Adeyemi College of Education (ACEONDO(DEG))

ACEONDO Warns Students Against Spreading False Information On Social Media

The College Management has observed that some students are using Social Media to peddle unsubstantiated claims and spread malicious information about the College and its staff.

Management is seriously concerned about this deliberate misuse of the social media and the great damage it could cause to the image and integrity of both the staff and the College.

In order to stem this dangerous trend, management wishes to inform students that:

(1) It is an offense for any student to make unverified, frivolous, and fallacious write-ups about the College or its staff via any social media.

(2) Any student with a grievance should channel such through the appropriate quarter as enshrined in rules and regulations guiding the College.

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(3) Anyone that is found culpable will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

(4) Any social media platform opened by students in the name of the College should be closed down forthwith.

(5) Only Social media platforms that are opened by lecturers or Departments through the Management Information System (MIS) Unit for lecture purposes are exempted.

This circular is effective immediately.

O. O. Balogun

Deputy Registrar,

Division of Admissions and Academic Board

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