An 11-year-old Kid Who owns a Golf Company wins a Scholarship to Study in US University

kid who owns a golf company wins a scholarship

Carter Bonas is the name of the 11-year-old boy who won the fully funded  4-year scholarship to study at the Florida Memorial University, Florida, United States.

The young boy we might say has done exceptionally well at his age by owning a golf company named Golf Spectrum. Yes, he is the chief executive officer o the company.

The scholarship was awarded to him at the South Florida HBCU Golf Classic which took place at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, Florida.

Bonas passion for golf arouse when he was considering a sport that does not involve physical contact because he was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome (which is now recognized as part of the Autism spectrum) at a very tender age. The 11-year-old kid grew from being an Autism patient to becoming the CEO of his golf firm.

Giving a speech about his wins, bonas said he will study business so as to obtain the needed skills that will help in his business expansion. HE WROTE “I was awarded a [4-year] scholarship to attend college! See you in 6 years (or less) to get that business degree to take Spectrum Golf to the next level,” 

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