#BBNaija Day 19: The New Strategies, One-Sided Emotions, Tolanibaj and Prince, Kiddwaya Flirts with Nengi and Lots More



#BBNaija Day 19 was fun. Here are today’s highlights – the new strategies, one-sided emotions, Tolanibaj and Prince, Kiddwaya flirts with Nengi and lots more…

Day 19: New strategies unmasked?
While the game is at an all-time, the Housemates have gone back to their drawing board to revisit their schemes.

While some are typically forming strong bonds with the other Housemates to save themselves from being on their black books during Eviction, others are gradually adapting to Biggie’s new twists. The fear of Eviction, they say, is the beginning of new strategies.

With the introduction of Nominations during Live Evictions, the Housemates are trying to play the game the best way they can. The truth is no one wins alone and trust plays a huge factor there… that’s where alliances come in.

The art of manipulation and flirting

This strategy is a difficult one to play but with Housemates like Kiddwaya and Nengi, it seems like a walk in the park. Using their charm and charisma, they’ve both been able to cruise through smoothly. In their conversations this week, Kiddwaya has admitted that Nengi is the female version of him and while we strongly agree with this, we can’t help but conclude that Nengi may in fact be better than Kiddwaya at his game of flirting.

Take for instance how she’s able to successfully string Prince and Ozo along, lead them on into thinking she likes them and then drop them right back into the friendzone.

A lot of you agree with our thought, which is why it was rather funny watching Kiddwaya advice Nengi on how to play her own game.

Food over everything

What happens when your romance strategy has been caught short in the game? You turn to food of course, because food honestly never fails. This has been the case of Eric ever since his love interest, Lilo was Evicted from the Lockdown House. Minutes after her Eviction, hunky Eric dived straight into a pot of Indomie noodles and since then, has never looked back.

Floating strategy?

The outcome of last week’s Eviction left some of the Housemates shaken. While Lucy has been a bit quieter since her friend Ka3na left the game, a day doesn’t pass without Praise talking about the fact that he was on the bottom four list last week. This week, we’ve seen a few changes in Lucy as she has been a bit more receptive and accommodating towards the Housemates. In addition to the new smiling and quiet Lucy, is the new chef Lucy who appears to spend a lot of time these days cooking and serving food in the House.

Some of you seem to think her recent crying episodes in the Diary Room could also be a Strategy

On the other hand, Praise who was always fond of throwing subtle jabs at Laycon in the past, has suddenly become his close friend, confidant, and advisor. On the case of Laycon’s lost love war in the House, Praise has been found talking to Laycon about moving on and helping him get through the heart break.

Although, a natural people’s person in the House, his sudden closeness with Laycon caused a lot of raised eyebrows on Twitter.

Speaking of floating, how do we describe Neo’s sudden mediator role in Biggie’s House? At different moments, we’ve found him involved in the Ozo, Dorathy and Nengi triangle, the Tolanibaj, Prince and Wathoni drama and many more. Not only has he been giving his unsolicited two cents, but he has also been trying to play the role of a trust-worthy friend to some of the Housemates. We know for a fact that trust isn’t a free gift for all, so how does Neo intend to make this work in his favour?

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Meanwhile, some of you think he’s using his gossiping nature as a new strategy

With only just three weeks down the line, new strategies and alliances are bound to be uncovered and we’ll be here waiting to see it all unfold.

Day 19: Lockdown throwback archive

Purely for entertainment purposes, we decided to round up the most unrecognizable throwback photos of our Lockdown Housemates. From vintage baby pictures to memories just a few years ago, we dug through the archives to find your faves.

Day 19: We have a Trivia tie!
In this week’s Betway Sports Trivia, team white and black had a tie game.

As part of their Friday tradition, the Lockdown Housemates played the Betway Sports Trivia. Determined for a win, the Head of House and his Deputy divided the House into equal teams and carefully selected who they thought was a best fit for this game. Of course, we could easily guess who picked who before this selection was made. For instance, the obvious case of Ozo picking Nengi as his first team member… in this week’s episode of ‘what’s new?’

A new week, which also means different questions, the Lockdown geng got ready to ace the Trivia.

