#BBNaija Day 26: Laycon’s Raw Talent, Neo and Vee’s Ship, Ozo and Nengi, And Lots More

We bring you all the highlights from #BBNaija Day 26: Laycon’s raw talent, Neo and Vee’s ship, Ozo and Nengi, and lots more…

Day 26: Housemates for hire

BBNaija Housemates possess so many different skills that we think they might add value to your organisation if you are looking.

Hello, if you happen to be looking for talented hands to add to your workforce, we think that our Housemates may be able to help. From raw talent to impressive soft skills, we think that our Housemates have it all. Let’s take you around and show you all that we have to offer. We are almost certain that you will find what you are looking or what you were not looking for but now, you suddenly must have.

Unfiltered Talent

#BBNaija Day 26

Are you looking for raw talent? Are you into art and you need gifted Housemates? Step right this way, we’ve got just what you are searching for. Have you met Laycon? One of the most prolific rappers in the House? By now you should have heard a few of his hit songs making major waves and doing crazy numbers on streaming platforms. If that doesn’t convince you, then just watch him freestyle every chance he gets. Such raw and unfiltered lyrical prowess that leaves his fellow Housemates stunned.

Oh! You want an actress too? We’ve got you! Erica has done a fantastic job showing off her acting skills especially during the Wager Tasks. Trust us when we tell you that she will make a fine addition to your movie cast. We’ve also got amazing singers that will have your mind blown. Vee and Kaisha are talented singers who are bound to blow you away with their amazing voices.

Project leads?

#BBNaija Day 26
Oh! Why didn’t you say so! We have got so many capable Housemates that you’d gladly let head any of your projects to and they’d deliver a good job. If you want anyone to whip your team into shape for a major presentation, then the Housemates you are looking for are either Praise or Trikytee. On second thought, you should take them both. Praise is responsible for some of the best choreographies you have seen in the House during presentations while Trikytee is an excellent director and thanks to him, the Housemates bagged their first Wager Task win. Do you need someone to ensure orderliness and manage your staff efficiently especially when they’re fond of defaulting in their assigned roles, then you need Lucy or Dorathy in the case. If neither of these ladies doesn’t whip your team into shape and have them on their best behaviour, by all means, go ahead and rate our recruitment agency two stars. For your company’s social nights, you’ll want to have Neo the Oracle heading such gatherings. Don’t ask us why; the oracle will reveal it to you when the time comes. If your business has been down on luck and you need that loveable head with a winning streak, we have got just whom you are looking for. His name is Ozo. Finally, who else can you trust to head your team than someone who already has a track record of managing businesses and is also the present Deputy Head of House, Kiddwaya.

Looking for Human Resources?#BBNaija Day 26
Over here, we have amazing listeners and therapists that will come in handy during employee mediation and provide other human resources services. Let us not kid ourselves, the times we are in and the jobs we handle require that you talk to someone to help you with life decisions and proffer you general advice. Brighto is one of our excellent in-House mentor and life coach. If you ever feel like letting go of certain situations, Brighto is the person you need to help you remain steadfast and teach you how to apply more pressure. On days you feel down, Prince is a great addition to your corner. Just ask Lucy how he was able to talk her out of her despair and give her some assurance.

Goal Getters

#BBNaija Day 26
If you could follow us in this direction, thank you. Here we have our Boss ladies and goal getters. With Tolanibaj and Nengi, one thing is certain, you are getting a goal-getter. Put the target there and the next thing you’ll hear is ‘target acquired!” Wathoni is whom you need to put a bit of fear in your competitors. She will shake their tables and leave the coast clear for you to swoop in on their clients.

So there you have it! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Day 26: Keeping up with Ozo and Nengi

Even with the absence of admitting that the feelings are mutual between them, Ozo and Nengi have grown fond of having intimate discussions in the Lockdown House.

Day 26: Throwback hits with the Lockdown Geng

Time in the Garden got the Housemates resurrecting some of their favourite old Nigerian songs to their delights.

Day 26: A trivia and an oracle
How do you ensure you excel at the Betway Sports Trivia? Get the oracle involved.

When it comes to sports, it’s never just about how well you play, but also how well you know them. The Housemates had another opportunity to prove how knowledgeable they were in the field of sports in the Betway Nigeria Sports Trivia and this time, some of them didn’t do it alone, they got the oracle involved.

To your teams oh Housemates

As usual, the Housemates divided themselves into two equal teams and didn’t forget to ensure genders were balanced in both teams. For a moment, selecting teammates seemed a bit controversial. There were some Housemates considered to be really smart especially when it came to sports and there was a scramble by team leads and Housemates to have them in their respective teams, but in the end, cooler heads prevailed.

This is how the Housemates were divided.

