5 Best Apps For Golf Handicap


5 Best Apps For Golf Handicap – Being new in the golf game can be very tricky and needs you to gather and show how good you are or skilful. Your handicap score matters. There are a lot of Apps you can use to calculate your handicap score. While you start your career in the game of Golf, you would be doing a lot of rounds of calculating.

These apps can also do other functionality to make your time golfing smooth, such as tracking and most important of it calculating. Apps like Diablo, The Grint, Mscorecard and many others are golf handicap apps that you can take advantage of to help you keep up to speed.

We will be making a list of the 5 best Golf Handicap apps in this article and we hope you find them useful to help you track your ability level.

What Is Golf Handicap?

To be a better golf competitor, you must have a qualifying handicap. It is often said that to be a better golfer your handicap score should be low. The lower the score the better the golfer’s potential.

Golf Handicap is the numerical measure of a golfer’s abilities. It enables players with varying abilities to compete against each other. The golf Handicap is an old scoring system dating back to the 17th century.

It was formally referred to as the Hands-on-cap which was later changed to handicap. Golf Handicap involves the referee and two players. For one to have a Golf handicap score means one is not a novice in the game. If you have never played you won’t be having a handicap score.

To start counting your handicap score, you must have a partner to help you score the holes you have made. However, thanks to technology you can use Handicap apps to take records. You start by recording by 9 to 18 holes score.

Golf handicap varies by individual and country. For men, their golf handicap is around zero to twenty-eight and for females, it is around zero to thirty-six. In recent days to have a handicap index, you would have to record 18-hole scores. You can visit this link to understand better how it works.

What Are The 5 Best Apps For Golf Handicap 

Golf Handicap apps are tools that make it easier for you to carry out some activities such as calculating rounds and GPS tracking. There are also necessities you probably would need to have to progress in the game and show your abilities.

There are several Golf Handicap Apps you can go for, with different functionalities, however, there are some notable or best apps for Golf Handicap. If you are looking for one to leverage. Here are the five best apps for Golf Handicap

  • The Grint
  • GHIN Mobile
  • mScorecard
  • Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker
  • Simple Handicap

  • The Grint

The Grint is one of the widely used apps for tracking and getting your handicap. It is available on Android and iOS. If you want a more professional calculation of your scores. The Grint is a good option. All you need to do is upload your score on the Grint app and have it calculated.

Also, you can use it to track your stokes with the GPS tracker. The App is available worldwide so you can download and use it anywhere in the world. With the Grint, you can join a community of golfers and commence your journey in the field of Golf.

  • GHIN Mobile

The GHIN Mobile is also one of the best and most comprehensive handicap apps available for both Android and iOS users. The Golf Handicap Information Network is a service provided by the United State Golf Association (USGA).

It involves the provision of a USGA admin portal for golfer management and score posting and recording of hole score or hole-by-hole scoring. The App is also good for tracking holes, GPS and course mapping across the world. You can also subscribe to its premium service to get more advanced features.

  • mScorecard

Unlike other handicap apps, mScorecard has some great features such as GPS, Scoreboard, and statistics. The mScorecard instantly calculates your score, handicaps, side games, advance round statistics, Stableford points and distances for up to five players.

With the GPS feature, you can track your putts, and view the distance to the golf courses. mScorecard is an interesting app that also allows you to play other games such as Eagles, Birdies, Skins and many others. It is also available in several countries.

  • Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker

Diablo is an internet golf handicap score posting platform available on Android, iOS and others. The platform is a great way to enter several events. With the app, golfers can post scores anywhere and anytime. The App is also an interesting place to meet other players. 

With the Diablo GPS feature, you can use it to track your putts and find locations of the golf courses nearest you for easy posting anywhere. There are over 18,000 golf courses on the platform. Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker is a comprehensive platform for many.

  • Simple Handicap

Simple Handicap as the name implies is a simple comprehensive handicap app for golfers. The app provides users with simple service and basic as users do not have to pay for any service. With this simple handicap app, golfers can track and learn about their handicap index. 


This tool makes use of the world handicap system, it is a simple handicap app for users who are new to the game. As it provides simple recording and calculating tools.

There are other comprehensive handicap apps you can get as well. They include;

  • V1 Golf
  • Golf Handicap Calculator
  • MyScoreCard
  • SwingU
  • MOGC

Golf Handicap apps are tools you can use to make your golfing time seamless when it comes to calculating your Handicap index and connecting with others.


Golf Handicap is a necessity for those who are just starting their career in the golf world. For you to play with professionals you would need your handicap index. Calculating your golf handicap index can be very intricate. However, thanks to technology many handicap apps have been introduced.

In this article we have been able to make a list of five golf handicap apps you can use to track your golf handicap index and do other interesting activities while you try to build your golfing career.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many golf handicap tracking apps, they include GHIN, mScorecared, V1 Golf and many others. However, the best and mostly used is the Grint.

GHIN golf handicap app is free, you can track your scores, and handicap index and use the GPS to track the golf course. You can choose to subscribe to its premium package to enjoy more.


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