Top 20 Best Bartending Schools In Australia

Best Bartending Schools In Australia

Best Bartending Schools In Australia- Are you friendly, outgoing, and fascinated by the art of mixing and serving drinks to people? Then you should consider a career as a Bartender. Bartending is the act of formulating, mixing, and serving alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks at restaurants, bars, resorts, casinos, and events. 

With the right skills and knowledge, bartending can be your source of income, however, to become a licensed bartender in Australia, you must learn the rudiments of bartending from a reputable and recognized school. If you want to find the best bartending Schools in Australia, this article will certainly help. Read on.

List of Bartending Schools In Australia

Before we proceed to the List of the Best Bartending Schools In Australia, here is a list of some of the schools offering bartending courses in Australia;

  1. BarMax Bartending School, Gosford, Australia 
  2. Gary beadle’s International Bartending School, Perth WA, Australia. 
  3. European Bartender School, Australia. 
  4. Sydney Bar School, Sydney, Australia 
  5. Victoria Bar School, Melbourne, Australia 
  6. Crafty Bartending, Australia 
  7. Trolley’d bartending School.
  8. Expresso XO Bartending School 
  9. BarMax Bartending School, Newcastle Australia 
  10. Ningee Nimble Bartending School 
  11. Shake & Strain Bartending School, Sydney
  12. BarSling Bartending School 
  13. La Trobe University 
  14. Monash University 
  15. University of Sunshine Coast, Australia 
  16. Murdoch University, Australia 
  17. Curtin University, Australia 
  18. University of Tasmania, Australia
  19. University of Queensland, Australia 
  20. Torrens University, Australia 
  21. University of Wollongong, Australia 
  22. Deakin University, Australia 
  23. The University of New South Wales, Australia 
  24. RMIT University, Australia. 
  25. The University of Adelaide, Australia

Best Bartending Schools In Australia

Here is our list of the top best bartending Schools in Australia for anyone aspiring to start a career in Bartending. 

  1. Victoria Bar School
  2. European Bartending School 
  3. Sydney Bar School, Sydney 
  4. Gary beadle’s International Bartending School, Perth WA, Australia. 
  5. Crafty Bartending, Australia 
  6. BarMax Bartending School, Gosford, Australia
  7. Ningee Nimble Bartending School

Victoria Bar School 

Victoria Bar School is a very popular bartending school in Australia with students from across the country. The school offers hands-on training and a variety of teachings in courses like Mixology, Wine service and Knowledge, Bar operating, hygiene, Preparation of cocktails, serving customers, and others.

 The Victoria Bar School was established in 1972 in Melbourne, Australia, the school has trained several bartending students for more than 50 years. Students are euipped with Bartending skills and knowledge such as Bartending Basics, Advanced Cocktails making, Wine service, Wine Processes, Bar operations, Customer service, Mixology, etc.

Another advantage of studying bartending at Victoria Bar School is that students are allowed to study when they want. The school offers day classes, evening classes, and even weekend classes, students can choose any schedule they prefer. 

The RSA Melbourne certificate is given to graduates, this is an important qualification required to bartend in Victoria. Aside from that, the school also provides students with a National RSA Certificate, which serves as a license to bartend in other states in Australia. 

So, if you looking to start a successful career in Bartending from the basics and you need flexibility for your pace of learning, then the Victorian Bar School is ideal for you. The school offers comprehensive and detailed bartending courses that cover everything you need to know about the career and helps you kickstart a professional career as a bartender. 

European Bartending School 

Another notable bartending School on our list is the European Bartending School. The school was opened in 1999, ever since then, it has become very popular and well-known for equipping students with intensive and comprehensive knowledge in Bartending. 

The school is regarded as the best bartending School globally, European Bartender school has trained over 70,000 bartenders and most of them can be found working in top restaurants, bars, casinos, hotels, and others around the globe. 

With about 20 years of experience, the European Bartending School has 28 branches across different countries such as Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America, these schools are teaching and training students to become professional bartenders.

Another advantage of studying at the European Bartending School is that the school use curriculum that makes students job-ready upon graduating. Some of the selected students are also opportune to join an exclusive job platform called EBS MatchStaff, graduate bartending students get linked with possible employers on the platform. 

 The European Bartending School is a school on our list of the best bartending Schools in Australia. If you want to become a professional bartender, get access to opportunities upon completion and get a globally recognized certificate in Bartending, then this school might be a good option.