Trivia time

Each group took turns to answer 15 questions each during the course of the Trivia. The team Nominated one person at a time to go to the board to pick a card and ask the other group a question. This also applied to the other group that was being asked the question. They Nominated one person to answer the question after deliberating among themselves.

Consulting the Oracle

Watching the Housemates deliberate before answering was quite amusing. Trikytee and Brighto nicknamed Ozo the oracle as he had the final say on what he thought the answer was. Once they had deliberated and had an answer approved, Trikytee made it a habit to announce that “the Oracle has spoken” just before answering the question. He also nicknamed himself the chief priest who was the mouthpiece of the oracle.

Numbers on the board

After an intense session, the trivia ended in a tie between both teams. Both teams put their best foot forward showing how much they knew about the world of sports.

The Housemates have one more hurdle and it’s the Betway Nigeria Arena games. Hopefully, they will put up a good show when they come out to play.

Day 26: A possible solution?

Lucy has proposed a solution to the frequent squabbles they have over House chores. Will they accept it?

Life resumed in the Big Brother Naija House with the Housemates usual morning drill. The usual workout and off to the kitchen to clean and prepare their breakfast. As usual, the morning chores had a few Housemates upset and as a way of finding a lasting solution, Lucy came up with a suggestion.

Clean for a fee!

Seeing as cleaning the House was always a cause of frequent arguments in the House, Lucy suggested to the Housemates that she was willing to clean for the rest of the Housemates for a fee. She asked that they pay her a fee of 50 BB Naira to carry out the Task daily. A fee she planned on using to shop every weekend. Praise said it was a good deal and was certain Lucy would do a good job of cleaning the House, but not everyone was on board with this deal though. Tolanibaj was worried Lucy would make it a habit of complaining while she did the Task. They didn’t come to a conclusion just yet and Lucy suggested they think about it

How it all started

They say first impression matters, but not necessarily when it comes to Kiddwaya and Erica. In a conversation she had with him earlier today, she told him she found him annoying the first time they spoke as she joked about their first interaction in the House. One incident that stood out for her was when he was asked what he would do if he had all the money in the world and he said he’d buy her smile. “Who is this guy? You think you are smooth,” she said as she teased him about how cheesy he was. Another incident was when she was having a rough time in the House dealing with self-doubts and Kiddwaya was right by her side through it all comforting her. Something she found cute so adorable.

Music Throwback

Since they were going to spend a major part of their morning in the Garden, the Housemates kept themselves entertained by singing their favourite old Naija hits. It was a trip down memory lane as they shared their knowledge of old Nigerian artistes and the songs they grew up listening to.

It’s the day after the Wager Task loss and the Housemates seem to be in high spirit. They are not new to losing and they will probably take it as another learning opportunity as they focus on the Arena Games coming up later tonight.

Day 26: A bad day and a good night

The Big Brother Housemates didn’t let a Wager Challenge gone wrong dampen their spirits.

The Big Brother Housemates had a very eventful day yesterday, and even though their efforts didn’t yield the desired results, they still seemed to have enjoyed themselves immensely.

In the afternoon Biggie sat the Housemate’s down individually for another round of Diary Room chats and the results left us all in awe. It seems that there might be a fortune teller in the House as Vee shared during her Diary Room Session that she was worried about the outcome of their Wager Challange later in the evening. Her pessimism was on point and the Housemates winning streak came to an abrupt end.

During Prince’s Diary Room session he was so moved that he wept while discussing his longing for his family members. It was a rare moment of lost composure from the usually stoic Housemate and showed that 7 weeks away from your family isn’t a cake-walk.

Social media seemed to have had enough of a certain recurring theme during the Diary Sessions and poked fun that the Housemate concerned.

After failing to register a win in the Arena, the Housemates didn’t allow this to dampen their spirits and enjoyed a few more rounds Charades before settling in for the evening. They all enjoyed playing the game without the pressure of a possble Task win or loss attached to it.

There was nothing that could be done to dampen the sprits of Brighto and Tolanibaj as they shook the blues off by dncing while cooking. You would never guess by their happiness what had taken place earlier.

Kiddwaya also didn’t let the loss get to him talke shared a moment Kaisha that had us all in stiches.

It seems as if these Lockdown Housemates are not letting the little things get to them and making the most out of how every situation turns out. Win or lose, they are always a joy to watch.

Day 26: Forecasting Neo and Vee’s relationship

Kiddwaya and Brighto share their relationship forecast for Neo and Vee. Although they both believe he likes her, Kiddwaya predicts cloudy skies around December especially since Neo will be having several options outside the House by then.

Day 26: Sports the Betway way

Day 26: ‘I don’t feel bad’ – Erica

Yesterday’s Wager Task loss didn’t hurt Erica as much especially since her team won the first half of the Wager and secured their food. She also shed more light on Wathoni’s relationship Drama in the House before Nengi suggested a solution to Ozo’s single status.

News Credit – Africa Magic

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