not that attractive, you will still find some people doing the profession with great passion. One very great way to honor these teachers is by reducing some major cost in their lives. One of these major cost is the cost of these teachers giving their children quality education. 

A number of students whose parents are teachers find themselves struggling to pay their tuition and other expenses of a college education.  There are a good number of scholarships now available for students whose parents are teachers. These scholarship awards if well maximized can help fund a great part of their college education.

The scholarship is aimed at lifting burdens off the shoulders of these teachers so they can focus more on life building as their profession requires of them. So if either of your parent is a teacher, then you should take advantage of some of the scholarships listed in this article to advance your educational pursuits.

Scholarship for students whose Parents are teachers

What are the roles of a teacher?

A teacher is a force that drives the educational system. A teacher is also known as an Educator . They are the ones that relates with the students and also have to deal with their parents. A teacher role has gone far beyond just teaching in the classroom. Below are some of their roles:

  • Authority: They take charge of their class.                                                              
  • They delegate responsibilities where necessary to appropriate students
  • Support: Students would need one form of support or the other during their learning process. The teacher must fill up this role. The support can be in form of giving an advice, coaching etc.
  • They participate in the activities of the class.
  • Mentor: This is one of the biggest role a teacher can assume. Students look up to their teachers and tend to pattern their behavior and lifestyle after them.
  • They demonstrate; this is highly important especially when it comes to the learning process. The teacher may have to display some movie theatre skills at times, this will increase the speed of comprehension of subject by the students.
  • They lecture/teach: This is the common role a teacher undertakes in the classroom.
  • They are resource persons: This is one role a teacher must fill very accurately. Students believe that teachers know everything. Many students confidently come to their teachers seeking information because they believe he/ she has all the answers. 
  • Learner: There is always something new to learn daily especially in the teaching profession. A learner is someone who is committed to continual growth and never claims he/ she knows it all. A teacher will always be faced from time to time with new tasks which will help him/ her grow into a better person.

7 Strong reasons you should get Quality Education

  1. Education helps to improve your communication skills.
  2. Your problem-solving skills is better enhanced with sound education.
  3. Your critical thinking skill (a skill highly important in decision making and interacting with others) is developed.
  4. The chances of getting a good job is very high when you are well-educated.
  5. Education empowers you and build some level of self-reliance in you.
  6. It gives you stability and some level of financial security.
  7. Education brings about economic growth of the nation.

11 Scholarships available to students whose parents are teachers

#1        Robert G. Porter Scholars Program

Only teachers that are members of the American Federation of Teachers are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The scholarship is valued at $8,000 for a 4-year study in college. The major criteria for selection for this scholarship is academic performance. Volunteering and activism are also considered also.

Criteria for Robert G. Porter Scholars Program

  • Applicant must be an undergraduate student
  • He/ She must be attending a university or a four-year college
  • Applicant’s parent must be an active member of American federation of teachers.
  • Outstanding academic performance

 #2       State Teachers Association

A lot of state teaching associations offer scholarships to children of its members. For example, the California Teachers Association (CTA) gives out about 34 Scholarships valued at $5,000 for children of her members. Dependents of retired members can also benefit from these scholarships.

Criteria for California Teachers Association (CTA) Scholarship award

To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must:

  • Have a high school GPA of at least 3.5
  • Submit letters of recommendation
  • Have a record of community involvement

#3        Del A. Weber Scholarship

This is also awarded by CTA to dependent children who attends continuation high school or alternative education programs. Applicants must meet the following requirements in order to qualify for the scholarship.

Criteria for Del A. Weber Scholarship

  • He/ She must be a dependent of an active/ retired CTA member
  • Submit letters of recommendations
  • Must have minimum of 2.0 high school GPA

#4        Private Scholarships

Private non-profit organizations also award scholarships to promising students that are children of educators. For example, The Colleen and Erin Marlatt Scholarship is awarded to dependents of educators who work in Catholic schools. Requirements to qualify for this scholarship include:

Criteria for Colleen and Erin Marlatt Scholarship

  • Parents of applicant must be a full-time teacher, principal or vice-principal
  • Must submit financial aid information
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Must write an essay

#5        Teachers Union

A good example is the Illinois Federation of Teachers, a member of the ALF-CIO. Carl J. Megel Special Foundation Scholarship is awarded by these associations to dependents of its active members. The scholarship is valued at $1000.

#6        Employment Benefits

Some colleges and universities as part of employment package for their staffs gives out some form of scholarship. This is a very common practice especially in some African countries.  Sometimes, it may be a full –scholarship or partial (in form of reduced tuition).

#7        Union Plus Scholarship

For teachers belonging to a union plus program which include both the American Federation of School administrators and American Federation of Teachers, their children are eligible for Union plus scholarships.

#8        Scholarships for Students of Catholic School Teachers

A lot of universities offer scholarships to children of catholic school teachers.

For example, Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg gives scholarships worth $8000 to students whose have a parent that is currently a catholic school teacher or administrator.

Saint Xavier University in Chicago, Illinois offers scholarships to children whose parents have been teaching in a catholic school for at least 10 years.

#9        The Career Scholarship

This scholarship is being awarded by the Indiana State Teachers Association for children of its members. The scholarship is worth $1000. Requirements for this scholarship include:

  • Submitting an application
  • Outstanding academic achievement
  • Leadership activities
  • Writing of an essay
  • Letter of recommendation

This award is yearly and can be renewed for three years.

#10      Study.com Scholarship

This award is worth $500 for children of teachers to pursue their undergraduate college degree. It is a yearly award. The aim of the award is to honor those in teaching profession by helping the next generation get quality education.

Criteria for Study.com Scholarship

  • Applicants must be pursuing an undergraduate degree in any field of study
  • He /She must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent U.S Resident.
  • Applicants must be a dependent of an individual in a teaching profession in an accredited college or university
  • Students graduating from high school who meets the above criteria can also apply.
  • He/ She must have a minimum of 30 semester or 45 quarter hours yet to be completed
  • Must be ready to present a digital picture of self and quote which would be displayed if selected for the award.

#11      Horace Mann Student Scholarship

The scholarship is valued at $5,000. It is open to children whose parents are employees in U.S public or private school.

Criteria for Horace Mann Student Scholarship

  • Applicants must be a fresh student in an accredited two or four-year college or university.
  • He /She must have at least a “B” average.
  • Must be a resident of a state other than Hawaii, New Jersey or New York.

Why you need scholarship as a student

Whether you are a student or parent reading this article, you must never underestimate the value of a scholarship. The benefits of getting a scholarship is more than just financial. Below are what you stand to gain when you become a scholar:

  1. Financial burden is removed
  2. Scholarship allows you to focus on your education. Focus in turn will help you achieve good grades and graduate on time from school.
  3. Earning a scholarship is a great honor. It shows that you are hardworking and serious about your academic pursuits. You can add it to your list of accomplishments, employers love to see things like that. This in turn can give you advantage when applying for job.
  4. You are able to attend the university of your choice
  5. It decreases your future debt: Some students who couldn’t get financial aid while studying resolves to getting student loan to pay their way through school. These students after graduating and starting their career years after would still have to be servicing the student loan until completed.
  6. It promotes philanthropy: Recipients of scholarships over time become empathetic and socially responsible. They become appreciative of what they have enjoyed and would want to give back to the society when they are financially stable and established in their career.


The teaching profession over the years have not being known for lucrative and attractive salaries. The case is even worse in some African countries where teachers earn very low. This makes the profession unattractive to the younger generation. I really look forward to seeing more scholarships spring up for the children of these honorable profession because if the teaching profession goes into extinction, the future generation is endangered.

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