Aix Marseille University, France (Tiger Master Excellence Scholarships 2022/2023)

Aix- Marseille University scholarship 2022/2023

Studying in France is a mix of adventure, romance and charm. Students enjoy the best of all of these. A chance to enroll at a top-rated university in Europe with low tuition or Fully funded tuition fees with lovely accommodation to aid students in getting quality learning. Based on the location, students get the opportunity to learn the language of love, French. Aix Marseille is well – known for its global position, offering students Visa, Work permits, aiming at giving the student a chance at higher and educational research.

Aix Marseille University is currently awarding Scholarships to International students to further their education. Located at Jardin du Pahro, Boulevard Charles Livon France, between the seas and the Mountains. The school is one of the largest institutions in the francophone region. It was founded in 1409 and headed by Eric Berton. The Public University is considered quite large as it covers about 71,000 students and an Administrative staff of 4,107.

Aix Marseille University is structured into five sectors; Law and Political science ( Faculty of law and Political Science, Institute of Public Management and Territorial Governance), Economics and Management (Faculty of Economics and Management, School of Journalism and Communication, Aix- Marseille graduate School of Management, Regional institute of Labor), Arts, Literature, language and Human Sciences( Faculty of Arts, Literature, languages and Human Sciences, Training Centre for Musicians, Mediterranean House of Human Sciences), Health ( faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, faculty of Pharmacy), Sciences and Technology ( faculty of Sciences, faculty of Sports, Pytheas Institute- Earth Sciences and Astronomy Observatory, Poly tech Marseille), University Institute of technology and Institute of Teaching and Education.

The University Library system contains a large volume of about 660,000, accommodating books and materials for both the local and international students. In addition, there are about 487 computer workstations which the Public can access. The University offers general and Vocational courses including 600 degree courses from Arts, Social Sciences, Sport, Health, Political Sciences, and Data processing, Mathematics, Astrophysical Sciences, Chemistry, Biology and Economics. French Programmes are been taught as well as English.

Here is a list of the campuses;

Campus Timone

Campus Luminy

Campus Marseille

Campus Etoile

Campus Marseille Centre

Aix –en – Provene campus

Aix Marseille campuses are located in France.

Students taking courses at SUFLE or faculty of Economics have their classes on the main campus. Students studying political Sciences will take their courses at the IEP building at the old city Centre. Students get to explore the city, visiting the farms, markets and museums as well as theatres to enjoy its richness.


Aix Marseille is currently awarding scholarships to International studenst through the Master Excellence Scholarships. This is a programme that finances students who wish to study in France. Tuition fees at Aix Marseille are dependent on the status of the students and the type of program they are studying. International Students outside the European Union pay certain amount tuition per year including access to the schools’ faculties and academic equipments getting a wide range of financial aids and packages to support their programmes.

Registration fee for Non- en students is 2,770 Euros for a bachelor’s degree and 3,770 Euros for a Masters degree. Exchange students pay a registration fee from their home Universities. Payment of these fees is done by credit cards, cheques, bank transfers specifying the student number.

Registration starts June, 2022.

Registration closes September, 2022.

Degree Level

They offer Partial Funding Scholarships for Masters Degree in all subjects and bachelors degree in Medicine and Health/ Social Sciences.

Also Doctorate degree programs in;

  • Life and health sciences
  • Legal and political Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Computer science
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Physics and material sciences
  • Engineering sciences; Mechanics, Physics, Micro and Nano electronics
  • Spaces culture societies
  • Cognition, Language, education

Available Courses to Undergo:


  • Microbiology
  • Integrative and Fundamentals Microbiology Works
  • Nano Sciences
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Physics
  • Euro photonics
  • Mechanics, Fluids and Solids
  • Mathematics and Applications
  • Computer Science
  • Integrative Biology and Physiology

In Medical and Paramedical Sciences

Public Health

  • Quantitative and econometric Methods for Health Research
  • Public Health Societies development
  • In Arts, letters, Languages and Human Sciences
  • Archaeology
  • Geography, planning, environmental and development
  • Geometrics and Spatial modeling
  • In Sciences of Universe and the Environment
  • Biodiversity
  • Ecology and Evolution
  • Environmental Management, Valuation and Analysis
  • Marine sciences, physical and Biogeochemical Oceanography


  • Full support upon arrival in France
  • Support Guide in your stay in France
  • Room booking by the University in a CROUS University residence until given a school residence
  • Academic financing of about 10,000 Euros for one academic year.
  • Its profound international outlook
  • Quality of its welcome
  • Disciplinary Variety
  • Research strengths
  • Awesome student life

Career opportunities in Aix Marseilles

  • Electronic publishing Officer
  • Corporate Journalist
  • Web Video journalist
  • We- writer journalist
  • Communication agencies
  • Project manager
  • Managers for organizational Communication
  • Multimedia services manager
  • Editorial manager
  • Raining and Consultant for SMEs
  • Media managers
  • Community manager
  • Assistant Web editor
  • Project Manager in Information communication
  • Cyber-journalist
  • Audiovisual production manager
  • Assistant communication officer
  • Reporter
  • TV columnist
  • Radio announcer
  • Image reporter
  • Freelance journalist
  • Columnists
  • Section editor

Application for accommodation in a CROUS University

To enable you obtain accommodation, here are a few tips;

  • Ensure that your email address is correctly spelt as to receive messages
  • Apply online for accommodation
  • Enter a minimum of four university accommodation choices for various academies.


  • All nationalities
  • Students who are eligible to study Microbiology, Microbiology, Integrative and Fundamentals, Microbiology Works, Nano Sciences, Nanotechnologies, Physics, Geography, planning, environmental and development, Geometrics and Spatial modeling, Ecology and Evolution, Life and health sciences, Legal and political Sciences, Mathematics, Computer science, Chemical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Physics and material sciences. All in Masters.
  • Students must meet all the criteria
  • Students must be admitted to an eligible programme at AMU.

Admission Criteria

For International students, they must be enrolled in a national diploma.

They must be enrolled in a post graduate or PhD Programme

Admission Requirements

Students must have the following documents to apply;

  • Curriculum Vitae in French or in English
  • Copy of passport
  • Academic transcript of records of undergraduate and graduate studies
  • Letter of recommendation in French or English
  • Learning Agreement
  • IELTS/ TOEFL to B2 level
  • Motivation letter (stating why you chose Aix Marseille University and what you expect to study in French or English)
  • Applicants must hold French or foreign bachelor’s degree or Diploma equivalent to Bac + 3 with basic skills.

How to Apply:

For EU Students, the application is automatic when you click on the link Etudes en France or ecandidat.

For Non-EU students from countries like ; Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Bangladesh, Benin, Cameroun, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Congo, Gabon, Ethiopia, Gambia, Nigeria, Togo, Tunisia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Syria, Palestine, Liberia, Lebanon, Malawi, Libya, Armenia, Djibouti, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Sudan and so one are eligible for the National Diploma course.

An acceptance letter will be sent if selected for the Scholarship program.

The Tiger excellence scholarships for international students are open for application. Providing scholars with financial support and mentorship throughout their stay. With more than 500 international agreements, the University involves in the development and creation of research education.

From the academic year of 2022/2023, the University is financing about 2,000 international students with excellent academic backgrounds for a one- year academic session with a grant of 10,000 Euros, assist in accommodation by booking a room in a CROUS University residence, support travel and guide throughout the students’ stay, expose them to opportunities and secure their trust.


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