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Which Airtel Plan is Best for Data – The world is a global village, and the majority of people spend their day on the internet to access the internet you need data. Nigeria has major telecommunications networks that help citizens access the internet daily. One of them is Airtel.

Airtel has been operating in Nigeria for more than a decade, and it is considered one of the telecommunications networks in Nigeria with the best call rates. It is not only known for its cheap call rates but also its good data plans.To access the best data plans that Airtel has to offer, you need to subscribe to tariff plans with the best data plans.

To help you enjoy the best data plans on Airtel, we compiled the Airtel plans that offer the best in data.

Which Airtel Plan is Best for Data

Below are the 6 best Airtel plans for data in no particular order. Enjoy!

  • Airtel SmartConnect
  • Airtel SmartTrybe
  • Airtel SmartPremier
  • Airtel TalkMore
  • Airtel SmartTrybe Junior
  • Airtel 6X Recharge

Airtel SmartConnect

SmartConnect is a good Airtel plan for data. It is super popular and used by a lot of Airtel customers. This plan not only offers users an instant 100% bonus on every data bundle they buy, but it also offers an 8x or 800% bonus on every recharge.

Benefits of Airtel SmartConnect

  • Airtel SmartConnect gives customers 800% value of 100 Naira and above airtime recharge for the initial 3 months after activating their sim cards.
  • The bonus accumulates as follows the Main account: 100%, the Voice bonus account: 250%, the Data bonus account: 250%, Family and friends bonus account: 100%, and the Social bonus account: 100%.
  • The Social bonus lasts for only 7 days and can only be used on Whatsapp, Facebook, BBM, and Twitter.
  • The Data bonus account will be debited when you surf the internet with your browser. This plan also allocates 100% of the total recharge (N200 and above) in a month as a data bonus on the last day of the month.

How to Activate Airtel SmartConnect

To migrate to Airtel SmartConnect, text YES to 311 or dial *311*1#

Airtel SmartTrybe

Airtel SmartTrybe is another Airtel plan with great data plans. This plan offers customers a 30% extra data bonus when they purchase a data plan as well as night data plans.This Airtel plan also offers a low-cost call rate of 11 kobos per second to all networks, after the initial 50 seconds of a call.

Benefits of Airtel SmartTrybe

  • Users can get N25 for 500MB. Accessible between 12 and 5 am.They can also access night browsing and 1GB for N500 for 7 days.
  • Users get 5 free SMS after paying for 2.They also get a 30% bonus on data plans of 500 Naira and above. Plus 60MB data bonus on N200 airtime recharge for a month when near a campus.

How to Activate Airtel SmartTrybe

To migrate to the Airtel SmartTrybe plan, send YES to 312 or dial *312#.

Note: Payphone subscribers, Postpaid customers, and Airtel Dealers are not allowed to use this plan. Also, note that the recharge bonus can not be transferred.

Airtel SmartPremier

Airtel SmartPremier has one of the best data plans on Airtel. It offers a 150MB data bonus on every recharge.

Benefits of Airtel SmartPremier

A recharge of 5000 Naira and above within a month can get you up to 500 free minutes of incoming calls while roaming.Users can get a 150MB data bonus on every recharge.Users are not requested to pay a daily access fee.

How to Activate Airtel SmartPremier

To migrate to Airtel SmartPremier, text YES to 318 or dial *318#.

Airtel TalkMore

Airtel TalkMore is another good plan for data on Airtel. It’s a package that can be subscribed to by all Airtel users. It is not a tariff plan. The 5x bonus offered by this plan can be used to make calls to all Nigerian networks as well as international destinations like India, China, Canada, the USA, and UK Landline.

How to purchase Airtel TalkMore Bundle

To purchase the Airtel TalkMore bundle dial *234*Amount#. For instance, if you want to purchase a TalkMore bundle of N200, you will dial *234*200#. After that, your account will be credited with N900/N1000.You can use this bonus to browse at 51.2 Naira per Megabyte (N51.2/MB) on Airtel TalkMore.

This bundle can be purchased by both prepaid and postpaid Airtel subscribers. You can buy as many Airtel TalkMore bundles as you require.

