96-Year-Old Woman Graduates From The University, Sets World Record

A 96-year-old woman identified as Violet Edward is now very popular on the internet as she becomes the oldest African-American woman to graduate from the University.

According to reports, Violet was born in 1925 and was the youngest child in her family. She was a bookworm and very eager to chase her dreams academically.
She was the first in her village to attend school, Happy Grove High School, Jamaica, with a full academic scholarship.

It was also reported that during World War II that she registered for the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate that would enable her to move forward in her academics.

At that point, everyone was scared that the ship transporting the exam papers would be a war casualty but luckily for her, it made it to England, where it was marked and she passed.

Fast forward to today, Violet has set a few records like being the oldest person in Florida, United States to receive a degree and the fifth-oldest person in the world to graduate from college.


Caribbean National Weekly

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