300+ Beautiful Korean Girl Names And Their Meaning

Beautiful Korean Girl Names And Their Meaning

Beautiful Korean Girl Names And Their Meaning-If you are reading this article, it means that you are looking for a beautiful Korean girl name that you could call a female child, friend or significant other. We have taken our time to look for some beautiful Korean girl names and their meaning so you will have a large collection of Korean girl names to choose from.

 A baby’s name in South Korea is two syllables long and the first is frequently a surname or family name while the second is frequently a name chosen by the parents. Each syllable has its own meaning.


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Beautiful And Popular Korean Girl Names And Their Meaning

Here are some of the cool, common and popular Korean girl names you can choose from. We will be listing them in an alphabetical order so that they will be easy to spot.

  • Ae-Cha (애차)

Ae-Cha can mean a loving daughter.

  • A-Yeong

It means elegant, graceful or refined.

  • Ah-In

This girl’s name means “humanness” or “benevolence” in Korean.

  • Ahnjong

In Korean, this name means “tranquility.”

  • Ailiseu

This Korean girl’s name means “iris.”

  • Ara

The meaning of Ara is “be beautiful and good.”

  • Areum

This name means “beauty.”

  • Ari (아리)

Ari comes from the first part of the adjective arittapda or 아리땁다, which means lovely, beautiful.

It can also be written with hanja that read A, such as 䢝, which means second, next, and 利, which reads ri and means benefit.

  • Bada

After the Korean word for “ocean”.

  • Balam (바람)

This is a gender-neutral Korean name which means wind.

It is one of the native Korean words which has been adopted as names. It is also an archaic Georgian name that means victory over resistance.

  • Bae

This name means “inspiration.”

  • Baeg-Ilcho

This nature-inspired baby girl’s name refers to the zinnia flower.

  • Baram

In Korean, this name means “wind.”

  • Binna (빛나)

Binna means to shine.

  • Bitna

The meaning of Bitna is “shining.”

  • Bom

After the Korean word for “spring.”

  • Bong

After the Korean mythological bird

  • Bong Cha

This name means “the ultimate girl.”

  • Bongseon

This Korean girl’s name means “impatient flower.”

Beautiful Korean Girl Names And Their Meaning
  • Bon-Hwa

This name means “glorious.”

  • Bora (보라)

Bora means purple. Bora is also an Albanian girls’ name that means snow, a Slovene girls’ name meaning pine tree, and a Turkish boys’ name that means storm or squall.

  • Boram (보람)

Boram means valuable.

  • Byeol

This Korean girl’s name means “star.”

  • Chae-Won (채원)

Chae can mean gather, pluck, or colour, while Won often means source, origin, and beginning.

  • Chae-Yeong (채영)

Chae-Yeong means color combined with glory, honor, or jade.

  • Chan-mi

In Korean, this baby girl’s name means “praise.”

  • Chija

This blooming name refers to gardenia flowers.

  • Chin Sun

If you want your daughter filled with good values, this name means “truth” and “goodness.”

  • Cho

The meaning of Cho means “beautiful.”

  • Cho-Hee

In Korean, this name means “beautiful joy.”

  • Choon Hee

This Korean girl’s name means “girl born during spring.”

  • Chul

This name means “firmness.”

  • Chung Cha

Chung Cha means “a noble daughter” in Korean.

  • Da

This baby girl’s name means “to attain” or “to win.”

  • Dae

This name means “great one.”

  • Da-Eun (다은)

Da-Eun combines Da, meaning many or much more than, and Eun, meaning charity, kindness, mercy, or silver.

  • Dal-Rae (달래)

It is from the verb dalraeda, which means to soothe or to lull.

Dal-rae is an alternative transcription of Dallae, which is also the name of the Korean wild chive which is an indigenous plant.

  • Dam-Bi (담비)

Dambi means sable, martin.

When Dam-Bi is written in hangul as 담비, 담 reads as dam and means wall, however, when written together, 담비 means martin.

  • Dan-Bi (단비)

Dan-Bi has the beautiful meaning sweet rain, timely rain, or welcome rain.

  • Da-Som (다솜)

It is the ancient Korean word for love.

  • Deiji

This nature-inspired name refers to the daisy flower.

  • Duri (두리)

Duri means two.

We think it might be fun to name a set of twins Hana and Duri. Hana means one, so the firstborn would be Hana and the second Duri.