For more information about the European Bartending School, visit:

Address: 9 Wellington St, Chippendale NSW 2008, Australia
Phone: +61 401 356 103

Sydney Bar School, Sydney

Sydney Bar School, Sydney is another notable bartending School. Sydney Bar School bartending students learn mixology and get deeper knowledge on how to mix nice drinks, liquor, and the concept of bartending generally. 

The School has a low tuition cost compared to other Bartending Schools. Even though it is affordable, the school still offers depth knowledge of Bartending, Customer care, and mixology. Sydney Bar School has successfully trained several bartending students, who are now working in some of the top elite and expensive hotels. 

Sydney Bar School is another unique school on our list of the best bartending Schools in Australia,  if you are looking to become a skilled bartender, the Sydney Bar school is a good option.

Address: 7/428 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia 

Phone: +61 29232 1010

For more information about the Sydney Bartending School, visit =

Gary beadle’s International Bartending School

Next up on our list of the best bartending Schools in Australia is Gary beadle’s International Bartending School. The school offers comprehensive hands-on teaching experience to the students, they are taught mixology concepts practically using real Alcohol. Students are allowed to mix their drinks and get feedback on the outcome from their instructors. 

Gary beadle’s International Bartending School is a popular bartending school in Australia. At this school, aspiring bartenders are taught the basics of bartending, advanced mixology, serving concepts, Customer service, and others.

 The Gary beadle’s International Bartending School trains students in a manner that they become job placement ready when they graduated. If you have no prior knowledge of mixology, the Gary beadle International Bartending School is a good option.

For more information about Gary beadle’s International Bartending School, Perth WA, Australia visit:

Crafty Bartending, Australia 

Crafty Bartending Australia is a bartending school you could consider if you are an aspiring bartender who is very creative. The school teaches students a variety of cocktail recipes, advanced mixology, bartending customer care, and serving methods. Students unleash their creativity by mixing Alcohol during practicals. 

Aside from teaching students bartending and mixology, Crafty Bartending School also teaches students soft skills such as bar hygiene, Bar handling, Customer care, and service,  they also provide students with bartending interview guidance. 

For more information about Crafty Bartending School visit:

Address: Lot 32 Barak Ct, Bonnie Doon VIC 3672, Australia 

BarMax Bartending School, Gosford, Australia

BarMax Bartending School, Gosford, Australia is another bartending School among the best bartending Schools in Australia. BarMax Bartending School, Gosford, Australia teaches students intensively everything from Basic bartending to Advanced mixology, and customer care.

If you are looking to learn bartending from scratch, advance your bartending/mixology skills, or wider your horizon on different cocktail mixing recipes, the BarMax Bartending School has a course for you. 

This school is an excellent option for harnessing your Mixology creativity skills within a short period. If you live in Gosford, this bartending School is a good option. 

For more information about the BarMax Bartending School, visit;

Address: 1 Dane Dr, Gosford NSW 2250, Australia 

Phone: +61 2 9211 4110

Ningee Nimble Bartending School

Lastly, on our list of the best bartending Schools in Australia is the Ningee Nimble Bartending School. This school offers a comprehensive and detailed bartending course that teaches students the best-practice techniques for bartending, mixing different cocktails, shakes, blends, and slushies. At the school, students take practicals meant to help them become professional bartenders. 

The Ningee Nimble Bartending School training program covers cocktail techniques, menu design, Customer service, spending training, serving principles, and others. The school makes students professional bartenders upon graduation, but if you have basic bartending knowledge, the Ningee Nimble Bartending School has a course to help you hone your Mixology knowledge. 

So, if you have been looking for a bartending school that offers diverse bartending courses, the Ningee Nimble Bartending School is a good option.

For more information about the Ningee Nimble Bartending School visit:

Address: Tomboye NSW 2622, Australia  


Bartending is a fun career that allows you to unleash your creativity, there are tons of bartending job opportunities are opened for casinos, bars, restaurants, hotels, and others. However, to be a bartender in Australia, you need the necessary skills and knowledge, this article contains the list of the top best bartending Schools in Australia you can choose from and begin your journey to becoming a professional bartender.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, bartending is worth. You can earn alot of money depending on your shift and were you work

To get a Bartending licensed in Australia, you are required to complete a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate from an accredited bartending School in Australia.

Beginners in Bartending should take up basic bartending courses.


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