#BBNaija Day 27: Nengi and Kaisha Fight, Erica and Wathoni Clash, Entaglements, and Lots More

We’ve brought you all the #BBNaija Day 27 dramatic highlights; Nengi and Kaisha fight, Erica and Wathoni clash, entanglements, Laycon’s team win N1m and lots more.

Day 27: Nengi and Kaisha rip into each other

A fierce battle of words erupts between Nengi and Kaisha and neither of them backed down with the curses. Not even the threat of being sent home could calm both warring parties.

Day 27: Wahala between Erica and Wathoni

Erica confronted Wathoni about her constant comments and tactics. As Erica stated her case Wathoni tried to avoid her. Erica brought the fight to her and followed her to get to the crux of the issue. In the end Erica was consoled by Kiddwaya, but this won’t be the last time Wathoni and Erica have words.

Day 27: Winning a million box

The Housemates were asked to come up with a television commercial for Travelbeta and it was a whole lot of work, but in the end, Team Abuja did the business.

Day 27: Moving on from Erica

ALaycon seems to have gotten over his crush on Erica as he reiterates he has moved on in response to Neo bringing up how she feels towards him.

Day 27: Food worth fighting for

Mornings in the Big Brother Household are never easy and today was harder than usual. After last nights blow out session with Erica, Wathoni shares her opinion on the HoH. Then instead of having food for breakfast, Lucy decided that it would be best to have wahala instead. Food has gone from being what brings the Housemates together, to being what tears them apart.

Day 27: A little freaky vibe

The Housemates have gone four weeks in the House and a familiar freaky vibe seems to have taken over.

The conversation in the House has gotten a little freaky and no matter how often they change the topic, they always find themselves back at that same freaky conversation. So why fight it, let it all out.

Extra freaky

Praise sure has some of the freakiest stories for days and he tells them quite well. First, he teased Vee that the first time she and Neo ever get intimate, it was going to be fire and brimstone implying a volcanic eruption. Then he had a good time sharing some of the most explicit jokes as told by his favourite comedians. But he wasn’t the only one, the Housemates had a swell time talking about self-pleasure and getting intimate in the House. Prince and Trikytee were pretty adamant that they would never have any form of intimacy in the House and would rather wait it out. There was the talk about bringing self-pleasing devices into the House and when to use them. Laycon suggested risking a fine for not going to the morning workout session and staying back to get a little pleasure in privacy wasn’t such a bad idea. Lucy expressed fear about being caught with a device in the House and maybe that’s why she didn’t bring any.

Put you on the game

Speaking about grooming, Kiddwaya shared a few tips about what it takes to look nice and found attractive by the opposite sex. Top on the list was the use of perfumes. “Perfume is what makes women attracted to you,” he said as he explained that smelling good is a big deal. Nengi approved of this as she reeled out some of her favourite perfumes.

Spoiling Brighto

The Housemates weren’t done yet with the sensual convos. It continued as they prepared for the Saturday Night Party. As usual, they teased each other about how loud they’d sound in certain sensual situations with Wathoni being teased the most. Kiddwaya believed she’d be the loudest if she ever found herself in a situation of the sensual nature. Shortly after, Brighto became the target of the group when they asked him if he ate a certain delicacy. To which he responded, “how I go chow am, na food?” Sensing Brighto might be dragged into the world of explicit content, Tolanibaj spoke up and asked they do not spoil him with such content. It was all light humour, but we wonder if, underneath it all, certain regions of the Housemates were beginning to feel the pressure and talking about it was their own way of calming the turbulent wave of hormones.

The Housemates have just a few hours left as they prepare for the Saturday Night Party. Their attires are already here and from the way they immediately ran to the Storeroom to get it, they are definitely ready to Party.

Day 27: Travelling to a win

The Big Brother Naija Housemates turned around their fortunes and won wonderfully during their travel based Task.

The Big Brother Naija Housemates continued celebrating the beauty of our nation and the Travel Beta Task took it to the next level.