  • Eui

This name means “righteousness.”

  • Eun ()

Eun can mean kindness, mercy, charity or silver, money.

  • Eun Ae

In Korean, this name means “grace” and “love.”

  • Eun-Jeong (은정)

Eun-Jeong means kindness or mercy combined with graceful.

  • Eun-Ji (은지)

Eun-Ji combines kindness, mercy, or charity with wisdom, intellect.

  • Eunjoo

This name translates to “little flower” in Korean.

  • Eun-Ju (은주)

Eun-Ju means grace, silver, or flourish combined with pearl, pillar, or state.

  • Eun-Jung (은정)

Eun Jung is an alternative transcription of Eun-Jeong.

  • Eun-Kyung (은경)

Meaning grace and honor.

Eun-Kyung can also be spelled Eun-Gyoung, Un-Gyong, Eun-Kyeong, Un-Kyong, and Eun-Kyong.

  • Eun-Sook (은숙)

Eun-Sook combines kindness, mercy, or charity with good, pure, virtuous.

  • Eun-Young (은영)

Eun-Young means kindness, mercy, charity and flower, petal, brave.

  • Ga Eun

The meaning of Ga Eun is “kind” and “beautiful.”

Beautiful Korean Girl Names And Their Meaning
  • Ga-Ram (가람)

Ga-Ram means as river.

  • Geumseong (금성)

Geumseong, meaning venues, translates to Jīnxīng in Chinese.

  • Geu-Roo (그루)

Geu-Roo means tree.

  • Gi

This short Korean girl’s name means “brave one.”

  • Goo

In Korean, this name means “complete.”

  • Gyeong ()

As a surname in South Korea, I usually wrote Gyeong 慶, meaning celebration, while in North Korea, it’s written 景, meaning scenery.

  • Gyeong-Hui (경희)

Gyeong-Hui means respect, honor, beauty.

Gyeonghui Palace is one of the Five Great Palaces that were built by the Joseon Dynasty. Much was destroyed by fire or during the Japanese occupation, but the Korean government has restored about one-third of the palace.

  • Gyeong-Ja (경자)

Gyeong-Ja means celebrate and child.

  • Gyeong-Suk (경숙)

Gyeong-Suk combines capital city with good, pure, charming, virtuous.

Another way of transcribing Gyeong-Suk is Kyung-Suk. Gyeo-Wool (겨울)

  • Gyeo-Wool

This means winter.

  • Gyunghui

This name means “beautiful”, “honor”, and “respect.”

  • Hae

This Korean girl’s name means “ocean.”

  • Haebaragi

This flower-inspired name comes from the Korean word for sunflower.

  • Ha-Eun (하은)

Ha-Eun means grand, big, summer, and charity, mercy, kindness.

  • Hana (하나)

Hana means one.

  • Haneul (하늘)

Haneul means heavenly, sky.

Although it’s gender-neutral, Haneul is most frequently used for girls. This is common in Korea, where the majority of single word gender-neutral names have predominantly feminine usage.

  • Haru

This name means “the day.”

  • Haw

This nature-inspired Korean girl’s name means “young, beautiful flower.”

  • Hayoon

This name means “the sunlight.”

  • Ha-Yun (하윤)

Ha-Yun’s most common meaning is summer combined with sky.

Ha-Yun, also written Ha-Yoon, was the second most popular name for girls born in Korea in 2019.

  • Heejin

In Korean, this girl’s name means “precious pearl.”

  • Hee-Young

This name means “joy” and “prosperity.”

  • Hei-Ran

This Korean girl’s name means “beautiful orchid.”

  • Hiah

This name means “glad.”

  • Ho

This Korean name means “Goodness Lake.”

  • Ho-Sook

In Korean, this name means “a clear lake.”

  • Hwan ()

Hwan means shining, brilliant, lustrous.

  • Hwa Young

This name means “beautiful flower.”

  • Hye

Hye means “intelligent woman” in Korean.

  • Hye-Jin (혜진)

Hye-Jin is often made with the hanja 慧, which means intelligent or bright, and 珍, meaning precious, rare.

  • Hyeon

This name means “a person of virtue.”

  • Hyo

In Korean, this name means “filial duty.”

  • Hyo-joo

This Korean girl’s name means “obedient” and “pity.”

  • Hyuk

In Korean, this name means “radiant.”