It’s game time!

A board with numbered cards was placed in the garden. In total, there were 30 questions… and the answer to each question was written directly under the cards bearing the questions.

Each group had the opportunity to answer 15 questions each.

All fun and games

What’s a Betway Trivia time without some fun? While this was going on, Erica read out a question for her opposing team and they got the answer wrongly. As she was about giving them zero score on the scoreboard, Praise playfully carried her away and we found it funny.

Why so serious though?

Biggie with the freeze

If only they had known that Biggie was going to… well, pull a Biggie, maybe they would have found comfortable positions to stay in to avoid being caught unfresh by Biggie’s freeze.

A draw!

After what seemed like a long round of back and forth sports questions, the Housemates collated the scores and it was a tie between team white and black.

Want to put your sports knowledge to test? Then stay tuned same time next week for another interesting Betway Sports Trivia episode.

Day 19: One-sided emotions

There seems to be some weird friction between Ozo and Dorathy’s friendship ever since he announced Nengi as his spec. On the same line, Laycon’s back-and-forth feelings for Erica seems to be putting a strain in their friendship.

Day 19: Setting boundaries in ships

From Wathoni not respecting Vee’s relationship with Neo to Prince and Nengi’s confusing entanglement to Erica and Kiddwaya’s ship in the Lockdown House, Tolanibaj and Vee broke it all down in this conversation.

#BBNaija Day 19

Day 19: Kiddwaya’s flirty advice to Nengi

Nengi spoke to Kiddwaya about her current relationship with the guys in the House and Kiddwaya and how this has caused a strain in her friendship with some of the ladies. Kiddwaya then gave his two cents on how to keep the attention on her and keeping the Lockdown men on their toes.

Day 19: A possible Tolanibaj and Prince ship

Tolanibaj and Prince discussed their current situationship and a possibility of a new ship. Tolanibaj sets her ground rules and Prince promises to abide by them.

Day 19: Cheers to a Wager win and new ships

Last night, the Housemates celebrated their first Wager win, while old flames were reignited, and new entanglements were birthed.

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Day 19: Love, friendships, and everything in-between

The thing about falling in love with your Lockdown BFF is that it comes when you least expect it and someone always gets hurt.

No, it’s not wrong to catch feelings for your friend because the truth is that you can’t lie to your feelings. BUT you must be ready with the consequences like when your friend is already with someone else or worse still if she’s not attracted to you in that way.

How do you deal with them telling you that they find you mentally attractive but not attractive enough for a relationship?

What next?

Last night while the Lockdown geng were celebrating their first Wager win in the Garden, Erica and Kiddwaya were completely lost (or lust?) in their own world as they passionately shared a kiss. In the middle of all this mushiness was Laycon who clearly didn’t feel comfortable and walked out of the love scene after a while. Would you blame him though? Seeing the LOYL booing up with someone else must really suck.

Following the public kiss episode, Laycon had a conversation with Erica this morning, where he told her that she doesn’t have to feel bad whenever he reacts to anything she and Kiddwaya does. “Do whatever you want, it’s all good,” he said to her.

Erica who seemed tired of the back and forth between them just nodded and went back to bed. Is it safe to say that Laycon will finally let go of his feelings or will Erica’s attitude towards him change? We’ll find out.

The flirtatious bunch (Kiddwaya and Nengi)

#BBNaija Day 19

Nengi spoke to Kiddwaya about her current relationship with the guys in the House and Kiddwaya and how this has caused a strain in her friendship with some of the ladies. “If I were you, I’d keep flirting with all the guys to keep them on their toes,” Kiddwaya said, then gave his two cents on how to keep the attention on her and keeping the Lockdown men on her side. Remember when he told Nengi that she’s the female version of himself? Well, there you have it!

However, maybe Nengi really like her resident twin as she was quick to say, “I think I’m already flirting too much”. Speaking of flirting, it seems Ozo seems to enjoy this, meanwhile Prince has carried his L and moved on to Tolanibaj. This flirting thing is definitely not for the weak sha, let’s see how far Nengi will run with Kiddwaya’s advice.

