#BBNaija Day 49: Erica Disqualified, Lucy Evicted, Laycon and Vee Talk Ship, Neo Gets Final Warning, and Lots More

#BBNaija Day 49: Erica Disqualified, Lucy Evicted, Laycon and Vee Talk Ship, Neo Gets Final Warning, and Lots More –  All The Highlights From Day 49

We bring you interesting highlights from #BBNaija Day 49: Erica disqualified, Lucy evicted, Laycon and Vee talk ship, Neo gets final warning, and lots more.

Day 49: Erica tenders an apology

It’s the morning after and a more remorseful Erica calls the Housemates together to apologise for her inappropriate behaviour. She owns up that most of the things she said were due to her pent up anger.

Day 49: Erica is disqualified

Biggie found Erica guilty of multiple infringements from last night. Erica already had two strikes from prior infringements, making this her third and final strike leading to her disqualification.

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Live Show: Lucy is Evicted

Lucy is the 10th Big Brother Naija Housemate to be Evicted from the House as she left, she told Ebuka that she didn’t understand how other Housemates couldn’t see what she saw in the House.

Live Show: Lucy’s Big Brother Lockdown journey

When Lucy said she would choose a fight over a relationship she was not joking. While in the Big Brother Naija House, Lucy showed us her feisty side, but at the same time she definitely showed us her love for Games and a good time. Take a look at the fun loving Housemates journey in the House.

Day 49: Neo gets a final warning

Biggie finds Neo guilty of obstructing another Housemates freedom of movement, landing him with a final strong warning.

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Day 49: Vee and Laycon talk ship

Laycon tries to tell Vee that Neo didn’t mean all the things he said last night but Vee is not hearing it at the moment.

Vee and Nengi explain

Put on the spot, Nengi said Prince had the best strategy, while Vee said using relationships for strategy was not a good strategy.

Live Show: Lucy and Prince tell all

Lucy tells Ebuka that the Housemates are finally realizing that this Game is also real life and actions will affect real people

Week 7 Dairy Session

Lucy’s name and attitude dominated Diary Sessions this week amidst the Lockdown Housemates all seeing themselves as the final winners of season 5.

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Week seven in Biggie’s House

Erica was HoH for the second time this season and amongst some amazing Wins and creative Tasks there was no shortage of absolute drama with tempers flying and true colours showing.

Day 49: Fooling mama

With fake pregnancy played out, Vee tells the rest of the Housemates how she went for something a lot more expensive to prank her mum for April Fools’ day.

Day 49: Vibing post party

After a lit Party, the Housemates get to vibing with Laycon sharing the most as the night wore on.

News Credit – Africa Magic

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