  • Hyun ()

When Hyeon is used as a surname, it is written with the hanja 玄, which means deep, dark, profound, or mysterious.

  • Hyun-Joo (현주)

Hyun-Joo combines virtuous, able, or worthy with jewel, pearl.

  • Hyun-Jung (현정)

Hyun combines virtuous, able, or glitter with the court, virtuous, or chaste.

  • Iseul (이슬)

Iseul means dew.

The simple, pretty name Iseul reflects the modern South Korean trend for monosyllabic names written in hangul rather than with the traditional hanja.

  • Jae (제이)

Jae means talent, ability, or wealth.

Although it is sometimes used as a stand-alone name, it is more common to use Jae in combination with another character.

  • Jang-Mi

The name means “rose.”

  • Ja-Young (자영)

This name means prosperity or eternal.

  • Jee

This Korean girl’s name means “wise.”

  • Jelanyum

The name means “geranium.”

  • Jeong ()

Jeong means loyal, virtuous, chaste, quiet, or gentle.

  • Jeong-Hui (정의)

Jeong-Hui means quiet, still, gentle and beauty, bright, or glorious.

  • Jeong-Suk (정숙)

For the name Jeong-Suk, Jeong, meaning loyal, chaste, right, or proper, is combined with suk meaning good, charming, virtuous.

Alternative writing of Jeong-Suk is Jung-Sook.

  • Ji ()

This Nmae has multiple meanings, including wisdom, intellect, branch, limb, perceive, understand, and ambition.

  • Jia

This short name means “beautiful,” or “good.”

  • Jieun

This name means “hidden.”

  • Ji-Eun (지은)

Ji-Eun combines branch, wisdom, and ambition with kindness, mercy.

  • Ji-Hu (지후)

Ji-Hu melds wisdom, ambition, and branch with thick.

A gender-neutral name in Korea.

  • Ji-Hye (지혜)

A popular meaning of Ji-Hye is bright or wisdom.

Something can also spell it Jee-hae, Jee-Hye, Jee-hay, Ji-Hae, and Ji-hay.

  • Ji-Min (지민)

Ji-Min means ambition, purpose or intellect and quick, clever, or jade.

  • Jin-Ae

Another beautiful name that means “truth, love, and treasure.”

  • Jindallae

This means “azalea.”

  • Ji-Soo (지수)

Ji is made by combining hanja that mean purpose, intellect, or ambition, and luxuriant, beautiful.

  • Ji-U (지우)

Ji can mean sesame, ambition, or will, and U means rain, house, eves, or universe.

  • Jiwoo

This has different meanings depending on the character used. It can be “branch,” “perceive,” “mercy,” among others.

  • Ji-Won (지원)

There are 46 hanja that read Won and 61 that read Ji, making 2,806 possible meaning combinations for Ji-Won, including wisdom and first.

  • Ji-Yoon (지윤)

Ji-Yoon can be made with the hanja for ambition and governor.

  • Ji-Young (지영)

It means wisdom, know, perceive, and flower, glory, prosper.


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  • Jong ()

Jong is an alternative transcript of Jeong.

In South Korea, Jeong is the most common spelling of the name, and Jong is rarely seen.

  • Joo

This name means “jewel.”

  • Joo-Hyun (주현)

Bae Joo-Hyun is better known by her professional name Irene.

  • Joon

This very popular name in Korea means “talented.”

  • Joo-Won (주원)

Joo-Won melds circumference with beautiful woman, origin, or first.

  • Jun ()

The hanja, 俊, is often used for the Korean name Jun and means talented.

Kanji that read, moisture, pure, or simple usually represents the Japanese gender-neutral name Jun. Meanwhile, when the Chinese name Jun is used for girls, it’s likely to mean ruler.

  • Jung

Popular in Korean dramas, this name means “silent” and “chaste.”

  • Jung-Eun (정은)

Jung is an alternative transcription of Jeong and Eun that means kindness, mercy, and silver.

  • Jung-Hwa (정화)

Virtue, straight, or upright and blossom, fireworks, or flowery patterns are some of the hanja combinations Jung Hwa can mean.

Jung-Hwa is a gender-neutral name and can also be transcribed as Jong-Hwa in North Korea.

  • Jung Hwan

This name means “righteous beauty.”

  • Jung-Hyun (정현)

Jung-Hyun can mean wise or affectionate.

  • Kamou

In Korean, this name means “purity”, “love” or “spring.”