Setting boundaries

Tolanibaj and Vee had a conversation where they spoke about almost every ship in the House. Whener you see these two on your screen, just know some Lockdown tea is about to be spilled, so get your popcorn ready.

Tolanibaj spoke to Vee about Prince and Nengi, stating that she questioned Prince on his constant sharing of meals with Nengi. She further stated that at the end of the day, she has no issues with Nengi but will rather take it up with the guy in question.

In this same conversation, Vee chipped in saying she’s worried about Erica because Kiddwaya being a natural flirt, will hurt her. Both agreed and concluded with the fact that Erica is aware of Kiddwaya’s flirtatious nature and is still rolling in the relationship.

While this was happening, Wathoni was caught lying flat on Neo on the Garden hammock. Of course, this did not sit well with Vee and she did not fail to point it out to Tolanibaj. “How do you lay on someone’s crotch when you know that he has a girl,” she said.

We wonder if she has a problem with that because she’s a jealous lover or if it’s because of the underlying beef between Wathoni versus Tolanibaj and Vee.

This Season seems to be heavy on love and ships and we can’t wait to see more drama unfold from this.

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Day 19: Lost groove

A few Housemates have lost their groove and only time will tell when they will get it back.

#BBNaija Day 19

It’s the third week and in spite of the Wager Task victory, a few Housemates are still upset or in a phase. Getting out of it might be hard and only time will tell when they eventually will.

Getting upset

As a reward for outstanding performance during the Wager Task, the Head of House was given the fridge so the Housemates could celebrate with their favourite brand of alcohol. But that wasn’t exactly the interesting part. Things turned sour briefly when Dorathy realised Ozo had the key but he was hesitant to open the fridge because he was waiting for a certain someone. That certain someone happened to be Nengi who was still in the kitchen. You all saw it too.

An upset Dorathy wasn’t even willing to hang out with the rest of the Housemates when the fridge was open until Ozo came to placate her. She didn’t give in until she accused Ozo of not wanting to open the fridge until she asked him who he was waiting for. She was also upset that she heard Nengi defiantly say he was waiting for her. Eventually, Ozo was able to appeal to her before she joined the rest of the Housemates. A few of you thought there was more to it.

You have been moody

Laycon has been in a phase since he opted for letting Erica be to ease the hurt. In a conversation he had earlier with Erica, she agreed to Laycon’s suggestion that he gives her a little breathing space just to get his act together and get over his affection for her. A strategy that didn’t seem to be working in his favour as he laid in bed mopping. Praise was quick to tell him that he had been moody all morning and needed to get himself together. He even had a notion what he believed Erica was doing to Laycon.

Notwithstanding, he tried to lift Laycon’s mood and even promised to help distract him from Erica. A few of you thought Praise had done enough for Laycon.

Erica on her part can’t seem to get enough of Kiddwaya and this was just after breaking it off a night ago. When Vee and Tolanibaj again asked her if she felt anything for Laycon, she responded that all she was thinking about at that moment was Kiddwaya. That sealed it for them even though Erica earlier mentioned that she wished she could insert Laycon’s mind in Kiddwaya’s body, but for now, it seems she’s pretty much okay with the physical attraction she has for Kiddwaya

Dear Lucy

Laycon isn’t the only one that has lost his groove, Lucy too has been feeling a little blue. It seems like her groove left when Ka3na did. She has been a shadow of her old safe. Dorathy had to encourage her to get back in the game. “You were a vibe when you got in and you need to allow yourself enjoy the experience,” she said. Lucy, in turn, let her know that there was a lot going on and it was quite frustrating.

Finding comfort

#BBNaija Day 19

Eric may have found a new cosy buddy and it’s none other than Wathoni. The two spent time huddled next to each other while hanging out with the Housemates. Wathoni who had crossed parts with Tolanibaj over Prince may soon hop on another ship soon enough.

We weren’t the only ones that noticed it.

Y’all didn’t even spare Prince while spotting the likely new ship

A lot is going on in the House; some finding love, some depressed over lost love and some just trying to get their groove back. All in all, its just another week in the Big Brother Naija House.

News Credit – Africa Magic

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