Top 10 Best Apps for Truckers

Best Apps for Truckers

Best Apps for Truckers -As a trucker you have probably been stuck in some difficult situations and found it difficult getting help. There are several apps for truckers that can help them with a lot of things, including fuel cost at different locations, weather conditions and forecasts, check for clients, find a truck repairer among a whole lot of other things.

Many trucking companies require their truckers to have certain apps on their devices to ensure that things go on smoothly. Whether you work for a company or not, the trucker apps mentioned in this post are going to be of great use.

The post also includes apps that will lift the mood of almost any trucker using music, helping to remove boredom from your delivery journeys. Many a time, you get stuck when passing some routes. These apps will help you avoid such routes with the help of quality navigation and mapping system.

Some of these apps have more than 500,000 truckers using their services while some do not, but are still very useful anyway. The apps are considered the best apps for truckers and have been selected based on user reviews and quality services.

Best Apps for Truckers

  • Trucker Path
  • Gas Buddy
  • Google Maps
  • Drivewyze
  • Transflo Mobile
  • Spotify
  • Trucker tools

1. Trucker Path

Trucker Path is considered to be the most popular app for truckers. The app has more than 600,000 users and instead of niching down to one function, the app covers for a lot. Trucker Path helps truckers with parking status, fuel prices, navigation, weight stations and a few other things a trucker might really need.

Company specified trucker apps may already have some of these features but you can still check it out to see if you can enjoy the services there like hundreds of thousands of truckers do.

Trucker path is unique for having a truckers’ forum with so many truck drivers who can help each other in case of any problems. The app features more seven thousand truck stops in USA and Canada, a huge figure.

With such a number of stops featured, many truckers would be relieved. The app is also very helpful with parking, providing information on parking availability. An interesting feature is one that lists jobs for truckers.

There is information on weight stations and there is even a trip planner option. The address search system is quite impressive and will help you navigate the suburbs very well.

On Trucker Path, users can see fuel stops with truck clearance and the app also lets you see your navigation history.

In the whole of North America, especially Canada and the USA and was founded in 2013. Since then, there has been huge progress in the development and usefulness of this app. Thankfully, Trucker Path provides all of the features mentioned above for free.

Visit Google Play Store or Apple app store to download the app. Search for “Trucker Path: Truck GPS and Maps” and enter.

The app has a white logo on blue background with more than one million downloads on Google Play Store. The forum is nicely made and truckers can notify others of any important information. When truckers are driving to a particular location, the app shows the map and directions and also indicates truck stops smoothly.

Fortunately, truckers can also see the speed limit for the paths they are driving on. Instead of trying your luck, Trucker Path helps to indicate empty parking lots, diesel stations and open weigh stations. It is considered the best app for truckers.

2. Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is one of the oldest apps that are still very useful for truckers. It is based in Boston has featured more than 141,000 gas stations in North America, especially USA and Canada. With the help of Gas buddy, truckers can easily find the best fuel stations to purchase fuel from along your route. For each gas station, there are ratings and reviews which were written by other road users including truckers.

The app is completely free for use on both android and iOS devices. Generally, the app is built to help you save costs considering the fact that it gives you a signal of when there may be a hike in gas price.

As a truck driver, the cost of fuel you use should not exceed an optimal level. This app can help you monitor your fuel use and distance travelled to see if it is an optimal value.

The app has many thousands of users and is considered the only app with such a large database of gas stations. For consistent users of the app and payment system, Gas buddy offers gas coupons that let you get some reasonable amount of gas for free. For many users, the only downside is that it does not feature low bridge signals and weigh stations.

3. Google Maps

Google Maps is actually a very useful app for truckers so if you have not been using it, you can try it out. Although there are reports of inaccuracy in certain areas, Google Maps offers street views and directions for vehicles.

You can easily go anywhere since you are a motorist, as Google Maps only fall short in accuracy when it’s a pedestrian. There are many other advantages you can get as a trucker using Google Maps.

On the app, you can search for buildings and business and see their closing time. You can see parking stations as well as gas stations. If you have never used Google Maps, try getting familiar with it as it may really come in handy someday.

The only disadvantage is that the app is not made exclusively for truckers, so you have to use it like you are a casual motorist. A very nice feature on this app is that you can just listen to the directions while your eyes are concentrated on the road.

All of these features are really exciting but you may need a trucker GPS to see truck routes.

4. Drivewyze

Drivewyze is one of the most useful apps a trucker can ever have. The average trucker spends more than twenty minutes on every weigh station. This means that you can spend an hour or more for inspection every day.

If you can take out that one hour, your work becomes more efficient and you could really use that time. Drivewyze completely minimizes the amount if time you spend at inspection or weigh stations.

The app is a weigh station bypass developed for truckers and it is approved to more than forty states in America. The app is not free, but you can try using it on free trial for thirty days. The biggest setback is that not all weigh stations are approved on Drivewyze.

In order to see if the app will benefit you, check if a majority weigh stations on your routes are approved. The thirty days free trial will convince you to subscribe to the Drivewyze system which costs 18 USD a month.

The app uses a preclearance system that is connected to hundreds of sites in more than forty states of the United States.

Users also get alerted whenever they are close to weigh stations or inspection sites. Using the app, you can easily bypass weigh stations sometimes without even opening the app. The app can operate in the background so you can concentrate on driving without any distractions. This makes trucking a lot easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about the best apps for truckers:

For many people, Trucker Path is considered the best app for truckers. There are more than 500,000 truckers using the app to check for navigation, fuel prices, parking status and a few other things.

It is the most popular trucking app in the United States, with a quality mapping system.

Here is a list of apps that are considered highly useful for truckers. Check the first parts of this article for a full list.

  • Trucker Path
  • Gas Buddy
  • Drivewyze
  • Love’s Connect
  • Myradar
  • Spotify
  • Trucker tools

Here are some of the best free trucking GPS apps:

  • Waze truck route
  • Trucking GPS navigation apps
  • Google Maps truck route
  • Trucker Path


Apart from apps that are specified by trucking fleet companies, truckers also need other useful apps. These apps can provide alternative pathways for truckers and also help them check fuel prices, parking status and other things.

Spotify is included as one of the best apps for truckers as it will reduce boredom and help to maintain mental energy. However, we advise truckers to not use the app while driving unless you can be sure of the safety of yourself and other people. Kindly share this article to your friends and leave a comment if you found it helpful.

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