#BBNaija Day 55: The WAW Fashion Show, Jacuzzi Thrills, Kiddwaya Advises Ozo About Nengi, And More

#BBNaija Day 55: The WAW Fashion Show, Jacuzzi Thrills, Kiddwaya Advises Ozo About Nengi, And More All -The Highlights From Day 55

We brought you interesting highlights from #BBNaija Day 55: The WAW fashion show, Jacuzzi thrills, Kiddwaya advises Ozo about Nengi, “my mum will like you” Neo tells Vee, and lots more.

Day 55: ‘Does she feel the same way about you’ – Kiddwaya

Concerned about his unrequited affection for Nengi, Kiddwaya asks Ozo if she feels the same way about him as he does about her and maybe it is time to have the talk.

Day 55: ‘My mum will like you’ – Neo

While celebrating Vee’s Showmax big win, Neo let’s her know how much his mum will like her and appreciate her for how she has been with him.

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Day 55: The jacuzzi thrills

The jacuzzi came on and the Housemates showed off while taking a dip and having the fun of their lives.

Day 55: Talking about winnings

The trio of Vee, Trikytee and Kiddwaya talk about their winnings and thoughts on the Housemates who are down on their luck while Ozo shows optimism in spite of the coming Eviction.

Day 55: A WAW performance

In today’s Task, the Lockdown gang were grouped into two teams and tasked to WAW us with an entertaining presentation.

Day 55: WAW!

The Housemates protect and preserve with WAW in a challenge that allowed them to showcase their inner fashionista.

After the first part of the WAW Task, the Housemates performed skits that had us in holding our sides when they were asked by WAW to put on a squeaky clean performance to complete the whole Task.

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It was a fashion design faceoff as the Housemates battled each other for the better outfit designs in the WAW detergent Challenge. The Task which was the first in the WAW detergent two-part Challenge saw the Housemates being divided into two teams and creating a WAW coloured inspired outfit using the provided fabrics, items and resources.

Meet the teams

Immediately after Trikytee read the brief, he asked the Housemates to take part in a lucky dip to figure out the team they each belonged to.

Team WAW Preserves: Vee, Nengi, Neo, Trikytee and Dorathy.

Team WAW Protects: Ozo, Prince, Laycon and Kiddwaya.

Let’s start designing

For two hours both teams laboured trying to come up with that banging design that would blow minds and project the WAW brand. Most importantly they had to make sure the outfits would fit their team members that would be modelling them.

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Hit the runway

Done with their outfits, the Housemates headed to the garden to showcase their designs. Team Protects was the first team to hit the runway. The team had Kiddwaya and Laycon presenting while Ozo and Prince played the models.

#BBNaija Day 55

Next was Team Preserves who had Trikytee, Dorathy and Nengi presenting while Neo and Vee played the models adorned in the outfits designed.

#BBNaija Day 55

It was a colourful presentation with the Housemates looking classy and regal in their outfits. Seems like the Housemates won’t run out of career options once they leave the House.

News Credit – Africa Magic

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