Top 20 Best Aviation Schools In Hungary

Top 20 Best Aviation Schools In Hungary


Top 20 Best Aviation Schools In Hungary – The aviation industry is one of the highest-paying industries. It has one of the highest-paid professions, such as Pilot, Aerospace Engineering, and others.

If you want to become a pilot, aeronautic engineer, air host, and other, it is a must for the student to attend aviation school. Hungary is a country with rich aviation history.


In this article, we will be looking at the best aviation schools in Hungary, which are globally recognised.

Aviation Study In Hungary 

Hungary is a European country with one of the best systems in the world. As many would know, European is a continent with many developed countries like Russia, Germany, the UK, France, Estonia, Italy, Spain, and many others.

Hungary has one of the best education systems in the world. It has been ranked 14th as the best economy in the world. Its economy is strong and stable. The country is also a safe place to live and study. It has great landscapes, historic structures, friendly people, good food and rich culture.

The Hungarian Aviation Industry is a fast-growing one. Enrolling in an aviation school in Hungary comes with a lot of opportunities. There are many aviation institutes in Hungary with world-class facilities and programs.


The competition is equally low, so there are opportunities for students to get jobs in their desired aviation fields, such as Pilot, Cabin Crew, Aeronautic Engineering, and many more. Students get to be trained by experienced instructors and administrators.

ASL Airlines Hungary, Magnus Aircraft Zrt, Aeroplex of Central Europe Ltd, Lufthansa Technik Budapest Ltd, PharmaFligt, Airwin Aviator School, and Utazasi Iroza Kft are some of the aviation companies in Hungary. They are opportunities for students who want to go into the aviation industry.

Hungary’s Aviation Industry is an open opportunity for aviation students as there are many investors in the country. 

Admission Requirements For Aviation Schools In Hungary

Hungary is a country with growing aviation sectors. There are a lot of investors and aviation companies in the country that is globally recognised. The number of workers in the field is still limited, and studying aviation in Hungary gives students the opportunity to grow in their careers.

However, there are some requirements students would need to meet if considering going into Aviation School. Here are the requirements,

  • To enrol at any aviation school, students must be 16 years old.
  • The student must have graduated from high school or college.
  • The student must pass medical clearance, which would enable them to proceed.
  • The student must also pass tests from the school, which may include English, Mathematics, Physics and personality test.
  • There are other requirements that the school might need, so students will have to check with your school what their requirements are. 

Best Aviation Schools In Hungary

There are a lot of aviation schools in Hungary. Many are globally and locally recognised. These schools are with the best training facilities. Some of these schools are affordable. Here are some of the best aviation schools in Hungary,

  • Trener KFT, Nyíregyháza.
  • CAVOK Aviation Training, Godollo.
  • Pannon Air, Tokol.
  • Best fly Aviation Training, Budapest.
  • Wizz Air Training Centre, Budapest.
  • Hungaro Aviation Flight School, Szeged.
  • Best Fly, Baja.
  • MAL, Budapest
  • Hungarian Pilot Academy, Tokol.
  • Airwin Aviator School, Tokol.
  • Skyhawk Aviation, Godollo.
  • Simnest Pilot Academy, Budapest.
  • Noir Flight School, Laszlo.
  • FlyTeam, Budapest.
  • FlyTaxi Ltd, Baja.
  • Fly-Coop KFT, Budapest.
  • Hungarian Pilot Academy, Budapest.
  • Flight Centre, Tokol.
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest.
  • Central European University, Budapest.

  • Trener KFT

Trener KFT is one of the best Aviation schools in Hungary. The institute is in the city of  Nyíregyháza. The Institute is one of the oldest aviation schools that has been training students since the 1960s. Trener KFT has trained thousands of professional pilots, aeronautic engineers and others.

Trener KFT programs are divided into three major classes, which include Flight Schools (aeroplanes), Aviation Degree and Multi-Time Building, which are further divided into several programs like Night Rating, Commercial Pilot, Private Pilot, Flight Instructor, EASA ATPL Ground School, Airline Transport Pilot, Multi-Crew Cooperation Course, Aerobatic and many others.

Many of the school students are employed in one of the best Airlines in the country such as Wizairlines and many others. The Academy is one of the best places for students to build their careers.