Airtel SmartTrybe Junior

Airtel SmartTrybe Junior is one of the best Airtel plans for data and kids. It was designed to make learning fun for children in primary and secondary schools. Its app called the SmartTRYBE Junior App has a 3D interactive multimedia-based learning environment.

This plan ensures that children can enjoy free calls and SMS to their parents and guardians from their kid’s line. It also ensures that a 10% bonus of airtime is transferred to the kid’s line when the parents or guardians recharge as well as a 2x bonus every time data is purchased on the SmartTrybe Junior tariff plan.

Benefits of Airtel SmartTrybe Junior

SmatTrybe Jnr is great for kids and parents who want to be in constant with their young children. Below are the things you will enjoy on Airtel SmartTrybe Junior.

  • This plan is similar to the SmartConnect tariff plan where users get a 100% bonus on data purchases. However, on SmartTrybe Junior, subscribers get a 100% bonus on data purchases from 200MB and above.
  • Free calls & SMS to parents and guardians from the kid’s line.10% bonus of airtime is transferred to the kid’s line when the parents or guardians recharge.

The Terms and Conditions of Airtel SmartTrybe Jnr

  • Only 2 Airtel numbers can be added as the parent or guardian by the Airtel SmartTrybe Junior subscribe.
  • An Airtel SmartTrybe Junior subscriber cannot be a parent line to another Airtel SmartTrybe Junior subscriber.
  • Only 4 Airtel SmartTrybe Junior can have the same parents or guardians line on this plan.
  • The bonus from the parents or guardians recharge is only applicable when the child registers the parent’s line.
  • It takes 24 hours from the time a parent or guardian recharges for the child to get the bonus.
  • Free calls to parents are only accessible when the child purchases a family bundle.
  • After reaching the maximum number of Parent/guardian line registrations, each change of parent line costs N50 for every addition.
  • After reaching the maximum number of family and friends (FAF) registrations, each change of parent/guardian line costs N20 for every addition.

How to Activate Airtel SmartTrybe Junior

To activate Airtel SmartTrybe Junior dial *317#. Enjoy!

Airtel 6X Recharge

Last but not least in this list is the Airtel 6X Recharge. It has good data plans that subscribers can enjoy. It offers both old and new prepaid Airtel users a 600% bonus on every recharge.

This bonus can be used to browse, send SMS and make calls to all networks. For instance, if you recharge 100 Naira on your Airtel line, you will get 600 Naira which is six (6) times the value of your recharge.

How Airtel 6X Recharge Works

Below is how much you will get and how long it will last per recharge on Airtel 6X Recharge.

  • For recharging N100, you receive N600 for 14 days.
  • For recharging N200, you receive N1200 for 14 days.
  • When you recharge N300, you receive N1800 for 30 days.
  • For recharging N500, you receive N3000 for 30 days.
  • When you recharge N1000, you receive N6000 for 30 days.

To check your Airtel 6X Recharge balance dial *123#

How to Activate Airtel 6X Recharge

To activate the Airtel 6X Recharge plan, purchase a recharge card (airtime) and simply dial *555*Recharge Card PIN#. Subscribers can browse with the Airtel 6X Recharge bonus at a rate of 30.72 Naira per Megabyte (N30.72/MB).

For more information about Airtel Nigeria data plans, visit their website at airtel.com.ng/


Airtel is one of the top-rated telecommunications networks in Nigeria. It not only offers cheap call rates but cheaper data plans. To enjoy the benefits that Airtel has to offer for surfing the internet, then you need to be on an Airtel plan offering the best data plans.

To make it easier for you, we covered the best Airtel plans with good data plans. We hope you found this article on “Which Airtel Plan is Best for Data” helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the best Airtel plans for data is SmartCONNECT. It is the default bonus plan of Airtel for prepaid customers which provides 8 times more for every recharge.

To get unlimited data on Airtel, subscribe to the Airtel Unlimited Ultra Plans. Ensure you visit airtel.com.ng/HBB or dial *370# from your Airtel line for more information.

To buy cheap data on Airtel;

First, Dial *141#Choose 1.

Choose 1 for Daily/Weekly.

Also, Choose 2 for Monthly.

Choose 3 for Mega.

Lastly, select a bundle. Enjoy!


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