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Best Alarm Apps For iPhone – Sometimes we just need that reminder to keep us aware. Alarms are tools that remind us of that next activity or that urgency to be aware. Though many would find alarms frustrating at the same time it is a great tool to keep us aware.


If you are the type that finds it hard to keep to the timing alarm should be your companion. There are several alarms you can go for now, whether digital or manual.

Thanks to technology, there are several digital alarms you can opt opt-in with beautiful tunes, which do not have to frustrate you.

As an iPhone user, you might be wondering which alarm you can go for. They are several alarm apps you can have installed on your device.


We would be looking at the best alarm apps for your iPhone.


Imagine having a meeting to catch up the following morning after a long day the evening before the meeting. You are probably 80% close to missing the meeting. However, a good alarm should keep you awake and aware.

Meanwhile, it is important to have some sort of reminder. You can have it on your phone, get an alarm or some work clock that comes with an alarm. 


The benefit of having a mobile alarm is that you can go anywhere with it and set it to your needs.

One definition of alarm I like to use is “an anxious awareness of danger. This might imply to a workplace or a home, only set hazard such as fire, or a dangerous detection. However, it also implies the danger of not being aware that you have to keep to time.

To suit our discussion, alarms or alarm clocks are clocks designed to alert an individual or group of individuals of a particular time. The alarm is a device that awakens one consciousness at a scheduled time. It is usually used during bedtime, a short nap or some sort of schedule.

Types Of Alarm

There are practically two types of alarms, the Traditional Analogue Alarm and the Digital Alarm.

The Analogue alarms were the first type of alarms. This type of alarm comes with bells that ring at a scheduled time. There are one or two bells that ring. A mainspring powers a gear to quickly move a hammer back and forth between the two bells or inside a single bell. It works as a result of magnetic influence.

While Digital Alarms are the most recent and most sophisticated alarm types, though they have been available for a very long time but were not accessible for many. Digital alarms come with various alerts, tunes or sounds and they can have songs installed on them. They are devices that come with LCDs with multiple features. 

Best Alarm Apps For iPhone

iPhone mobile device is one of the most sophisticated phones in the world with millions of users. Recently, Apple introduced its latest version of the iPhone. iPhone 14 pro.

Though this phone has its digital alarm which users can configure on their phone, if you are not still satisfied with that, there are several alarm apps you can download from iStore. These apps come with multiple features which you can enjoy.


Here is a list of 5 beat alarm apps for iPhone.

  • Sleepy Cycle
  • Alarm Clock
  • Wake Up – Morning Alarm Clock 
  • Alarm Clock For Me
  • Alarmy

  • Alarmy 

As the name implies, Alarmy is a great alarm app for iPhone users. If you are having difficulties with timing, when to go to bed and when to wake Alarmy is a great choice for you. It is available over the iStore and only needs around 208 MB to have it on your phone.


The alarm provides over 700 sounds of choice from meditation to nature and many others. The app has interesting features such as Backup Sound, to get you up even after the first alarm, Snooze mode, Vibration only, Quick Check and Wake Up Check which rings continuously until you are up.

The Alarm is available in over 40 languages and available on iOS 14. You might need the internet to access some features such as location. Alarmy is a good one.

  • Sleepy Cycle

The sleepy cycle gently wakes you up, with quite a gentle sound. The smart digital alarm monitors your sleep and analyses it in a smart way to keep you going. The app has some great features to enjoy such free sleep tracker which selectively picks melodies for your health, detailed daily sleep analyses, and is integrated into Apple Health to provide you with health analysis.

You can also choose to go for a premium package. The premium plan costs around 29 pounds and gives you access to incredible features that monitor your health. The App needs only 280 MB to get it from iStore and is totally free. It is one of the best health and fitness apps.

  • Alarm Clock For Me

This is another great app available for iPhone users, however, it is compatible with iPhone iOS 12. The App is a great way to wake up and keep you energized. You can access it on iStore for free and only for 113 MB. The App is present in over 20 languages.

With Alarm Clock for Me, you can choose from the stylish designer themes for the clock, select from its numerous tunes or even wake up with your favourite music, check the weather report, place it on snooze and do many other things.

Alarm Clock For Me is a wonderful digital alarm for you.

  • Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock is a simple digital alarm that gets you up. With the Alarm clock, you can pick from any tunes available or even use your favourite songs. The App comes with great features such as an HD display, unlimited alarms, a sleep timer, local weather information, full watchOS 2 support and many others.


Alarm Clock is compatible with iOS 12 and is free with only 123 MB to download from iStore. The app is available in over 10 languages, English, Dutch, French, Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish and many others. You can also opt-in for its premium plan to enjoy more.

  • Wake Up – Morning Alarm Clock

This would actually get you up from your sleep. Wake up – Morning Alarm Clock is another simple and easy-to-use Alarm that wakes you up at the right time. With the App, you can set multiple alarms at different timing.

This app is interesting as you can add notes to your alarm and set when to be wakened up. You can select the tune of your choice and also use your favourite music, with the app you can customize your daily and weekly alarm. Wake up – morning alarm clock is a great app.

Wake up – morning alarm clock is a free-to-download app, with just 119 MB you should be able to download it from iStore. The app comes in only the English language and is compatible with iOS 12. If you wish to enjoy other amazing features on the app you can push for the premium plan.

Other interesting alarms you can try are;

  • Sleep Time
  • AlarmMon
  • Loud Alarm Clock
  • Motion Alarm Clock
  • Spin Alarm Clock

We have been able to look at five interesting Alarms that get you up and alert. These five alarms are all available for download on iStore, you can visit this link for more info on alarms available on iStore.


Alarms are a great way to get you alert or awake, some alarms are designed to even provide you with some health benefits. They even schedule you to sleep time and wake-up time. Alarms are now a crucial part of man’s existence. You wouldn’t want to be running here and there because of missed timing.

If you are an iPhone user and you are tired of the in-built alarm but want a more sophisticated alarm, then you can download from the numerous alarms available in iStore. We have made a list of five wonderful alarms you can go with at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the mute button on the left-hand side of your phone to control what rings. Once you switch it, you get no tone but your alarm is left to ring.

iPhone alarm rings for the period of the scheduled time. However, it tolls for a period of 15 minutes with a break of 1 minute 50 seconds. If you use an alarm app on your iPhone you can schedule the ring time on most apps


Bedtime is a special feature on iPhone called sleep, there is no default time. You have to set the bedtime feature to your taste.


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