Apply for Electromechanics Programme by The Institute for Industrial Technology (IIT), Lagos

The IIT Electromechanics programme is an accredited course aimed at integrating secondary school leavers into the various manufacturing or engineering services work environments. Graduates of this programme are mid-level technicians equipped with technical industrial skills needed to function productively within the industrial workspace. This programme improves your employability scope.

Students of this programme will be equipped with key technical knowledge, troubleshooting skills, installation and commissioning skills, maintenance skills, fabrication skills, technical ICT skills, work values and personal leadership skills needed to man industrial technologies in industrial automation, electrical, electronics, and mechanical trades.

At the completion of the in-school training, students are posted to manufacturing or engineering services work environments (IIT partner institutions) to under-go a mandatory industrial internship which forms part of their course work.

Who can Apply?  Secondary school leavers within the ages of 16 to 21.

Duration? 3 years (2 years in school, 1 year in-company)

This programme incorporates online and in-school learning.

For more information, and to register, visit:


Call: 09035616248


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