ATBU Department of Comp. and Comm. Engr. Notice on Reg. Guidelines for 2020/2021 1st Semester

In line with the 1st semester 2020/2021 registration exercise, students should take note of the following registration guidelines:

1. Collect manual course registration forms from the departmental clerical officer and check the appropriate courses to be registered on the notice board. (Pay NUESSA and ACCES DUES Respectively)

2. Fill and return the form to the departmental registration officer.

3. Re-collect the form and register the courses/unit online as approved and signed by the departmental registration officer.

4. Return both the manual form and the online print out to the department and make sure you fill the courses registered on the Hardcover registration booklet.

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5. Note that late collection/submission of manual/online course registration forms will attract a penalty. Registration for 300 to 500 Level starts today 27th January and ends on 1st February 2021

Time: 9:00am to 12.00pm (Morning)

2:00pm to 4:00pm (Afternoon)

Engr K.A Jahun

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