To get the game going the Housemates were divided into 4 teams named after iconic destinations in Nigeria. They were as follows

IJESHA WATERFALL: Dorathy, Kiddwaya, Praise, Erica

CALABAR CARNIVAL: Vee, Laycon, Brighto, Wathoni

ABUJA: Prince, Nengi, Ozo, Tolanibaj

OBUDU: Kaisha, Neo, Trikytee, Lucy

Part one: The crossword

The teams were given a crossword puzzle board, loose letters, and clues to fill the crossword puzzle. The blank spaces on the puzzle to be filled were 22 cities and states in Nigeria so the team with the greatest grasp of local geography was destined to be the winner. That team was Calabar Carnival who completed it way before the one hour of the allotted time.

Part two: The Commercial

This part of the task was all about exercising the Housemates creativity. The teams had to create a commercial for Travelbeta which was at least five minutes long and showcased all the services Travelbeta provides creatively and colourfully. This part of the task was convincingly won by team Abuja.

The prizes

For all their excellent efforts the two winning teams were each awarded One Million Naira to share. To thank the teams for their added creativity and sublime performances an extra prize of an all-expenses-paid trip to Abuja was added.

The successful completion of this task reversed all the negativity that had experienced in the morning and helped to set the mood for what will be another sizzling Saturday Night Party in the Big Brother Naija House.

Day 27: The battle still rages on

It may seem as though the calm between Erica and Wathoni isn’t near yet.

Last night, Erica and Wathoni broke into a heated argument in Biggie’s House over an alleged boy-drama. However, according to Erica, her reason for being upset wasn’t centered around the guy in question, Kiddwya; however, she feels Wathoni has a problem with her because of the underlying triangle that exists between them.

If you missed it, watch it below..

Today, they each continued with the rage as they discussed their different points of view to the rest of the Housemates.

First, Wathoni was found in the room talking to Nengi and Tolanibaj about last night’s drama. She made mention of the fact that whenever she talks to Kiddwaya, he doesn’t hesitate to spell it out that he is a free man, he’s nobody’s man. “Last night, she said she was done with Kiddwaya but the next thing she was already kissing man,” Wathoni pointed out. She also said she has had a conversation with Erica before and she told her that she didn’t like Kiddwaya, so seeing her kiss him and fight with her because of this same man really surprises her. “If I do stuff with a guy and he tells Ebuka that we’re just friends, no feelings, then I’ll just leave,” Wathoni said. She goes on to say she’s not taking Erica’s man but she’s quite upset that her son was brought into the fight.

You guys had a lot to say about this drama

Later in the afternoon, Erica and Tolanibaj were talking about this issue and just like Wathoni, Erica still seemed upset about what went down last night.

Erica expressed her hurt saying that she doesn’t understand why Wathoni keeps calling Kiddwaya whenever they have a problem, especially because she thinks that Kiddwaya is not the cause of the tension between them. However, she know thinks Wathoni wants Kiddwaya and looks for every reason to spite her. “I told her that I already have Kidd, and I don’t have to fight with anybody because of him, and if I’m tired of him I can tell him that he can go,” Erica told Tolanibaj. “…and Kidd he decides to leave me and go for her then he doesn’t have great taste and I can’t be with someone that is tasteless,” she added.

According to Erica, telling Wathoni to act her age last night was said only because Wathoni brought it up first. She goes on to explain how she didn’t even remember that she has a son until Wathoni kept referring to the fact that she’s focusing on winning the grand prize and that she has a son to be worried about instead of chasing men.

Unfortunately, the tea they were serving was being cut short by Biggie as he fined Tolanibaj for microphone infringement. Gist sometimes comes expensive in Biggie’s House.

We got some of your reactions

We still don’t know how things got this heated; this drama from Erica wanting to know why Wathoni seems to have issues with her, to insults flying all over the place. We’re anticipating a reconciliation tonight at the Saturday Night Party, when the mood is a bit lighter and the Housemates start grooving so hard. Well, fingers crossed.

Day 27: Dancing away the bad vibes

To rid the House of the negative vibes, the Lockdown Geng have turned to dance to usher in a bit of good energy.

Way too much has been going on and the House was almost turned inside out by the Lockdown Geng but all seems calm now thanks to cool heads and a brief dance session to liven the mood.

