Apply For Spain Scholarships Without IELTS

Good News! You can study in Spain for free and without the IELTS test.
We advise that you read this article from the top to the Bottom, so that you never miss any important details and information on how you can bypass the IELTS block that stops a lot of people from getting their scholarship.

In this article, we’ll be giving you three ways you can study in Spain Without IELTS test, so stay tuned and read on.

In 2021, the Spain Government approved almost 900,000 international scholarships. So why don’t you give this is a try.

Spain offers Bachelors, Masters, and PhD degree programs. Some universities also allow you to study in Spain without IELTS.

About The Host Country

Education in Spain is controlled by the Ley Orgánica 8/2013, de 9 de diciembre, para la mejora de la calidad educativa (LOMCE, Organic Law to improve educational quality) that develops Article 27 of the Spanish Constitution of 1978.

The Spanish education framework is obligatory and free for all youngsters matured somewhere in the range of 6 and 16 years and is upheld by the public government along with the state run administrations of every one of the country’s 17 independent networks.

Spain is pursuing transforming professional education and modernizing education to stop and opposite the increasing joblessness rates.

Starting around 2020-21, Spain has 9,909,886 students. The biggest gathering compares to essential education, with 4,654,727 students followed by auxiliary education with 2,730,036 and college students with 1,633,358. The littlest gathering is those in professional education, with 887,710 students.

Spanish Baccalaureate or Bachillerato comprises of two discretionary extra last a very long time in secondary school (obligatory education is until students are 16 years of age), required to go to University.

Whenever students have completed Bachillerato, they can take their University Entrance Exam, Pruebas de Acceso a la Universidad (PAU), prevalently called Selectividad.

La Selectividad is made out of two sections: the “general” segment, which is obligatory for everybody, and the “particular” area, which comprises of spotlight subjects in light of the students’ scholastic advantages and is hypothetically discretionary.

La Selectividad is scored out of 14 focuses and students grade normal and this score is then used to ascertain students generally speaking grade point normal.

As a matter of fact, 60% of this general score is created in light of the students’ GPA in Bachillerato and 40% of the score depends on the Selectividad grade.

The Spain Scholarships Descriptions

Gender: Female and Male

Scholarship value: Fully funded

School to study: Spain Universities

Country to study: Spain

Degree: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD Degree Programs

Deadline: Varies with Universities

How To Study In Spain Without IELTS

Not all Universities accepts Applications without the IELTS test but we’ve listed the scholarships opportunities as well as institutions that use other methods to replace the IELTS test.
Below are the number of ways to study in Spain without IELTS.

A. Produce Some Other Certificates of Proficiency in English:

One of the best IELTS alternatives is to submit an English proficiency Language Certificate. It works best and many international universities accept this proof.

B. Take a Preparatory Course in Spanish: Without any doubt, this is One of the Finest ways to Study in Spain without IELTS. You can get yourself enrolled in a preparatory course in the Spanish language, so as to increase your proficiency to the level required by the institution that you wish to apply to.

The University of Nebrija in Spain is one of the universities which offers such preparatory courses. Search for “Preparatory Course in Spanish” on Google.

C. Diploma from a Spanish Language School: If you hold a Secondary Education Diploma from a specialized Spanish language school, you do not need to present any further evidence of language proficiency in order to get admission.

Requirements And Eligibility For The Spain Scholarship

• To prove your English Language proficiency requirement.

• Letter of Motivation /Statement of Purpose: SOP should describe clearly your motivation behind the admission to that particular university.

• Usually, the student would require a letter of recommendation to apply to the university.

• LOR must be from your school/college teachers or from your employer.

• Curriculum Vitae (CV)

• Copy of your passport

• Passport photo

• Application Form for Admission to Studies.
a valid Bachelors’s degree from a government-recognized university in the home country.

• Official records of your qualifications, and certificates confirming any university entrance exams passed.

• To prove your English Language proficiency requirement.

Available The Spain Scholarship

#1 The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

The Erasmus Mundus scholarship is a European Fully Funded Scholarship for international students who can apply and will be able to study in any European country. Since Spain is also a European country and many Spain universities provide Erasmus Mundus scholarships.

#2 European University of the Atlantic

The European University of the Atlantic Funds the Undergraduate Students for up to 20 Students. The Scholarship will cover Full Tuiotiuon Fee up to 100%.

#3 Spanish Government Scholarship

These Scholarships are offered by the Ministry of Education, Spain. The Scholarships are available to Study Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral Degree Programs. A number of scholarships and grants will be listed on the website.

#4 University of Barcelona Scholarships

The Spanish university of Barcelona scholarships 2023 is open. Submit applications and apply for the University of Barcelona scholarships. Barcelona University is a Top-ranked Spanish university. Offering diverse degree programs like Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD.

#5 University of Valencia Scholarships in Spain

The University of Valencia Admission Scholarships without IELTS are invited for the batch of 2023 in 2022 from all international students. You can visit their official site for further information that is given below.

How To Apply To The Spain Scholarship

The best way to apply to the scholarship is to visit the official website of the universities offering these scholarships and follow the instructions.

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