Best Bartending Schools In Germany

Best Bartending Schools In Germany

Best Bartending Schools In Germany– Bartending is a flexible career path that allows you to work anywhere in the world. It entails the mixing of drinks and serving them to people at bars, restaurants, sports bars, casinos, and others.


If you have a liken for the art of mixing cocktails and wish to take up a career as a bartender, then you need to attend a good bartending school to hone your skills. In this article, we will list the best bartending Schools in Germany. Read on. 

List of Bartending Schools In Germany

Before we proceed to our list of the best bartending Schools in Germany, here is a list of schools offering bartending courses in Germany;

  1. German Bartending School 
  2. Fresenius University of Applied Sciences
  3. European Bartending School, Berlin 
  4. Barschule Munchen Bartending School 
  5. Green door Bar Bartending School 
  6. Hochschule Geisenheim Bartending School 
  7. SRH University Berlin
  8. Arden University Berlin
  9. Redwood bar berlin
  10. Newton Bar Bartending School 
  11. Mixkultur Destillerie GmbH Bartending School 
  12. University of Hohenheim Stuttgart 
  13. Fulda University 
  14. University of Bayreuth
  15. Anhalt University of Applied Sciences Dessaurosslau
  16. Barshow Bartending School, Berlin 
  17. Hamburg L.A. Bartending School 
  18. Görkem Harp Bartending School, Frankfurt Germany 

Best Bartending Schools In Germany

Having looked at some of the bartending Schools in Germany, here is a list of the best bartending Schools in Germany;

  1. European Bartender School, Berlin
  2. German Bartending School 
  3. Hamburg L.A. Bartending School
  4. Görkem Harp, Frankfurt Germany
  5. Mixkultur Destillerie GmbH
  6. Hochschule Geisenheim University 

European Bartender School, Berlin

The European Bartender school is arguably one of the best and most popular bartending Schools in the world. In Germany, the school has trained thousands of bartenders who are now working excellently. 

European Bartender school was established in 1999 and so far the school has about 25 branches in different countries of the world. Aside from that, the European Bartender school also has an online academy that teaches students the rudiments of bartending. 

The tutors at the European Bartender School are real-time experts that have years of experience bartending and also tutoring students the art of mixology. The school has a unique training technique and upon graduation, students become skilled in over 70 cocktail recipes. 


The school offers students basic bartending courses, advanced mixology courses, alcohol refresher courses, and globally recognized certificates. European Bartender School also equips students with resume-building skills, bar handling, and customer care services. 

 Also, due to the popularity of the European Bartender school and its affiliation with several popular drink brands such as Absolut, graduates easily get job placements. So, if you are interested in pursuing a successful career as a Bartender, then the European Bartender school is a good option. 

For more information about the European Bartender school visit:

Address: Oranienburger Str. 65, 10117 Berlin, Germany 

Phone: +49 800 1698133

 2. German Bartending School 

Next up on our list of the best bartending Schools in Germany is the German Bartending School. This bartending School is located in Fustenfeldbruck and has a record of producing top-notch, excellent bartenders. Even if you have no prior knowledge of bartending, the German Bartending School will transform you into a pro within weeks.

 At the German Bartending School, students are taught using hands-on experience, this helps them get familiarized with the concept of Mixology. The bartending School equips learners with bartending concepts such as basic bartending, advanced mixology, bar handling, customer services,  speed, and accuracy, among others needed to thrive as a Bartender. 

Aside from that, studying bartending at the German Bartending School allows you to practice a diverse mixture of different cocktail recipes. So, if you are interested in becoming a professional bartender, you might want to consider the German Bartending School. 


For more information about the German Bartending School visit;

Address; Fustenfeldbruck, Germany

Hamburg L.A. Bartending School

Are you looking to learn bartending from the basics? Then Hamburg L.A. Bartending School is the right option for you.  The Hamburg L.A. Bartending School is among our list of the best bartending Schools in Germany, the school curriculum teaches bartending from scratch, and it is the perfect bartending School for people with no prior knowledge of bartending. 

At the Hamburg L.A. Bartending School, students are taught bartending comprehensively. The bartending courses are well-detailed and intense, students will learn a lot of bartending principles such as mixology, cocktail making, liquors, wines, beers, and over 70 different cocktail recipes.

