Asia Bryant Bags Masters Degree from A US University After Working 18hrs Everyday to Fund Her Education

asia bryant bags masters degree

A young lady identified as Asia Bryant took to her LinkedIn profile to share her success stories which in turn inspires thousands of people out there who have come across her story.

Bryant graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a minor in Chinese Studies from the Texas Southern University, United States and now she is a master’s degree holder. According to her, she graduated with a Master’s degree in International Business despite working for almost 18 hours daily to fund her education.

In her words, BRYANT SAID

“I’ve slept on floors, in my car, been broke with only $12 to my entire existence. I’ve had people try to discredit my accomplishments and limit me to only my appearance. 

“I learned to speak “properly” after being teased for my thick southern accent. I’ve had glass thrown at me from racists, been sexually harassed by people I looked up too, discriminated against because of the color of my skin, the list could go on. The odds weren’t supposed to be in my favor.

“Balancing two jobs, working 16-18hrs a day to make ends meet, while being a full time graduate student hasn’t been the easiest road, but it’s taught me discipline and perseverance.

“Being the first in my family to achieve this milestone, I hope to open a door and create a lane for future generations to come. To this accomplishment, I dedicate it to all my loved ones who are here in a physical and spiritual realm.

“I thank my family for their words and wisdom that kept me together when I wanted to break down and quit. I am a manifestation of my family’s prayers, guided by my ancestors’ spirits, and blessed by God’s Favor.

“With all that being said, I have a MASTERS DEGREE IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS BABYYYYYY 🎉🎉. – Bryant Wrote

Over 80k LinkedIn users have been inspired by her story and as such congratulated Bryant on her academic achievement despite the circumstances that surrounded her.

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