How To Add Multiple Photos To Instagram Story

How to add multiple photos to instagram story

How To Add Multiple Photos To Instagram Story – Instagram is one of the most sensational social media platforms and is widely used around the world. Compared to all other social media platforms, it has a high number of users.

Creating stories, reels and timeline uploads of pictures or videos is one of the functionalities of this great social media platform.

Staying active on this social media platform means uploading videos and pictures on the several options made available. 

Just like Blogs, if you leave your account empty it becomes non-active and would barely pull traffic towards the account.

So uploading pictures or videos is very important. If you are finding it add or confuse about how you upload multiple pictures on your storyline, then this is a great place for you too.


Since its inception in 2010, created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and later acquired by Facebook Inc. now known as Meta has been an interesting platform.

It is frequently updated by the meta company and has proven to be the biggest next thing. Social media has been used both for individual users and for business.

Instagram is a social media network for photo and video sharing. The social media platforms provide users with various options for what they can actually do with their photos and videos, these include tagging, sharing locations, editing photos and videos hashtag, live stream, story, instant messaging, also adding filters and many others.

Since its inception with around 5 million users, Instagram has grown to have over 16 billion users around the world. The Social media Platform is available on iOS, Android Fire OS and Microsoft Windows. It is one of the best platforms for both business and individual users.

Recently, it has been stated that people spend more time on IG than on TV or YouTube.

How To Add Multiple Photos To Your Instagram Story

Instagram Story is one of the recent features introduced in 2016. The feature is one of the most interesting on the social media platform. It allows users to take photos, add effects and layers and add them to their Instagram stories.

The image or video add last for only 24 hrs after which it disappears. The feature also allows users to broadcast live-Videos which also disappear immediately after the live video.

A lot of people use the Instagram story for several things one of which is product or service promotion which a lot of Instagram influencers do. 

To add multiple pictures to your Instagram story is an easy one, we would be teaching you how to do that whether you are a newbie on Instagram or probably finding it hard as an old user.

Here are the simple steps you can take to add multiple pictures to your Instagram story;

  • Step 1

Log in to your Instagram account, once you are in you can either select the add option/icon on the top right of your Instagram page or you go to the Instagram story add option at the top left of your account.

 This comes in as a plus sign in a box close to the message icon. 

  • Step 2

Once you select it takes you to your gallery which you can select from. you have to select according to the sequence you want to appear in your story. They are number, 1,2,3 and more.

Add Multiple Photos To Instagram Story

Remember to select multiple pictures, you have to press and hold until you see the number, then you select other.

  • Step 3

once you are done selecting the pictures if you wish you can add layout to it which can only be done on 2 to 6 pictures and can be done on videos. 

If you don’t wish to use the layout, select the separate option.

  • Step 4

Now it is time to edit and add all necessary filters you wish to,  once done you select next.

Add Multiple Photos To Instagram Story
  • Step 5

At this stage you are to select how to share your story, you have the option to share with close friends which you can select who to share to, and you can send your story directly and also a message. Then you click share.

Add Multiple Photos To Instagram Story

Congratulations you have just added your pictures to your story, you can add as many as you want Instagram story is an interesting feature on Instagram.

Other Interesting Features on Instagram 

Aside from Instagram stories on Instagram, there are other interesting functionalities on Instagram that you may enjoy. Here are some interesting features on Instagram, there include;

  • Instagram Reels where you can create and share videos instantly, with reels you can also discover new videos and gain followers
  • Disappearing Messages, here messages are timed after a period it disappears.
  • Instagram Television also known as IGTV, this feature also has its app. Here you can share longer videos and more.
  • Pin Comments, where users can pin an interesting comment, allows users to pin up to three comments.
  • Boomerang is an interesting feature on Instagram that comes with lots of interesting effects like slow-mo, echo, duo, trimming and others.
  • Follow Hashtag, this feature is very important on Instagram and many other social media, today we can easily get trending videos or pictures from following hashtags.
  • Archive Post or Stories, with this feature you can save posts or stories for a very very long time.
  • Mute Post/Stories, with this feature you can mute or stop posts or stories you don’t want your followers to see, it is all about staying safe.

Instagram today has been developed into around 32 languages and is one of the most widely used platforms around the world. As stated earlier Instagram has been part of man’s daily activity with a lot of users glueing to it.

In 2018, it was researched that around 1 billion users what videos on Instagram. this means a lot of people are concentrated on Instagram.


As we have stated earlier, Instagram is one of the fast-growing social media platforms around the world with over 1.21 Billion active users around the world based on a Statista report. This shows that 28 per cent of internet users are actively using the platform.

Instagram is a social media platform with lots of features, Stories is one. Instagram stories allow you to post videos and pictures on your account that last for 24 hours before disappearing. For users who find it hard to post multiple pictures on their story on their account, we have explained how you can post multiple pictures on Instagram Story.


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