Working up a mood for tonight

In the past 24 hours, life in the House has been heated. The positive energy the Lockdown Housemates are usually known for has taken a hit. Fights and intense battle of words have unsettled the relative calm the House has been experiencing for a bit. From Erica and Wathoni , Nengi and Kaisha and Dorathy’s back and forth with Ozo, it’s been nothing but heated confrontations. No one likes altercations, but there seems to be a bit of pent up anger and keeping it tightly sealed has gotten harder. With the Saturday Night Party approaching, the Lockdown House needs all the positive energy it can get in order to keep the mood interesting and the groove just right for the Party. The Travelbeta Challenge seems to have broken the ice and lightened the mood. The quick dance session also helped out as the Housemates danced away the sullen vibes, but still, the cold war can still be noticed as warring parties kept their distance. Hopefully, everything changes later tonight.

Dance like no tomorrow

Of course, there is a tomorrow and tomorrow comes with Eviction but for today, the Housemates will dance till they drop. As the Saturday Night Party draws near the Housemates have already picked up their dancing shoes and started vibrating to their favourite old Naija hits. It’s almost like Biggie paid attention while they sang their favourite old songs yesterday and decided to turn things up by playing the songs for them. As expected, the Housemates let down their guards and all the pent up anger and vibed to the groove.

Later tonight, the Housemates will gather on the dance floor and Party with DJ and Crowd Kontroller and Terry The Voice. Here’s hoping swords will be sheath and warring parties will make up.

Day 27: Entanglement palava in Biggie’s House

From friendships being redefined to an alleged boy drama, the Lockdown Housemates gave us all shades of gbas-gbos last night in Biggie’s House.

Is it safe to say that every night in the Lockdown House has been a hit back to back and with these Housemates, there’s never a dull moment at night? We’re not sure if it’s the introduction of booze in their system or the fact that the Housemates are super excited about the party tomorrow night, but the Lockdown geng do not fail to have a fun night in Biggie’s House. Well, like they say, it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt…

These Housemates can eat sha!

This week’s Friday Night Arena Games featured many foodstuffs in Biggie’s Arena like peppers, tomatoes, plantains, potatoes, and vegetables. We all know these Housemates can eat a mountain at any given time of the day but what we didn’t expect is that they will carry their foodie spirit into the Friday Games Night. As soon as Biggie announced that they go back into the House, the Housemates started stashing some of the food items to carry back into the House. Yes, we’re judging you Tolanibaj and Erica!

Trust Biggie to catch his resident bandits and he left the Arena doors locked until the Housemates dropped all that they attempted to take away. Is there no limit to ‘chop chop’?


As soon as the Housemates got back into the House, Biggie had a surprise reveal waiting for them… the ex-members of the Lockdown geng. Okay, wait! Not the actual Housemates but the pictures of Ka3na, Lilo, Eric and Tochi adorned the walls of the Lockdown House. The Housemates happily gathered around the pictures with smiles as they gave their shout-outs to the Evicted Housemates.

Keeping up with Laycon’s feelings

Okay so where are we now with the Laycon, Erica and Kiddwaya triangle? Well, it may seem as though Laycon has finally given Erica some space in the bid to get over her or just to avoid getting deeply involved in the entanglement web. In his conversation with Wathoni, Laycon disclosed that he wasn’t looking for a relationship with Erica, he only just told her how he feels about her and wanted to keep it going with the Lockdown game. “I saw it coming,” he said when explaining the awkward silence between him and Erica. “She’s pissed that I’m not talking to her, she’s missing something from me,” he told Wathoni.

After listening to him talk about his current situation with Erica, Wathoni gave Laycon a friendly advice to stop expecting things from people so that if those things don’t actualize, he won’t be offended or hurt. “I need to do past this,” Laycon concluded.

Still on the table of feelings, Wathoni expressed her feelings for Eric and told Laycon that she was sad that she was made to choose between him and her two close friends during Eviction night. She then goes on to say that her spec changes often and she has another ‘’spec’ in the House. Can you take a wild guess?

What games are you playing?

“I am starting to think you are the one playing the games, so I’m keeping my distance,” Dorathy told Ozo as they discussed the current situation of their friendship in the Lockdown House. She later went on to tell him that there’s no bad blood between them and they are still cool, but recently, she just feels like she needs her space and everybody should respect that.

