Top 20 Best Bartending Schools In USA

Bartending Schools in USA

Best Bartending Schools In USA–If you have been considering starting a career as a bartender, it’s often important to attend a good bartending school wherein you can be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the career.


Bartending is a popular career in the USA, it involves the mixing and serving of drinks, this might seem easy but it involves a lot of processes. Before considering applying for a bartending job, it’s important to learn all about bartending and how to get started.

 Due to the tons of available Bartending Schools In USA, it might be difficult to choose the best bartending Schools in the USA. We thought to compile a list of the Best Bartending Schools In USA, read on. 

List Of Bartending Schools In USA

There are several bartending Schools in USA, here are some of them;  

  1. Americans bartenders Schools, New York.
  2. ACE Bartending Academy
  3. NUC University 
  4. Crescent City Bartending School
  5. University of Arkansas-Pulaski Technical College 
  6. Riverside Bartending School 
  7. Louisiana Bartending School 
  8. New York Bartending School 
  9. ABC Bartending School, New York 
  10. Harvard’s Bartending Course and Bar services 
  11. National Bartenders School and Staffing, Los Angeles 
  12. AAA international bartending School, New Jersey 
  13. ABC Bartending School, Orlando
  14. Professional Bartending School, Arlington 
  15. Minnesota School of Bartending, Minnesota 
  16. America’s Bartending School, CA
  17. Midwest Bartenders School 
  18. National Bartenders School 
  19. Atlanta Professional Bartending School, Atlanta 
  20. Bartending School of Denver
  21. Long Beach Bartending School 
  22. Maryland Bartending Academy
  23. Boston Bartenders School
  24. Pacific Bartending School 
  25. Premium Institute of Bartending 
  26.  LBS
  27. Soma Bartending, San Francisco 
  28. Action Bartending School 
  29. The University of Mixology Bartending School 
  30. Columbus Bartending School
  31. Orlando Bartending Academy
  32. IVAEM College 

Best Bartending Schools In USA

Here is the list of the top best bartending schools In USA;

  1. ABC Bartending School 
  2. New York Bartending School 
  3. Columbia Bartending School 
  4. ACE Bartending Academy 
  5. LBS
  6. Orlando Bartending Academy
  7. Pacific Bartending School 
  8. Boston Bartenders School

ABC Bartending School 

First up on our list of the best bartending Schools in USA is the ABC Bartending School, the school is one of the most reputable and popular bartending schools in the USA. ABC Bartending School was founded in 1977, ever since then the school has been known for training and providing excellent bartenders in the country. 

At ABC Bartending Schools students gain a deeper understanding of liquor and bartending generally, they are also taught how to mix varieties of classic cocktails. ABC Bartending Schools also has several other branches across the country in places like Miami, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and others.


 Another amazing thing about the ABC Bartending Schools is it’s the cost of studying, the schools charge lesser compared to other Bartending Schools. If you are interested in getting in-depth knowledge about mixology and Bartending, this is a good option. 

Address: 43 W 46th St 6th floor, New York, NY 10036, United States. 

Phone: +1 212-594-4146

For more information about ABC Bartending School visit:

New York Bartending School 

Another notable institute to get the necessary skills and knowledge required to start a career as a Bartender in the USA is the New York Bartending School. The New York Bartending School is among the most-sought after industry-level bartending Schools in the USA.

 The school offers top-notch alcohol training refresher courses and is among the few bartending Schools that offer advanced mixology classes in the United States. Also, Graduates of the New York Bartending School are employed in some of the top restaurants in New York and the United States, and major liquor companies like Absolut are partners of the New York Bartending School. 

New York Bartending School offers students high-level training programs, skilled and professional educators, certificates (both National and Internationally), resume building, and Job placement services for outstanding students.

Address: 68 W 39th St, New York, NY 10018, United States. 


Phone: +1 212-768-8460

For more information about the New York Bartending School visit:

Columbia Bartending School 

Another bartending School in our list of the best bartending Schools in USA is the Columbia Bartending School. It is a notable institute known for teaching students the art of mixology using real Alcohol, during each session students are allowed to practice, and then they receive feedback from the instructors.