  • Kaneisyeon

After the Korean word for “carnation.”

  • Ki

This name means “one who has risen.”

  • Kiaraa

This Korean girl’s name means “bright” or “God’s precious gift.”

  • Kkot-Bi (꽃비)

Kkot means flower, and Bi means rain.

  • Kyung

Kyung means “respected” in Korean.

  • Kyung-Hu

This name means “a girl in the capital” in Korean.

  • Kyung Mi

This Korean girl’s name means “beauty with honor.”

  • Kyung Soon

In Korean, this name means “honored” and “mild.”

  • Kwan

This Korean girl’s name means “strong girl.”

  • Ma-Ri (마리)

Ma-Ri is an ancient Korean word meaning the best.

  • Mee

This means “beautiful.” Simple but such a lovely name and meaning.

  • Mi-Cha

This name means “beautiful girl.”

  • Mi-Gyeong (미경)

Mi-Gyeong often means a beautiful city or a beautiful view.

  • Mi-Hi

This means “beautiful joy” so simple yet such a beautiful meaning.

  • Mi-Kyong

This name means “beauty” and “brightness.”

Beautiful Korean Girl Names And Their Meaning
  • Min ()

Min can mean quick or clever.

  • Mindeulle

Another one for the plant and flower lovers, this means “dandelion.”

  • Min-Jeong (민정)

Min-Jeong means stone resembling jade and court, chaste, tidy.

  • Minji

This name means “sharp intellect.”

  • Min-Ji (민지)

Min-Ji means clever, sharp, and wisdom, intellect, perceive or comprehend.

  • Minjung

This means “the people.”

  • Minsuh

This name means “dignified people.”

  • Mi-Ok

Another one for the ocean lovers. This means “beautiful pearl.”

  • Mi-Suk (미숙)

Mi-Suk means beautiful, good, charming.

  • Mi-Sun

This means “beauty and goodness.”

  • Mi-Young

This name means everlasting beauty.”

  • Molan

This name means “peony.” Another one for the plant lovers!

  • Moon

Another favorite! This means smart one.”

  • Mun-Hee

This name means “educated” or “literate.”

  • Myeong ()

Myeong means bright, light, clear.

  • Myeong-Suk (명숙)

Commonly used hanja for Myeong-Suk means bright, light and virtuous, charming.

  • Myung

This name can mean “beautiful” or “scenery” among other meanings depending on the character used.

  • Myung-Hee

This name means “cheerful”, or “joy.”

  • Myung-Ok

This name means “bright pearl.”

  • Nabi (나비)

Nabi: The Prototype is a manhwa written by Kim Yeon-Joo. Manhwa is the general term in Korea for comics or print cartoons, usually aimed at older kids and adults rather than young children. The term Manhwa is synonymous with Japanese manga.

  • Na-Moo (나무)

Na-Moo is a relatively new kid on the Korean name scene. However, a sign of its potential longevity is that Na-Moo already found its way into popular culture.

  • Na-Ra (나라)

Na-Ra means country, kingdom, nation.

  • Na-Rae (나래)

Na-Rae means wing.

  • Nari (나리)

Nari means lily.

  • Ok

The meaning of Ok is “treasured.”

  • Ora

This short Korean girl’s name means “purple.”

  • Oung

This name means “successor.”

  • Paenji

After the Korean word for “pansy.”

  • Raon (라온)

Raon is an ancient Korean word that means joyful.

  • Sang ()

When Sang is used as a surname, it is only ever written with one hanja, 尙, which reads still or yet.

  • Sang-Hee

This name means “pleasant one.” Now, who does not want a pleasant baby girl?

  • Sarang

This name means “love.”

  • Sena

This name means “world’s beauty” which I think is a perfect name for a daughter.

  • Seo-Hyun (서현)

Fifty-three hanja read Seo and 42 read Hyun, and it can mean auspicious and virtuous.

  • Seong ()

Although it can mean many things, Seong when used as a family name means succeed.

  • Seong-Min (성민)

It means complete, sex, or nature with quick, clever, or sharp.

  • Seo-Yeon (세현)

Seo-Yeon combines omen, auspicious, or felicitous with beautiful.

  • Seo-Yun (세윤)

We often create this name from the hanja meaning omen, auspicious, and soft, sleek.

Beautiful Korean Girl Names And Their Meaning
  • Seul-Gi (슬기)

Seul-Gi can mean blue jewel combined with foundation rise.

