How To Become A Straight-A Student

How to become a straight-A student. 3

How To Become A Straight-A Student – Academy is interesting when you make good grades. While many burn candles overnight to get these grades and some do it effortlessly. Straight As is a grade student would love to have.

The question then balls down to how do I make these As or how do I become a straight A student? Coupled with the stress, distraction and other activities that might want to shift you away from this goal, you might want t doubt the ideal of a straight A.

Meanwhile, it is very possible and achievable, it is either you are genus or you work towards it that is why we would like to teach you how you can become a straight-A student. 

Whether you are in high school or college grades are what you need to put your intelligence on a scale. We would be discussing how you can become a straight-A student.

How To Become A Straight-A Student

Academy comes with a manual, if you can follow the manual judiciously your chances of coming out well are 80/100. It is that simple, as long as you are mentally fit and do not have any learning difficulties then you are on your way to progress.

Here are tips on how you can become a straight-A student;

  • Make Up Your Mind

whether you are in college or high school you are confined to grading, what you now choose to accumulate is determined by yourself. In every pursuit, you must make up your mind to succeed, and come out well. it is that desire to succeed that drives you.

So, you have to make up your mind to come out with A grades.

  • Be Available For Classes

The first step to getting straight-As in your academy is being available at classes, missing a class might cost you more time studying and finding it difficult to understand the topic. It is always great to get a clear explanation from your lecture or teacher.

Once you miss the class you start looking for alternatives, which you might not get. Lecturers or teachers explain it in their way to suit your understanding, also they will be setting tests and examinations, and they would want you to give answers the way they have explained.

  • Pay Attentive

Being in class is one aspect while paying attention is another aspect of learning. whenever you are in a class, cut off all distractions, and pay attention to what your lecturer or teacher is saying. You might want to be distracted by course mates try to cut off the distraction.

Put off your phone, or anything that might distract you and once you do this then you are good to go.

  • Review Your Class Notes Immediately After Class
Become A Straight-A Student

Now that the class is over, take time to review your notes, it is always important to take 10 – 15 minutes of your time to review what you have learnt and written down. Complete those loopholes, and compare your note with that of your course mate.

If you have an intelligent friend and are sure of their note, you can compare it with theirs, doing this would have you get more information or something you might have missed.

  • Schedule Study Time

It is always great to have study time, Students should always have study time. look at your schedule when it would be fitting for you to study. Your study time could be four times a week, this could be during day time or night.

The point is you have to go back to what you have learnt. closing that chapter does not make it perfect constant study keeps the topic fresh in your head. You don’t have to wait a day before exams to study.

  • Join A Study Group

With study, you get to learn from others. Getting others’ opinions can be very beneficial to comprehending a topic. Your study group could include your friend or anyone outside your zone. 

When you study with friends, you also get liable materials for further study, learn techniques and build trust which could be beneficial to you later in the future. A study group is a great deal.

  • Harness The Power Of Technology

These days there are several ways one can learn new things. There are several platforms to lean academic works. You can visit YouTube and search for related videos on a particular topic you would want to get more explanations. 

In fact, there are also social media platforms where you can join to get academic articles to assist you on a disturbing topic. There are audiobooks, videos and pdf to get online.

  • Explain To Someone What You Have Learnt

Like your teacher or lecturer who impacts you on different topics, they have a great understanding of the topic which is why they are teaching it. So if you are comfortable with a topic you can always find someone who is struggling with it to teach.

This is a good way to boost your confidence in that topic or space. So learn to teach someone a topic you are good on.

  • Get Close To Your Teacher/Lecturer

Sometimes you wonder if it is the right thing to do by getting close to your teacher or lecturer, well I tell you yes, it is. When you draw close to your lecture or teacher there are some benefits you get that others might not be exposed to.

These include heads up, more time of explanation from lecturers, and even you might be getting materials for study from them. And how do you get close to them, show them respect, participate in their class, Learn their style, think of them as your coach and lastly you can appreciate them with gifts.

  • Never Miss A Test Or Exam

Tests or Exams are part of your progress path, whether you like it or not you would be taking a lot of text and text to test your knowledge. These tests add up to your progress table. You have to take it seriously and never miss them.

Also, it is not all about not missing them but also giving your best, so never miss and try to give your best.

  • Always Prepare Before A Class

Since you have the syllabus for each subject and know exactly what the next topic would be, you can always prepare yourself before the class by studying for 10 to 15 minutes to give you heads-up.

By preparing before the class you are opening your mind to learning. this makes comprehending much easier.

  • Participate In Class Section

It is very important you participate in class, as it shows your interest and makes the class lively and not boring. Students who participate in class empower themselves by asking questions and responding to questions and others.

It is better if you make the mistake while your teacher or lecturer is available as this would make you remember more and get corrected immediately never repeating the same mistake. So learn to participate so you get to comprehend.

  • Complete Assignments

When given an assignment, make sure your complete it before the submission day. Assignments are mini exams that prepare you for the bigger test. If you fail to complete this one on time then it shows you are not ready for the bigger test.

Also, some of these tests contribute to your grading, so it is always advisable to complete all tests and do them well.

  • Take Care Of Yourself

Lastly, you are doing all these for your benefit and not anyone, so if you break down today and are not able to complete what point is it. You must take care of yourself.

By taking care of yourself I mean eating good food (Balance Diet), exercising, getting enough sleep or rest(a student should have at least 8 hours of sleep), and having a social full time with friends and families.

Now that we have listed 14 tips to becoming a straight-A student, if followed judiciously you should be finding your way to straight-A. 


Making straight-As in School can be very motivating. Many students wish to make straight-A in their studies but always get it wrong as they might be distracted or are not doing it the right way. Just with these simple tips, you can make that As you desire.

Not missing class, Paying attention in class, having study groups, scheduling study hours, meeting up to assignments, participating in class and more are good ways to make that straight As. So we the few tips mentioned above you should be great at making straight-As


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