8-Year-Old Female Neuroscientist Who Teaches Many People Online From Her Lab

8-Year-Old Female Neuroscientist

Amoy Antunet is the name of the 8 years old girl from Georgia who is said to be a neurologist as such a young age and she is already a Neuroscientist teaching millions of people from her laboratory.

However, the journey of a thousand years began with a step. oh yes, Amoy started developing passion for this course when she was 3 years and her father brought home a microscope.

According to Face2faceAfrica, Amoy manages a Facebook page named Science For Children with Amoy Antunet and the page has seen millions of views on videos made by young Antunet.

From our research, it was gathered that the journey began at the age of three when Antunet’s father Davin Shepherd who was a college student at the time, brought home a microscope. Then his daughter Antunet got extremely hooked onto the device and soon enough, father and daughter started using it together.

According to Antunet’s father, he started explaining everything he was studying during his biology classes to his young daughter and she started picking up steadily.

Not long after, Antunet had her own collection of test tubes, replica organs, microscopes, and chemicals she built for herself.

After two years, the duo decided that it was time to share their experiences with the entire world and thus took to the internet to give general lessons from their mini-laboratory. They performed experiments and explained basic science concepts as well. The young brilliance girl started gaining lots of traffic on social platform.

Luckily for Antunet, she got an invite to University of Alabama’s Neuroscience Lab, has also appeared on CNN, the BBC and other major media outlets.

Whole on an interview session speaking about here passion Speaking and what she wants to become in the future, the girl said “When I was a little girl I said I wanted to be a pharmacist but now I want to be a neurosurgeon who helps people with neurological disorders

Additional, she said “So far I’ve mostly learnt about the heart and the brain and I want to learn about Multiple Sclerosis in the future so I can help sick people like my aunt, who has it. Young black children have been doing amazing works in different fields lately”

Wow!!! The story is quite inspiring.

Credit: Legit.ng

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