 Columbia Bartending School is a high-rated bartending student since 1965. The school teaches all aspiring bartenders training from the basics to start a career as a bartender. The school also offers three discount services to their students, these are Group discount, Miltary Discount, and Last Semester Senior Discount. This an affordable bartending School suitable for people who want to learn mixology from the scratch.

Address: MLK Building, 490 Riverside #519-521, New York, United States. 

 Phone: +1 818-575-0490

For more information about the Columbia Bartending School visit:

ACE Bartending Academy 

ACE Bartending Academy is the most popular bartending school in Las Vegas, it was founded in 2007 and ever since has been providing excellent bartending education and hands-on training to its students. At ACE, students get to be trained to know the taste of every cocktail because of the use of real alcohol during classes.

Also, aside from equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge, ACE Bartending Academy provides bartending career guidance on interviews and soft skills such as the safety rules for handling a bar in compliance with health codes. 

Most graduates from ACE Bartending Academy are seen working in top-notch restaurants, bars, and notable events. ACE Bartending Academy is one of the best bartending Schools in USA.


ACE also offers job placement opportunities to their students to work in places like sports bars, hotels, restaurants, Casinos, and others. This bartending school is a good option if you reside in Las Vegas or the surroundings.

Address: 4079 N Rancho Dr #170, Las Vegas, NV 89130, United States. 

Phone: +1 702-450-8800

For more information visit:


Next up on our list of the best bartending Schools in USA is LBS. Graduating from this bartending School allows students to bartend in 46 states out of the 50 states in the United States. This means that even if you move to another state or want to bartend in another state, the school will register your certificate in the New state.

LBS offers students high-quality bartending education and etiquette to thrive in Bartending, they also offer other bartending concepts such as Multiple drink preparation, Bar workstation set, Fruit cutting, and different basic and advanced drink recipes.

The school provides all the necessary learning and training materials, such as bartending tools, drinks, workbooks, and others. This bartending School is the best option for you if you always relocate. 

Phone: 877-447-4745

For more information, visit:

Orlando Bartending Academy

Another great bartending school in the USA is the Orlando Bartending Academy. Orlando Bartending Academy equips students with necessary skills and knowledge that will aid them to mix nice drinks and the etiquette necessary to work as a bartender. 


This is one of the best bartending schools in USA on our list, aside from the bartending classes, the school also offers other classes such as casual classes for drink aficionados and others. 

Phone: (407) 894-6719 

Address: 653 North Mills Avenue, Orlando, Florida. 

For more information;

Pacific Bartending School 

Another top bartending academy in the United States is the Pacific Bartending School, it is one of the popular and most-sought after bartending Schools in Los Angeles, California. National Critics also rated it as one of the best bartending Schools in USA.

Aside from that, you’ll find graduates from the Pacific Bartending School working in several top restaurants, bars, and hotels in the country such as The Four Seasons, Skyy Vodka, and others. This bartending School is a good option If you want to begin a career in Bartending. 

Address: 18010 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA 90504, United States. 

Phone: +1 310-515-9002

For more information:

National Bartenders School 

National Bartenders School is one of the best bartending Schools in USA on our list. The school teaches aspiring bartenders intensively, from the basics. The coursework is outlined to prepare students to be skilled and prepared to take up a bartending job confidentially.

National Bartenders School offers free refresher courses and numerous job placement opportunities. So, if you want to start a booming and thriving career as a bartender, the National Bartenders School might the best option for you. 

Final Note

Bartending is an interesting career with numerous growth opportunities and one of the most sought after in the United States. Whether you’re looking to start a career as a bartender or side income, it is important to be trained by a good and reputable school. In this article are the eight best bartending Schools in USA, make research on them, enroll in the school that is best suited for you and begin your journey to a thriving career in bartending.

Frequently Asked Questions 

The best bartender in the United States is Lauren Pallencchia, winner of the Licor 43 Bartenders & Baristas Competition.

The best states to work as a Bartender in the USA is New York city, Arizona, New Jersey, and others.

Yes, they make a good living especially when they work in busy cities like New York city.



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