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Top 20 Best Aviation Schools In Spain – Aviation college is an institution established to train students in the act of aviation, which include piloting, aerospace engineering, cabin crew, and many others. All over the world, there are many excellent aviation schools.

In the United States, Flight Safety Academy stands out. In the United Kingdom, CAE Oxford Aviation Academy is the best, while Singapore flying aviation in Singapore is also one of the best in the world. If we continue to make an unending list. 

If you are considering enrolling in an aviation academy in Spain, then this page is for you. We will be looking at the best aviation academy in Spain.

Spain Aviation Schools

Spain is one of the most ancient European countries in the world and in Europe. The country is in the southwest of the European continent. The official language spoken in Spain is Spanish. The country is one of world-leading power.

Spain’s economy is stable, and it is the 14th world economy contributor. The country mixed economy stood 14th largest in the world. The country is also one of the world’s contributors to global growth. Spain has strength in Tourism, Energy, Agriculture, Science and Technology, Transport and Automotive Industries. 

The country is the largest car producer in the world and second after Germany in Europe. The country is also known for its beautiful landscape, arts, structures and foods. Spain is the second most visited country in the world, in fact, the country.

In 2017, the country recorded over 82 million tourists visiting the country. The headquarter of the World Tourism Organisation is in the beautiful city of Madrid. Tourism is the largest contributor to the country. In 2006, the country received around 40 billion Euros from the tourism industry.

The country’s advance in science and technology has placed it among the world base places to train in any field of science and technology. The country has one of the best higher institutions. Many of its schools are ranged world’s best. To study and live in Spain is a great deal.

There are many aviation schools in Spain, both private and public. Some universities in Spain also offer aviation courses. Training in Spain for any aviation program is a great deal. Most aviation schools in Spain are affordable and equipped.

Many of the country’s aviation schools have some of the best and brightest instructors. Though some might be expensive, they are worth paying, especially if you wish to train in Spain.

Admission Requirements For Aviation Schools In Spain

Admission requirements may vary from school to school. However, a general requirement in any aviation school may include,

  • Be at 17 years of age to apply, while training would commence at 18.
  • Must be able to pass medical clearance. Students would have to obtain EASA Class 1 Medical without restriction.
  • The student would have to take a test which would include English, Mathematics, Physics, Personality and others, depending on the school of choice.
  • The student must have ICAO English Level 4 standards.
  • And lastly, the student must have completed secondary education or higher level education.

With this, students are allowed to proceed to any aviation school of their choice.

Best Aviation Schools In Spain

Spain has many aviation and flight schools, many of which are well-rated. These schools or academies are excellent. They provide students with the best and more intensive training. Students might even find it very hard t select from the various aviation schools because of their status and excellent rating.

However, we will make a list of the best aviation schools in Spain. Here are some best aviation schools in Spain. They include,

  • FlyBy Aviation Academy, Burgos.
  • EAS Barcelona, Barcelona.
  • Aerolink Flight Academy, Barcelona.
  • Global Training Aviation, Madrid.
  • Quality Fly Aviation Academy, Madrid.
  • Airpull Aviation Academy, Manises.
  • CdB Aviation, Madrid.
  • Adventia – European Aviation College S.A, Matacan.
  • FlyUp Academy, Casarrubios del Monte.
  • Aviation VIP, Madrid.
  • Dares Aviation, Madrid.
  • World Aviation Flight Academy, Madrid.
  • Ibertour Aviaition Acadey, Bercelona.
  • Aerbrava S.C.P, Salt.
  • Canavia Aviation Academy, Santa Cruz.
  • BAA Training Spain, Gava.
  • Aeromax, Pilot School In Madrid, Madrid.
  • European Flyers, Madrid.
  • Groupo One Air Aviation, Barcelona.
  • Barcelona Flight School, Barcelona.

  • EAS Barcelona

EAS Barcelona is one of the most excellent aviation schools in Spain. The School is in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Its priority is to train students to become Professionals in the field of Aviation, whether as a pilot or aerospace engineers and others.