  • CAVOK Aviation Training

CAVOK Aviation Training of the largest aviation institution in Hungary. The academy was established by a group of pilots. It has been training aviation students since 2008. The institution has trained lots of pilots in the country.

CAVOK Aviation Training is in the city of Godollo. It has one of the best training facilities in the country, with around 12 fleets and two simulators. CAVOK has trained and experienced instructors and administrators. Their instructors are over 20. The institute has a huge partnership with other simulator companies. COVAK Operates the largest new-generation aircraft with BRP Rotax Engines in Hungary.

COVAK Aviation Training runs several programs. If you are planning of becoming a pilot COVAK is the best choice. Private Pilot Training, MCC JOC, Flight Instructor Course, and Zero To ATPL Airline Program are some of the best programs in the institute.

COVAK Aviation Training is the best place to train and is quite affordable. You can visit this link for more

  • Best fly Aviation Training

With more than 20 aeroplanes in several countries in Europe, Best Fly Aviation Training has stood to be the best Aviation school in Hungary. The school is in the city of  Bacs-Kiskun in Budapest. The institute is close to the airport.

The aviation school programs include Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, ATPL Theory, Night NVF Rating, Single Engine Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine Piston Rating, and Multi-Engine Instrument Rating. 

These programs are quite affordable and could cost around 1000 Euros to 8000 Euros depending on the program and hours of training. NVFR Training costs around 1000 Euros for 5 hours. The institution is open to both international and local students. |

Best Fly Aviation is one of the best options for students who dream of being a pilot or others. You can visit this link for more,

  • Pannon Air

Pannon Air is an approved training school by EASA. The school is in the beautiful city of Tokol. It is close next to Tokol airport. Pannon Air is also one of the best aviation schools in Hungary. It has trained over 500 students and has over ten fleets.

Pannon Air is an excellent aviation institute. It has some great programs, which include Light Aircraft Pilot License, Private Pilot License, EASA Commercial Pilot License, Zero To Airline Pilot Program, Night Rating, ATPL Theory, Flight Instructor, EASA Time Building and others.

Pannon Air has trained flight instructors and administrators, and professional simulators and their facilities are of modern types. Pannon Air is a great place to achieve your aviation dream. You can visit this link for more info

  • Wizz Air Training Centre 

Wizz Air Training Centre is an excellent aviation training institute. The institute comes with a lot of opportunities for students, which may include job opportunities after graduation. With Wizz Air Training Centre, students learn from the best instructors and administrators.

The institute is open for international and local students, experienced pilots and inexperienced students. The programs are globally recognised. Programs like Commercial Pilot Licenses, Private Pilot License, Flight Crew, Flight Instructor and many others are available.

Wizz Air Training Centre is in the city of Budapest. It is still one of the best places to train.


Hungary’s aviation is fast growing, and there are a lot of opportunities for students to grow their careers. In fact, some well-known airlines are partnering with some aviation schools in Hungary. Hungary’s aviation industry is one of the contributors to the country’s economy.

Aviation schools are institutions that train students in aviation. This could be in piloting, engineering and cabin crew. These professions are highly recognised and are well-paid. Hungary is one of the best European countries that is widely recognised.

If you are considering taking a program in aviation in Hungary, you have actually made the right choice. There are several aviation schools in Hungary, which we have mentioned above. We hope you find this educational.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hungary Good for pilot training?

Hungary’s aviation is very rich and there are a lot of opportunities for students to grow their careers. There are a lot of training schools in the country to begin your aviation career.

Which country is best for studying aviation?

There are several aviation schools. However, here is a list of the best five countries with the best aviation studies,

  • The United Kingdom.
  • The Philippines.
  • Greece.
  • The United States Of America.
  • Australia.

Which country pays pilot the most?

There are several countries that pay pilots well. However, The Netherlands is the highest paid. The country pays over $20,416 per month. Here is a list of the first five,

  • 1- Qatar – Average monthly salary of $18,333.
  • 2- UAE – Monthly average salary of $16,666.
  • 3- Netherlands – Average monthly salary $20416.
  • 4- France – Average monthly salary of $19583.
  • 5- Ireland – Average monthly salary $18750.
  • 6- Canada – Average monthly salary $18750.


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