Apply For Augustana University Global Leaders Scholarships, USA

Apply For Augustana University Global Leaders Scholarships, USA
Apply For Augustana University Global Leaders Scholarships, USA

Apply For Augustana University Global Leaders Scholarships, USA: Augustana is a private research university located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Founded as a Lutheran college in 1887, the school later became coeducational and was rechartered as Augustana College in 1949. In 1957, the school became Augustana College of Illinois. Following the passage of Minnesota’s 1969 law defining higher education exclusively by state jurisdiction, the name changed to Augustana College of St. Peter and Stapley (CSSP).

After the merger between CSSP and the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota) in 1995, the school was renamed Augustana University. The original campus is located on a bluff overlooking downtown Sioux Falls.

Augustana has offered distance learning programs since 1969. Through its online education program, students can take a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses as well as earn degrees entirely online. Augustana offers an MBA, MPA, MHA/MHP, and MSW programs entirely online.

During its early years, Augustana was known for its football team and marching band, under the direction of band director C.O. Johnsrud from 1896 to 1950.

Scholarship Description

The Scholarship is open to international students of all nationalities. There is no age limit for the Scholarship and your application does not need to be based on a specific subject of study but rather show evidence of your leadership potential.

A unique opportunity for international students who are looking for top American Universities has emerged with a scholarship from Augustana University in Rock Island, Illinois. This full-tuition scholarship will provide you with a haven where you can pursue your dreams while benefiting from personalized mentorship, hands-on internships, and community engagement opportunities in the heartland of America.

The scholarship covers full tuition for one year for a student pursuing full-time study in the United States. This scholarship is also open to international students from Canada and from any other country that accepts US aid funding.

Augustana College has several clubs and community service organizations available to students including the Student Government Association (SGA), Campus Activities Board (CAB), Academic Senate, Student Newspaper, Outing Council, and Chi Eta Sigma (National Honor Society). There are also many extracurricular activities such as intramural sports, fraternity/sorority life, academic decathlon, speech and debate teams, swim team, and yearbook.

Summary of Details of Augustana University Global Leaders Scholarships, USA 

For the Augustana University Global Leaders Scholarships, USA 2023 in the category of interdisciplinary studies, applicants from around the world are eligible to receive a scholarship award. The scholarships cover all tuition and fees for applicants who will be pursuing a full-time undergraduate degree from Augustana University in Rock Island, Illinois.

The scholarship includes awards for the full-time work-study program as well as international students who will be carrying out their studies entirely at home. It’s important for students wanting to pursue a degree in this area to apply quickly because funding is available on a limited basis.

Scholarship applications must be submitted online by the deadlines outlined on Augustana’s website. To apply, applicants must submit their applications electronically, complete the required essays, and attach all application forms (i.e., resumes) and supporting documents to their online application. Applicants also need to provide their academic transcripts (transcripts of all post-secondary education plus GED), as well as a list of all relevant awards and scholarships, for scholarship committee members to compare the information related to these scholarship applications.

Documents Needed to Apply for Augustana University Global Leaders Scholarships, USA

  • The following documents needed to apply are:
  • Current School Transcript
  • High School or GED Equivalency
  • Official College Transcript or Certified Proffer of Credit (if not a US citizen)
  • A letter of acceptance to Augustana University, from an admissions representative in your country (or an official transcript)
  • Official letters from teachers and administrators at the schools you have attended, attesting to your grade-level knowledge in a particular subject;
  • Written Statement about what you hope to achieve by studying abroad for a semester at Augustana University
  • Four Letters of Recommendation
  • Letter from an English professor
  • A $50 application fee;
  • Official TOEFL scores (unless proof of English proficiency is on file)
  • A Resume or Curriculum Vitae, outlining academic and extracurricular achievements. (MUST BE IN ENGLISH)

Eligibility Criteria for Application for Augustana University Global Leaders Scholarships

To be eligible:

  • This scholarship is open to international students only and is not open to US citizens or permanent residents.
  • You must have a high school diploma or equivalency, a standardized test score (such as the SAT, ACT, or IELTS), and 2 years of college-level education completed by the time of the application deadline (for example you’ve completed 2 years at grades 9 through 11).
  • If you graduate from high school this year, we ask that you enroll in college courses to complete your required coursework for applications.
  • You must be currently enrolled in college and make progress towards completion of your coursework at the time of your application.
  • You must apply by February 1st, 2023 to be considered for this scholarship. 
  • You must enroll in a degree program at Augustana University by adding yourself to the waitlist or registering during our admissions process.
  • The first priority goes to students who have not attended college before; the second priority goes to students who are returning after taking a year off from college-level studies. 
  • You may only apply for one Global Leaders Scholarship program if you meet the above criteria.

How to Apply for Augustana University Global Leaders Scholarships

  • Create an Account
  • Fill out the Grant Application Form and attach your scholarship essay
  • Have your essay reviewed
  • Complete all required documents and send them to Global Leaders Scholarships

Benefits of Studying at Augustana University Global Leaders Scholarships

The benefits are:

  • You will be eligible to apply for a variety of programs and awards, including the Fulbright Scholarship
  • You will be eligible to compete for international internship opportunities at prestigious organizations all over the world
  • You will have access to an extensive network of scholars, alumni, staff, and friends at Augustana University
  • There are guaranteed scholarships available just for Global Leaders Scholarships students in your major
  • You will be eligible to receive additional grants and financial aid on top of your scholarship
  • You will have a preference when applying for certain programs in the future.
  • You will have time to network, travel, and gain leadership experience in the summer after your first year
  • You will be given priority admission upon completion of your first year at Augustana and then every subsequent year if you continue fulfilling the requirements recommended by the cohort director
  • You will study abroad at discounted rates with other Global Leaders Scholarships students for a semester or a full academic year
  • The confirmed benefit not listed above is that you will grow academically, personally, and professionally which is what matters in the end!


The Augustana University Global Leaders Scholarship is open to all high-achieving high school seniors and offers a $5,000 scholarship for tuition and $2,500 for other expenses.

Augustana University has been a leading liberal arts university in the Upper Midwest for over 130 years. As one of the oldest colleges in Illinois, it has always valued excellence in teaching, intersexual honesty, and individual freedom as well as diversity. Our Global Leaders Scholarships are now available for 2023! We welcome applications from high-achieving students with strong leadership qualities from around the world. If you are eligible please fill out the attached form and submit it by January 15th so that your application will be received by February 1st.

Frequently Asked Questions

Augustana College offers both merit-based scholarships and need-based financial aid to international students. No additional application is required for the merit-based scholarships as all applicants for admission are automatically considered.

Known for its picturesque, wooded campus, Augustana offers more than 50 undergraduate majors and pre-professional degrees. On campus, students can get involved in a wide variety of student clubs, more than 10 Greek-letter organizations or recreational sports.



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