Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program in Morocco

Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program in Morocco- The Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders scheme for the year 2022 in Morocco is currently providing you with you a platform whereby young and future leaders are trained to take part in rigorous discussions regarding all the important remedies to their regional and global issues. This program also creates an avenue for participants by providing them with the opportunity to acquire knowledge from every other influential ideas around them and to collaborate with each and every one of their fellow in their success pursuit.
This Emerging Leaders Program has its set goals to Inspire, educate, empower and connect emerging future leaders to usher and bring about major changes in and around their local communities and even for their international community in a general note.

About This Fully Funded Program

The Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program is a leadership training and development program created by “the Policy Center for the New South” and is aimed at fostering innovative and self-driven spirits to come together and unite in a fully-funded scheme, they are to undergo this program in a leadership training environment and to gain reasonable input in creating and formation of strong policies.

The institute has ganged together researchers since it began operation, it published these researcher’s research work, and was in a very good working network with the representatives from various regions spread across the world. Furthermore, this fully funded conference resulted as a series of PCNS’ part agreement from the gatherings and events which were organized throughout the year, these programs are has its aim to shaping the futures of growing professionals.
It is ” the Policy Center the New South (PCNS)” that is set to be hosts of this 11th edition of the Atlantic Dialogues Conference (a top-level event that brings together public and private sector leaders who are influential from around the Atlantic region to engage in informal and open discussions regarding issues that are of common concern. The program brings together about 30 to 50 young leaders from the Atlantic region and Africa on a yearly basis. Moreover, these upcoming leaders are expected to have demonstrated strong leadership abilities, as well as a a good sense of commitment to the social and economic problems facing their home communities in particular, and the world at large.

Brief Details About Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program in Morocco

The Host Country: Morocco
The Host Organization: The Policy Center for the New South (PCNS)
Program Time range: 11 to 16 December 2022
Deadline of Application: 15 July 2022

Benefits of Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Scheme

  • Economy Class air ticket expenses are covered in this program, Likewise all local transportation is made available for successful applicant.
  • The catering facilities will be provided to participants in the course of the conference.
  • The conference organizers will make sure that the organizers with provides good hotel accommodations during the slated times of the program and conference.

Eligibility Criteria for Applications into Atlantic Dialogue Emerging Leaders Program

  • Intending participants are required to be between the age range of.25 and 35.
  • All applicants must be citizens from either of these regions; African, North American, South American, Central American, Caribbean or European Countries countries. Priority will be granted to applicants who are citizens of countries that shares borders with the Atlantic Basin.
  • Candidates who are citizens of other nations but live in any of the countries in the above mentioned regions may also apply.
  • Applicants must be able to show a good proficiency level in English, this will be analyzed from their personal statement of the candidate and a short video presentation from the candidate.
  • Applicants must make sure that they will be available for the full time range of this six-day program.

Application Deadline:

The last date to key in your interest for the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program to be hosted in Morocco is on Friday, July 15th (at exactly 11:59 pm Moroccan time of GMT+1).

Application Process:

Interested persons must be ready to submit an online application form which can be gotten by visiting program-2022 , the website of the application.
This form should be filled together with the following required materials on or before Friday July 15 11:59 pm ” Moroccan time (GMT+1)”;

  • One copy of the applicants resumes or CVs. Resumes should be well written and should not be longer than two (2) pages. It should also be in a pdf format.
  • A personal statement of be at a minimum of 250
    words, it should contain details of their motivations for going into the program and their prospective contributions to the good and progress of the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program. The personal statement written is also expected to reveal detail on the candidates’ expertise and his or her field of work.
  • Each applicant should provide a link to a minute Youtube video of theirs which is to address the following:

– Introduction of yourself, full name should be well stated
– What gives you motivation in the work that you do?
– What are the contributions you are making? (in candidate’s organization, community and the world at large)

  • You will have to make upload or record a Youtube video that will only be seen by the recipients of the link . Note that all written details and documents submitted must be done English in Language.
  • Please make sure you kick start your application process flow in time as the PCNS will not be held responsible incase any technical issues which may prevent you from submitting your application before the end date comes up.
  • Kindly note that no applications will be received after the earlier stated deadline. There will be no extension of date or grace period.
  • Only completed applications will be deemed fit for this program.

Selection Process:

A selection committee set up by the program board will be responsible for the review of all applications received and will respond up to two (2)- months after the deadline. Please note that selection will fully based on a competitive basis as extra qualifications may boost your chances

Selection Criteria:

The candidates will be graded and scored with regards to the following selection criteria:

  • His or her professional achievement, candidates professional growth Leadership potential will also be an added advantage.
  • Candidates who demonstrated leadership in their home community and/or profession Interest in problems and challenges affecting Wider Atlantic Relations Commitment to the world development (Atlantic and/or local engagements)
  • Ability to take part in the contribution to the general Atlantic Dialogues and Emerging Leaders groups
  • Ability to clearly air ones view (which will be assessed through the candidate’s personal statement and a short video)

End Notes

There is really a great opportunity at the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders scheme for the year’s program in Morocco which is currently creating a platform for every young and future leaders to be trained and to take part in discussions regarding all the important remedies to their regional and global issues. This program will also be creating an avenue for participants by giving them with the opportunity to acquire knowledge from every other influential ideas around them and to collaborate with each and every one of their fellow in their success pursuit.
Acquire a certificate and training (fully funded) and stand out from the crowd anywhere you find yourself in the nearest future, this program is the right one for you, Good luck in your applications!!

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