9 years old girl emerged Math champion in the UK beating over 450 other contestants

9 years old girl emerged Math champion

9 years old girl emerged Math champion-A 9 years old student of the Heritage Park Primary School in Peterborough, England identified as Danielle Boadu was awarded the winner of the “Sum it Up” national maths competition for the Year 3-4 category in the United Kingdom, leaving other 450 contestants in the bar.

9 years old girl emerged Math champion

Danielle award comes as a result of her presentation of her unique visual interpretation of how she pictures maths in her school playground.

About the The “Sum it Up” maths competition

The “Sum it Up” maths competition was launched in the UK by leading ed-tech provider Renaissance Learning, inviting local primary school children to get creative to mark World Maths Day. The competition is open to all primary school children across the UK and Ireland.

9 years old girl emerged Math champion in the UK beating over 450 other contestants

Among all the 450 submissions from schools across the UK and Ireland after a proper examination, the judges of the competition, including Catherine Magee, UK Teacher of the Year and Kjartan Poskitt finally selected Danielle’s as the winner because of her visual representation of mathematics.

Danielle’s who is the winner of the competition said “I had fun with my entry because I enjoyed finding all the shapes and patterns in the playground, and drawing the objects that I counted and observed. When I first looked all the things in the playground looked normal but then I looked closer and thought about all the things we had learnt in maths and I thought ‘wow, I can see all of the patterns.”

In addition to what Danielle’s said, her teacher added “I’m so pleased for Danielle. She made some fantastic mathematical observations and recorded her findings very carefully. We examined our school environment and it was fascinating for the children to see the maths in nature – the symmetry was a particular surprise for many children as I think they imagined nature to be rather ‘haphazard’ but they could see how an understanding of number and shape could help them to create art.”

Catherine Magee, Teacher of the Year in a Primary School Silver Winner and Head Judge for the competition, said: “I was delighted to be involved in judging the entries received from schools and I took great enjoyment in looking through all the wonderful entries. All the children had taken such care and attention in creating their visual representation of maths. It’s so important that we engage children in maths in an exciting and accessible way and this competition has given teachers and pupils the tools to do that.”

The Marketing Director at Renaissance Learning, in person of Sarah Haythornthwaite, said “We were so impressed by the quality of the competition entries. It’s clear that all the children who entered had great fun thinking about how maths is all around us in everyday life. With energy and ideas like Danielle’s, it’s great to see how children are taking ownership of their learning by connecting maths to their everyday experiences.

She added; “We’re also proud to be supporting teachers and schools with their mission to keep pupils excited about learning maths,”

Yabacampus.com wishes the young girl a hearty congratulations!!!

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