The world-leading aviation school allows students to attain certification in aviation. Courses like Airline Pilot, Flight Instructor – Instrument, Night Rating, Multi-Engine (Class Rating), Multi Crew Cooperation Course, EASA ATPL Ground School, Commercial Pilot and many others are available.

EAS Barcelona courses are taught by Professional instructors. Courses like Airline Pilot are for a duration of 18 months and consist of theoretical lectures and practical training. The Academy is a great place for individuals that plan for excellence.

  • FlyBy Aviation Academy

FlyBy Aviation Academy is one of the trusted aviation schools in Europe. They recently moved to Spain. The institution has over 43 instructors and over 23 aircraft with over 230 students. The institute has one of the best flight courses in Europe.

Their courses include ATPL Integrated, Cadet Program, University Degree, Flight Instructor and UPRT Course. Students are trained in the skills of Aerobatics, Piloting and many others. This could last between 1 week or months, depending on the program.

FlyBy is in the heart of Northern Spain, Burgos. The city is known for its beautiful landscape, historic structures and friendly people. The academy has excellent learning facilities. The flyBy is internationally recognised. The school programs are all taught in English.

You can visit this link to get more info about the school,

  • Aerolink Flight Academy

Aerolink is another excellent aviation school in the beautiful city of Barcelona. The school is an institution of professionalism with trained instructors and administrators. The school programs are structured to project students to world-class levels.

Aerolink is a professional flight school with courses like ATPL Airline Pilot, Private Pilot, Flight attendant, Helicopter pilot, Advance UPRT, UPRT FI and others. The school has a record of excellent training.

With Aerolink Flight Academy, students enjoy various job opportunities. In fact, many of its students have progressed to getting jobs in one of the most notable aviation companies like Qatar Airways, Air Europa, Avianca, Norwegian, Babcock International and many others.

  • Global Training Aviation

Global Training Aviation has been training students since 2002. The institute is an excellent aviation school with intensive aviation courses. These programs are to provide students with the best skills. Global Training Aviation is an international school with a presence in over 40 countries, including Spain.

The School has campuses in Madrid, Jakarta and Bogota. The Institution has programs in Pilot Training, Cabin Crew Training and Flight Simulators. The Institute prepares students for a bigger world of aviation.

 The courses can last for three weeks and more, depending on the program. Programs are open for international and local students. Their facilities are highly standardised with world-class amenities. You can get more information from their official website,

  • Quality Fly Aviation Academy                  

Quality Fly Aviation is an international aviation school in Madrid, Spain. The school is one of the best international schools in Spain. Quality Fly Aviation has a good record of forging the best aviation students in Spain. Their record is 100%, and the Programs in the school are in English.

The school has some intensive programs like Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Airline Transport Pilot, Flight Instructor – Multi-Engine, Night Rating, Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine EASA ATPL Ground School and many others.

Quality Fly Aviation allows students to take courses online and on-site (Flight School, Airplane). Quality Fly Aviation Academy is an excellent Institution for many. Here is a link to their official website for more info,


Spain is one of the best places in the world to go for aviation training. Many schools in the country are well-known locally and internationally. In fact, most aviation schools in the country are internationally-known and are partners with the world’s best airlines.

Aviation schools are institutions that prepare students for international and local aviation standards. Skills like piloting, cabin crew, and aerospace engineering are available in aviation schools. In this article, we have made to list of some of the best aviation schools in Spain. We hope you find them informative.

Frequently Asked Questions

EAS Barcelona is the best flight school in Spain. The school has been rated the best internationally and locally.

We have made a list of the best aviation schools in Spain. These schools are the best places to learn how to fly. They include,

  • FlyBy Aviation Academy, Burgos.
  • EAS Barcelona, Barcelona.
  • Aerolink Flight Academy, Barcelona.
  • Global Training Aviation, Madrid.
  • Quality Fly Aviation Academy, Madrid.
  • Airpull Aviation Academy, Manises.
  • CdB Aviation, Madrid.
  • Adventia – European Aviation College S.A, Matacan.
  • FlyUp Academy, Casarrubios del Monte.


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