Top 15 Best Apps For Learning Russian

Best Apps For Learning Russian

Are you looking for the best apps for learning Russian? You’re in the right place. Language study applications have altered the game since learning a new language may be challenging and time-consuming. They also make learning a language enjoyable and interesting by making it simple to study at your own speed and on your own time.

There is an app for everything, whether your goals are to go to Russia, do business, find love, or improve your Russian language skills. Numerous applications, both free and paid, are available to assist with your rapid mastery of Russian. Here is the best app for learning Russian. 

Best Apps For Learning Russian

1. Russian Cyrillic

Russian Cyrillic

The best app for individuals who want to learn Russian from scratch is Russian Cyrillic. And in this case, it entails reading. There is no better app than this if you want to learn how to read the Cyrillic alphabet in a pleasant and well-designed way. This is where you should start if you’re beginning from scratch. You may learn the Cyrillic alphabet in Russian along with the more significant spelling rules. However, studying Russian Cyrillic will only get you so far; you’ll need to move on to something for beginners if you want to continue learning the language.

2. Pimsleur


Pimsleur is an audio-based program for learning Russian that lets you start conversing immediately. It differs from the majority of other Russian learning applications in that it uses audio from native speakers starting with the first lesson.

The lessons gradually build upon one another to ensure that you continuously review what you have previously learned. Pimsleur is ideal for anyone searching for a fast yet comprehensive approach to begin learning Russian since it offers 30 minutes of training each day. You can listen to the classes wherever you choose since they are audio-based.

3. Busuu


The comprehensive Russian language course offered by Busuu will take you from learning the letters to conversing confidently about a range of subjects. When you join, the app offers a placement exam to help you decide where to start your studies. You get access to interactive games and tests in the free version. Busuu Premium offers offline functionality, review sessions, and grammar courses if you want to pay for them.

A tailored study plan, conversation practice with native Russian speakers, and the opportunity to get formal certification in Russian language studies are some of the extra benefits you’ll get with Premium Plus. For those who like the conventional classroom atmosphere but lack the time or funds to enroll in a course, Busuu is wonderful software.

4. Drops 


Drops undoubtedly take a different approach to vocabulary acquisition. The idea of the game is to increase your mental vocabulary by matching new words to visuals. This can connect your thoughts directly to the original object rather than a translation. You may play a matching game on the app for 5 minutes each day. Additionally, it’s excellent for speeding up the development of your Russian core vocabulary. There is one problem, however.

The majority of Drops’ attention is given to vocabulary, especially nouns. Therefore, learning vocabulary is considerably easier than learning grammar. Although it’s wonderful for the casual novice, if you want to learn Russian seriously, you’ll ultimately outgrow it.

5. Google Translate

Google Translate

For academics and tourists, Google Translate is a fantastic resource. It is also among the most potent translation tools on the market. There are three ways that the app functions. You may enter words to obtain translations in more than 103 different languages (59 offline). For real-time translations, you may also talk straight to the app. Finally, the app utilizes the camera to translate items like menus and traffic signs instantly. Most tourists will use these features. 

6. Duolingo


One of the most well-known language-learning applications is Duolingo. Obviously, Russian is one of the options. The app focuses on quick, bite-sized courses for learners who are on the move. A workout may generally be finished in a short amount of time. The focus is on vocabulary and everyday expressions; you pick up the grammar as you go. Although there are no in-app purchases and the software is fully free, there are more features available if you want to subscribe.

7. iTalki


One of the best apps for learning Russian language instruction is iTalki. It links people online with native speakers. Although downloading the app is free, users must pay in order to communicate with their teacher. Language instructors charge different rates based on their level of training and experience. While the cost of a native tutor begins at $4, the cost of licensed instructors starts at around $8. Pay-as-you-go is a flexible payment method used for the course.

One of the few applications that provide a tailored learning experience is iTalki. In order to assist students in learning Russian in a manner that works best for them, language instructors design a customized lesson plan. The student’s interests, ability level, and preferred tempo are taken into consideration throughout the learning process.

8. HelloTalk


The Russian language study app HelloTalk is pretty cool. It makes use of a kind of social network. The program provides voice and video conversations along with text, photo, and audio communications. Anytime you want, you may practice. We don’t advise Russian learners to use this as their main source. It’s an excellent resource for secondary study, however. We wholeheartedly endorse it for that.

9. LingoPie

Best Apps For Learning Russian

Because you watch TV programs and documentaries to learn your target language, LingoPie is an immersive approach to learning Russian. You may click on any word in the subtitles of any video to see the translation. For each episode, you may make your unique collection of flashcards. LingoPie adds the word to your list when you click it to see the translation. As a result of the abundance of material, there is always something fresh to see.

10. Memrise

Best Apps For Learning Russian

One of the most effective and well-liked language learning apps for smartphones is Memrise. The app incorporates every route into its instructional plan. This covers grammar and vocabulary instruction on having a conversation in Russian and even a social component akin to Tandem or HelloTalk. A pronunciation guide and offline assistance are also provided. There aren’t many major issues with it. There are certain pieces of the material that are free. The remainder needs a recurring monthly or annual subscription. However, we would have preferred a single-price solution like Rosetta Stone.

11. Michel Thomas 

Best Apps For Learning Russian
Michel Thomas 

The Michel Thomas strategy is really simple. You hear discussions and dialogue from language lessons. From 0 to more complicated statements and phrases, they gradually progress. You won’t study reading or writing with Michel Thomas since everything is audio-based, but you will be exposed to a ton of actual language usage.

Overall, the app has a laid-back vibe and progresses slowly. It’s a good start for beginners who need to gain confidence in listening and fundamental terminology, mainly if games aren’t your thing. Of course, even though it’s a fantastic tool for beginning Russian learners, it has some limitations.

12. Anki

Best Apps For Learning Russian

Anki is essentially a flashcard app. And although it could seem uninteresting at first glance, it’s an excellent tool for expanding your overall knowledge of Russian words. You may make customized flashcards or utilize ones that have already been created by others. This is very helpful if you are certain of the subjects you wish to learn more about.

The fact that the community is highly active is one of Anki’s finest features. As a result, the site has many additional Russian learners contributing or producing material. You can learn a lot of terms and stuff you may not have otherwise by using resources that someone else prepared.

13. Rosetta Stone

Best Apps For Learning Russian

One of the most well-known names in language study is Rosetta Stone. Yes, one of the twenty languages they serve is Russian. This one emphasizes basic Russian conversational skills and terminology. From then, it builds on that basis and goes on. While it’s more conventional than tools like Memrise or Drops, this approach is still rather successful. The software also has voice recognition, offline support, and a ton of practice exercises. It’s perhaps the priciest app on this list. But it’s truly just for serious learners.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most effective app for learning Russian is the one from Rocket Languages. The sessions include discussions between native speakers to aid with listening and comprehension. You will be led through Russian grammar and vocabulary in this simple course. The most effective app for learning Russian is the one from Rocket Languages.

The most popular language learning app, which includes Russian, is probably Duolingo. It is a free Russian language education with hundreds of concise, individualized lessons and engaging activities.

According to many, one of the hardest languages to learn is Russian. This is largely accurate if you do not understand other Slavic languages.




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