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Australian Catholic University

Apply For Australian Catholic University (AUC) Scholarships: If you’re like many people in the United States, you’ve probably heard of Catholic University but were not sure where it was located or had never heard of it at all.


Australian Catholic University is a publicly-funded university in Sydney, Australia offering degrees and diplomas in bachelor’s degrees, masters, and doctorates across 8 faculties: Education

  • Management and Law
  • Arts and Social Sciences
  • Science
  • Health Sciences
  • Athletics and Sport Science (formerly Sports Studies)
  • Theology, Philosophy, and Religious Studies;
  • Health Services Management;
  • Creative Arts

 ACU has been ranked consistently among the top 100 universities under 50 years old on The Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Study-In-Australia Scholarship Program is a 3-year course or degree program offered by Australian Catholic University which is a member of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities, an international university founded by the Society of Jesus in Australia.


Course Level: Scholarships are designed for students who have already completed their first-year course in any degree that offers an option to study abroad.

Scholarship Description

The 2023 Australian Catholic University scholarship opportunity is open to students worldwide and will make it possible for them to study at the lowest rates available at this university. This scholarship is not a means-tested program, so the funds can be used by any student from any country around the world. Students who are eligible for the scholarship are those who will be studying a degree course through 2023 at the Australian Catholic University. There is no limitation on the academic level, but applicants must have demonstrated academic merit to qualify for this award.

10 Australian Catholic University scholarships are available in the areas of;

  • Engineering,
  • Management,
  • Health Sciences,
  • Architecture,
  • Humanities and
  • Social Sciences

Candidates must have an Australian passport and an Australian sponsor. There is also no limitation on an academic level but applicants must have demonstrated academic merit and ability to qualify for this award.

Australian Catholic University offers a scholarship program for students from all over the world, who are planning to pursue studies at this university. There is no limit on an academic level required, but applicants must have demonstrated academic merit in demand by other universities in the field of their application.

Summary Details About the Australian Catholic University (AUC) Scholarships For International Students

The university offers full-time undergraduate degrees in more than 100 areas of study including law, healthcare management, nursing, physiotherapy, etc., and postgraduate degrees including masters by coursework among many others.

They offer some scholarships for various disciplines including business management, international relations, security studies, etc.

The Scholarship covers tuition fees, textbook allowance, accommodation, and living expenses during the study period.

Benefits of Australian Catholic University (AUC) Scholarships For International Students

As an international student, the benefits are:

  • Financial Aid: AUC offers a range of scholarships designed to ease the financial burden of international students. The student’s country of origin or current residence can be factored into consideration when determining the student’s eligibility for an award.
  • Free Access: The award covers essential course materials, and it provides international students with access to their classes without charge, as well as access to the library and other campus services including accommodation and food.
  • Work & Volunteer Opportunities: International students can also enjoy work opportunities on campus which help them develop their professional skills during their studies.
  • Opportunities to Socialise and Connect: The social and networking opportunities at AUC are amazing. With a passion for achievement, innovators, and the future, next-generation leaders come together to advance their beliefs through innovation in business, technology, and beyond.
  • Programs around the World: AUC has educated more than 300 international students from over 60 countries. This range of students brings with them an extensive mix of cultures, experiences, views, and ideas; this ensures that every student has a unique learning experience at AUC.
  • Career Development: International students can participate in a variety of activities that provide them with local network contacts as well as professional development opportunities that help them find their place after graduation.
  • Scholarship Benefits: The Australian Catholic University Scholarships For International Students program provides overseas students enrolled in any of the undergraduate programs with a full financial package, which includes; a tuition fee waiver; monthly living stipend while studying in Australia; housing allowance; medical assistance, and travel allowance.

Duration of Australian Catholic University (AUC) Scholarships

The duration of Australian Catholic University (AUC) Scholarships is one year.

Australian Catholic University (AUC) has provided scholarships to 1,000 students each year since 2010. AUC offers a range of scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate students, with some requiring an essay submission for consideration.


All AUC scholarships are valued at AUD$4,000 FYE and AUD$2,000 per semester for postgraduate courses, making it one of the most generous scholarship programs in Australia. Once awarded a scholarship from AUC you will receive payment through direct debit on your nominated bank account or provider soon after you’ve submitted your enrolment application successfully.

Eligibility Requirements Australian Catholic University (AUC) Scholarships

You will also need to provide evidence that you meet the following criteria:

  • you are legally a refugee or a protected person as per the 1951 UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees as amended by the Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees.
  • you have successfully made an application for permanent residency under our sponsored visa program (subclass 875) in Australia. A copy of your final visa letter confirming this fact is required.
  • you have been granted permission from your financial sponsor, Banker, or Scholarship provider to work in Australia. You must provide two SGS checks issued by two different branches of Bankers, showing that they have approved your request for Work Visa (subclass 189).
  • International students studying at any AUC partner university can apply for a scholarship. Applicants must be enrolled in the First Year or the second year ordinary undergraduate program and they must fulfill all degree requirements with no outstanding debts before signing up for the scholarship term
  • Applicants must be full or part-time students, and they should hold prizes/awards from Australia or other countries.

Eligible Countries: Applicants from countries that are eligible to study at Australian Christian University can apply for this scholarship.

Documents Needed for Australian Catholic University (AUC) Scholarships For International Students

The documents are:

  • two recent passport-sized photos
  • a scanned copy of your passport or travel document with your full name and date and place of birth
  • a scanned copy of your current Australian Certificate of Education (High School) or Australian Year 12 Certificate, Transcript, or other evidence you have completed Year 12 education in Australia.

If you are an international student who has studied at the secondary level in some other country please include the original documents from that country.

This scholarship is for students enrolled at AUC for the first time – applicants who have attended AUC before this period will not be considered for this scholarship. This means that any school leaving certificate from before June 2017 will not be accepted as proof of attendance.

Frequently Asked Questions

ACU offers Commonwealth supported and fee-paying places. In addition, students are also charged a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). Visit Other expenses for further information about the SSAF.

Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a public university in Australia. It has seven Australian campuses and also maintains a campus in Rome.



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