 The bartending courses are well-defined and detailed, which will transform a complete beginner into an irreplaceable professional bartender within weeks. Regardless, of whether you are a newbie bartending student or you want to increase your knowledge of bartending principles, the Hamburg L.A. Bartending School has a course for you. 

Aside from the bartending principles taught in Hamburg L.A. Bartending School, students are also taught other concepts such as how to prepare several drinks quickly and effectively (work under pressure), Understanding Wine testing and service, bar handling and service, hygiene, the usage of different bartending tools, different drinks making recipes, and others.

This is the ideal bartending school for any beginner who wants to grow, you might want to consider this school if you are aspiring to be a successful bartender.

For more information about the Hamburg L.A. Bartending School visit:

Görkem Harp, Frankfurt Germany

Another school on our list of the best bartending Schools in Germany is the Görkem Harp, Frankfurt Germany.  This school offers students access to a diverse bartending course that will transform them from absolute beginners to professional bartenders within weeks.

In this bartending school, students can study at their own pace, either to study during weekdays, weekends, or even during night classes. Aside from that, the Görkem Harp Bartending School offers students intense and comprehensive courses in cocktail making, bar services, and mixology techniques. If you are looking to pursue a career in Bartending and you reside in Frankfurt or the surroundings, Görkem Harp Bartending School is a good option.


Address: Wallstrabe 18, 60594 Frankfurt an Main, Germany 

Phone: +49 1512 1234296

Mixkultur Destillerie GmbH Bartending School 

Mixkultur Destillerie GmbH is another bartending School among our list of the best bartending Schools in Germany. At the Mixkultur Destillerie GmbH students are taught bartending principles from mixing cocktails to serving drinks to people.

 In this institute, students are taught a wide range of bartending courses from bartending to mixing different cocktail recipes, shots, blends, slushies, and mixes among other drinks. 

The Mixkultur Destillerie GmbH Bartending School is recognized for training skilled and professional bartenders through amazing teaching methods. If you want to be a bartender in Munchen, you should consider this bartending School. 

Address: Petunirnweg 2, 81377 München, Germany 

Phone: +49 89 12302200

Hochschule Geisenheim University 

Another institute on our list of the best bartending Schools in Germany is the Hochschule Geisenheim University. However, the wine studies offered at this school are basically for people who want to advance their knowledge of wine-making and business. If you are a bartender who wants to learn more about wine, you might want to consider attending Hochschule Geisenheim University. 

The school offers bartending-related courses such as Wine Business(M.Sc), Viticulture  (, and Vinicultute (B.Sc). Taking any of these courses will make you master cocktails and the wine business. 

For more information about the Hochschule Geisenheim University bartending-related courses visit;


Address: Von-Lafe-Strabe 1, 65366 Geisenheim, Germany 

Phone: +49 6722 5020

Requirements To Be A Bartender In Germany 

Having looked at the best bartending Schools in Germany, here are the requirements you need to be a bartender in the country. The requirements for a bartender in Germany depend on the location of the country you choose to work in, however below are the main requirements;

  1. Applicants are required to have the required knowledge and skills of bartending. Some job openings will require you to submit a bartending school certificate that proves you have the skills needed.
  2. Be a sociable and friendly person. 
  3. Applicants ought to be fast and effective when handling orders.
  4. The ability to mix different cocktail recipes, drinks, blends, shots, etc.
  5. Ability to work under pressure and multitask. 

The above are the major requirements needed to bartend in Germany. 


With your interest in the art of mixing cocktails and the tons of bartending job opportunities, you might probably be considering becoming a bartender. If you have been looking to transition into bartending, you need to attend a reputable bartending School in the country, in this article are the top best bartending Schools in Germany you can choose from. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

No, bartending is not a college degree, it is a training aimed at teaching the art of cocktail making and bartending principles.

No, it isn’t difficult at all to learn bartending. You just need to be commited and focused.

The basic bartending course is the best for newbies.

Most bartending Schools require at least 40 hours of learning from students before obtaining their bartending licence. The bartending license allows them to work in bars, casinos, restaurants, and others places.



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