  • Seung ()

As a Korean gender-neutral name, there are 17 hanja that read as Seung. The most frequently used are 昇, meaning ascent, rise, 勝, meaning excel, victory, or 承, meaning inherit.

In addition, Seung is a Khmer boys’ name meaning lion, and we also used the Korean character 勝 as a boys’ name in Japan where it reads Katsu or Masaru.

  • Seung-Wan (승완)

Seung-Wan combines inherit, succeed, victory, or excel with complete, settle, whole, or play with.

  • So

The meaning of So in Korean is “to smile.”

  • Soo-A

This means a “perfect lotus flower.”

  • Soo-Gook

Another flower name for plant lovers. This means “hydrangea.”

  • Sook

This name means “she of pure nature.”

  • Sook-Ja (숙자)

Sook-Ja can mean pure, charming, or virtuous, and 子, which reads as Ja, means child.

  • Soomin

This can mean “clever,” or “excellence” among others depending on the characters used.

  • Soo-Yun

This name means “perfect lotus flower” same as Soo.

  • Su-Bin (수빈)

There are 67 hanja that read as Soo and 25 that read as Bin, making 16,75 potential meaning combinations, including outstanding and refined.

  • Sung

This name means “victorious.”

  • Su-Jin (수진)

Su can mean beautiful, outstanding, luxuriant, and Jin can mean real, genuine, or precious.

Su-Jin was the sixth most popular girls’ name in South Korea during the 1990s. It had dropped one place from its fifth position in the 1980s. Its one of the most pupolar Korean Girl Names.

  • Sun Jung

This means “good and noble.”

  • Sun-Hee

This means “goodness” or “pleasure.”

  • Suseonhwa

This means “daffodil.”

  • Sun-Young (선영)

The most popular way of writing Sun-Young uses 善, meaning kind-hearted or good, as the first hanja.

Frequent second hanja include 永,meaning young, eternal, 英, meaning flower, petals, or heroic, and 怜, meaning clever.

  • Taeyang

This nature-inspired name means “sun.”

  • Tyullib

This Korean girl’s name comes from the word for tulips.

  • UK

In Korean, this name means “sunrise.”

  • Whan

The meaning of Whan is “always growing” in Korean.

  • Wook

This name means “sunrise.”

  • Woong

This Korean girl’s name means “grand” and “magnificent.”

  • Yang-Gwibi

This name means “poppy.” 

  • Ye-Eun (예은)

Ye-Eun can mean fame or charity.

  • Yeo-Jeong (여정)

Yeo-Jeong can be made by combining the hanja for beautiful with one for gentle.

  • Yeona

This means “heart of gold” which is such a beautiful name.

  • Yeong ()

There are 44 hanja that read Yeong, which can also be transcribed in English as Young, Yong, and Yung.

  • Yeong-Ja (영자)

Yeong can mean flower, brave, flourishing, while Ja in a name usually means child.

  • Yepa

This means “snow woman,” or “snow princess.”

  • Ye-Rim (예림)

You can combine the hanja for talent, ability, art, and gem, beautiful jade to write Ye-Rim.

  • Yo-Jin

In Korean, this name means “obedience” and “real.”

  • Yoo-Jung (유정)

With 88 hanga that read Yoo and 84 that read Jung, Yoo-Jung has a staggering 7,392 potential pairings and can mean friendly or modern.

  • Yon

This means “lotus blossom.”

Beautiful Korean Girl Names And Their Meaning
  • Yong

 This means “courageous,” “brave” or “forever.”

  • Yong ()

The Korean word Yong means dragon.

There are 24 hanga that read Yong. The most common hanja for names is 龍, meaning dragon. It’s one of the most popular Korean Girl Names.

  • Yoonah

This means “light of God.”

  • Yoora

This name means “enough silk.”

Yoon-suh– This name means “eternal youth” but it can also mean “thank you” and others depending on characters used. Its one of the most pupolar Korean Girl Names

  • Young-Hee (영희)

Young-Hee can mean flower, petal, combined with play, or beauty.

  • Young-mi

This means “eternal,” “beauty,” and other meanings depending on the characters used.

  • Young-Sook (영숙)

Young means flower, petal, brave, and Sook means good, charming, virtuous.

  • Yue

This name means “jade,” “delighted,” or “moon.”

  • Yuri

This means “glass” or “crystal.”

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