Ahmadu Bello University (ABU)

ABU Notice to Students on Electronic Printing of Exam Cards

The University Senate had approved the printing of Examination Cards electronically during the 503 (Regular) Meeting held Thursday, February, 2021.

One implication of this is that students will henceforth print their Examination Cards themselves.

The Examination Cards will contain photographs of students as well as the courses registered by the students on the portal.

The Cards will also carry security information that will be used to verify them (detect genuine and fake Exam Cards and the information they contain).

Students are therefore advised to ensure that

a) their passport photographs have been uploaded onto the portal.

b) their course registration information on the portal is up-to-date.

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c)they email sdu@abu.edu.ng or mis@abu.edu.ng for any complaints.

Attendance sheets to be signed by students during examinations will contain only names of students who would have registered the courses on the portal.

Students whose Exam Cards are not complete will not be allowed into the Examinations.



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