Top 10 American Schools In Paris

Top American Schools In Paris

Top 10 American Schools In Paris- American schools adopts the American curriculum in its educational approach. The American curriculum is a very unique one, in that it helps produce balanced students. Students not only learn their core subjects, rather they also participate in co-curricular activities that helps build some critical skills in them. Such skills will help them succeed not only in their academics but in life generally.

In this article you will discover the top American schools in Paris.  Paris is one of the loveliest  cities not only in France but in the world at large. So if you reside in Paris, you may want to choose from one of the top American schools in Paris.

So lets begin.

Top 10 American Schools In Paris

  • Marymount International School, Paris
  • American School of Paris
  • Linnen Bilungual School
  • Notre Dame International School
  • Lycee International – American Section

1. Marymount International School, Paris

The school is one of the top American schools in Paris. It was established in 1923 in France.  The school which is one of the oldest international school in France, is affliated with the Roman catholic church. The school offers international curriculum in English and French to students between pre-kindergarten and grade 8 (age 2 to 14).

The school adopts the American curriculum in its teaching methodology. Students are highly encouraged to speak both language; French and English. The school is equipped with modern facilities that enhances learning. Some of these facilities includes a library, sports hall, performing arts theatre, art room, music room, etc.

To learn more about Marymount schools, visit https: // www.

2. American School of Paris

It is a co-educational American School founded in 1946. The school is one of the best American schools in Paris. Students from over 64 nationalities around the world, attend the school. The American curriculum is adopted for students between kindergarten and grade 12.

The curriculum is taught in English but students are mandated to take the French language. The school is a community that inspires and prepares students to achieve academic excellence in an home-like and enabling environment.

American School of Paris is an accredited Baccalaureate world school. In addition to the regular curriculum, college preparatory classes are also available.

For further details about American school of Paris, visit https: // www. asparis. org

3. Linnen Bilungual School

Linnen Bilungual School is one of the top American schools in Paris. The school operates both American and French curriculum for kids between age 2 and 14 years. It is an independent school that offers nursery, primary and kindergarten education.

 The school operates via 3 campuses:

  • Primary Campus (age 6 to 14 years)
  • Toddler campus (age 2 to 3 years)
  • Preschool campus (age 3 to 6 years)

To learn more about the school, visit https: // www. linnenbilingual. com

4. Notre Dame International School

Notre Dame international school was established in 1929 in Paris and it stands as one of the top American schools in Paris. It is a private American college-preparatory school. The school offers American curriculum for students between grades 10 and 12 ( age 15-18 years).

Subjects taught at the school include Maths, English, Social studies, Science , music, art and physical education. The language of French and culture programs are also taught. The faculty consist of English and French speaking teachers.

The Notre Dame International School is a part of the Nacel International school system (NISS). NISS is an international network of American styled high schools.

One interesting thing about this American school is that non-french speakers (students) have opportunity to learn French and culture.

5. Lycee International – American Section

The school is an international bilingual school. It is one if the top American schools in Paris that runs both American & French curriculum. The school offers American education in a public French school.  

The curriculum adopts experiential kind of learning. It emphasizes academic excellence while also building self-confidence and intellectualism in the students. Students also participate in co-curricular activities that helps build skills , global awareness and sense of responsibility in the students.

Lycee is a blend of several schools . It is one of the top public schools in France. Students all study the national curriculum in French. The school comprises a bilingual and bicultural program.

What Does An American School Look Like?

American Schools are schools that adopt the American curriculum in educating its students. The American /United States curriculum focuses on English, Maths, History, Geography, Language Arts, Next generation science. The curriculum also include different co-curricular activities that helps to develop in the students necessary skills to succeed in their subject areas and life generally.

The American curriculum is one of the most popular  curriculum  adopted by most international schools worldwide. The curriculum  adopts a broad and balanced educational approach . It is widely accepted globally.

Three Key Reasons The American Curriculum Stand out

  • Students are taught a wide range of subjects and courses that produces balanced students.
  • The American curriculum helps students discover their strongest subjects where they can excel and make the best of their curriculum.
  • Curriculum prepares students for the university life and beyond

Other International Schools In Paris

Below are some other international schools in Paris with good and standard curriculum:

  • International School of Paris
  • ICS Paris International School
  • Forest International School, Paris
  • Kingsworth International School
  • Rainbow School Paris
  • Open Sky International

What Makes Paris So Unique Paris?

Paris is one of the most exciting, romantic and friendliest city to live in France. The city is quite populous with over 2.2 million people living in it. There are a lot of standard schools that offer quality education (both public, private and international schools). Also available in Paris are high paying jobs. Although the cost of living is a bit expensive, with a good job, you will be able to get around it.

Final Word

If you want an educational system for your child that will develop him/her academically, socially , mentally and intellectually, then you should opt for a school that runs an American curriculum. You can pick from one of the top American schools in Paris discussed in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Americans are free to live in Paris. But to be able to do so, you will need to obtain a visa and then get a work permit if you will be working there.

However, for the 1st 90 days you stay in Paris, you won’t need any visa. But if you have to stay longer than 90days, then you will need a visa.

Yes. Quite a number of English speaking schools are in Paris . A good example are the American schools in Paris . American schools are bilingual , they use both English and French in teaching the students with English being the dominant language most times.

France is one of the loveliest and friendliest country to be in the world. The people are so warm and welcoming. So even if you can’t speak French, you won’t be out of place in France.

  • Toulouse, Haute Garonne
  • Bordeaux, Aquitane
  • Rennes , Brittany
  • Nice, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur
  • Limoges, Haute-Vienne


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