Ozo replied by saying, “Even Nengi knows that you’re my closest person in the House.” He went ahead reminding her of the time she cooked rice for the whole House and while she served everyone else in big portions, his was rather small. Dorathy made it clear that everyone else stood in front of her to get served, hence her reason for serving them in satisfiable quantities.

“If you think that me being attracted to someone is going to change the way our friendship is, then you’re wrong,” Ozo told Dorathy. Dorathy concluded the conversation by telling him that at the moment, she’s only close to Prince and Praise and even with Lucy, she just leaves her alone so she can avoid being in people’s business. “I’m not fighting with you, I’m not mad at you, just leave it like that.”

Ozo must care so much about this friendship that he was not willing to let the conversation go, he continued by asking her if she’s acting this way because of public perception and Dorathy spelt it out to him that if she was acting out of public perception, she would have stopped talking to him since week one since that’s when all this started.

“Right now, I really just want this, so allow me,” she told Ozo with a pat on his shoulder and walked out of the conversation.

Define disrespect

While bonding with others in the Garden, Erica and Kiddwaya had a little argument about disrespect in the relationship. Here’s what happened: Nengi mentioned the fact that if she likes a guy, she doesn’t midn making the first move and going for him. Erica opposed saying that going after a guy will make him feel too special and this will cause ‘see finish’ in the relationship. She went ahead to tell the others that she doesn’t go after guys, because she has many guys going after her anyway. Upon hearing this Wathoni said “Kidd, you didn’t chase anyone in the House right?” and Kiddwaya replied saying that he doesn’t chase anyone.

Erica found this disrespectful as she found Wthoni’s question a subtle shade directed at her. What she found more disrespectful was Kiddwaya affirming Wathoni’s subs and she didn’t hide her anger. First, she asked Wathoni to explain what she meant by that statement. Next, we see her telling Kiddwaya in the HoH room that she doesn’t like the fact that Kiddwaya doesn’t defend her in front of everyone else.”I feel so stupid for being with you right now, I’m never trying this again. I know I didn’t chase you, so what is she implying,” Erica said with tears.

Then she buried herself under the blanket and cried, Kiddwaya went over to her to give her a kiss and when he noticed that she was crying, he leaned in for a chat. We hope they sort things out and things become calmer in the Kiddrica ship.

Remember when Wathoni promised to shake some tables in the House?

Some of you seem to think that Erica did chase Kiddwaya

We can’t deny the fact that the Kiddrica ship is loved sha

Then it got hotter…

Just after this conversation with Kiddwaya, Erica approached Wathoni to ask why she has issues with her. According to Erica, Wathoni likes Kiddwaya and since Erica is with him, Wathoni has frequently shown that she doesn’t like her. Wathoni walked out of the chat and kept telling Erica that she can’t keep arguing because of a guy. In the next few seconds, things went wild and a full blown argument blew up between them. “Act your age, you’re 29 years with a kid and you don’t act your age. You can have Kiddwaya, I’ve told him that I don’t want him again,” Erica shouted. The other Housemates calmed Erica down and told her not to bring up Wathoni’s child into it.

It may seem as though there’s a lot of tension between Erica and Wathoni for obvious reasons but while Erica went to have a chat over this underlying issues, Wathoni didn’t seem like it was a problem to be talked about in the first place. Why then did the argument blow out of proportion? Kiddwaya calmed his girl down and kissed her. Seems the ship is sailing again.

The way Kiddwaya handled the drama after, should be studied.

Here’s what some of you think about this whole drama

When do the Lockdown geng stop blaming their fights on alcohol though? These Housemates and drama sha! Who would have thought we would have this huge dose of entanglement struggles in week four?

Day 27: Erica offloads to Tolanibaj

Erica offered more insights to Tolanibaj on why she thinks Wathoni has it in for her.

Day 27: ‘It’s not about you,’ -Dorathy

Feelings are becoming an issue in Biggie’s House and the Housemates aren’t scared anymore to share theirs. Whether it is Dorathy telling Ozo to leave her, or Vee telling Nengi how much she likes her, the feelings are flowing.

News Credit – Africa Magic

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