Benefits And Advantages Of Social Media To Students

Benefits And Advantages Of Social Media To Students In Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges Of Education And Secondary Or High School

According to Wikipedia, Social media are interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation or sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.

Let’s try and understand what social media really is before considering it’s advantages. There are different types of social media that exist today includes but not limited to;
Social Networking (Facebook, Linked-In, Google+, whatsapp)
Micro blogging (Twitter, Tumblr)
Photo Sharing (Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest)
Video Sharing (YouTube, Facebook-live, Skype, zoom), etc.

According to a recent report, Over 2.27 billion people use the Facebook actively most of who are students, which alone covers a substantial amount of the world’s population. Without even considering the migration of people from Facebook to Instagram and bird app of late.
Some advantages of social media amongst many are;

  1.  Learning and Networking
  2. Global Exposure
  3. Employment Opportunities
  4. Social media marketing

1. Learning and Networking: Learning and networking have gone beyond what it used to be. social learning is promoted in almost all social media platforms as there is absolutely nothing one wants to learn that can not be accessed on line depending on such individuals willingness to learn. This days, Students can take classes from e-learning websites and discuss their learning’s or doubts using various social media channels. For Example Zoom, whatsapp, YouTube, etc. Students can make use of live video that is a part of so many social networking sites to engage themselves in classes and share study materials. Indirectly, this system of social learning creates an avenue for students to have discussions with their peers, friends and even people they don’t know to create a strong network.

2. Global Exposure: Social media is such a big platform that allows students to connect with anyone in the world as it provides an avenue for students to interact with people on such a broad platform, indeed they get immense knowledge from it, which is amazing. They even get to know about the diverse cultures present around the world. Which includes their culture, traditions, language, lifestyle, food habits, and many more interestingly beautiful things. For those looking forward to studying abroad, they can even learn about the different courses present in universities from all around the world.

3. Employment Opportunities: This can be considered as one the most important influence social media has on people generally not only students. Social media helps to grab opportunities as many companies update about openings in their social media accounts. Students following these companies on social media can apply by sending them their resumes. LinkedIn is one such social media platform where students apply for internships and jobs extensively after they must have uploaded their CV in the application. Social media helps students generally to research about the company and get information about all the fields they are interested in in other to get a good job.

4. Social media marketing: Students can promote any of their school’s program or activities using social media. Every college or University have certain activity they run yearly. Students will have to promote their programs to ensure students from other schools also participate. Hence, social media helps students to promote on a big platform.Also, a lot of students who are young and intelligent entrepreneurs also use this social media platforms to market their brands to make ends means while some also have taken to social media platforms to influence brands and get paid because of the audience they have.

In conclusion, the world is revolving so fast, the more you learn to use the gift of social media, the better for you as a youth or student. Above all, it is a wonderful place to interact with friends and peers. But if the same thing is used in a wrong way then it becomes very disastrous. Hence, we should use social media up to a limited extent but not beyond that.

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