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This is to inform the general public and interested students that the 2022/23 session of the Berlin school of business scholarship is currently ongoing. Interested students are expected to go through this article on how to apply.


The Berlin School of Business Innovations is currently awarding scholarships to International students, encouraging both Undergraduates and postgraduate studies regardless of their financial problems. These scholarships are given for reasons that are created to support students through their studies and cover all living costs that are non-refundable and spent on anything that brings comfort from rent to bills.


Scholarship from the Berlin School Innovations is known as the Leadership and Enterprise Scholarship awarded based on the criteria below:

  • Academic Merit demonstrated by students to show their ability to succeed in the program
  • Personal Statement written by the students explain why the course or program is of importance to them
  • Financial Need

Programs in BSBI


BSc (Hons) Tourism and Hospitality Management

Students learn about working in an international business environment through modules like Economics, transportation in the area of Airline and cruising as well as tourism in the developing world. This is a three or four-year international route that also includes a foundation year that will help students develop sound knowledge in hospitality and tourism as a whole. BSBI also offer Professional courses that put them on their career path.

BSc (Hons) Digital Marketing and Social Media

This program is focused on equipping students with marketing and communication skills, and digital and marketing analysis for social media development. There is a three-year and four-year route that includes a foundational class that helps in the deep understanding of the core knowledge of business management. Students will have the option of choosing from the following: Data Analysis, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Financial and Business Modeling, Project Management, and Character Development.

BA in Economics and Business Administration

This program is aimed at properly educating professionals to understand the issues that modern practices undergo. Students will start their studies in Athens and complete the program in Berlin with the opportunity of working with tutors and mentors, discussing topics and work. These topics will help students better grasp the ethics of finance and business. Lectures include academic journaling, online lectures, and textbooks.

BA (Hons) Animation

This program is a three or four-year international route course selected by BSBI and taught at the University for Creative Arts. Aimed at pulling a good number of creative talents for animated filmmaking, the University ensures that they reach their academic goal with the support of the faculty of the institute. Creative Art courses are offered at the Hamburg campuses which also organize scholarship competitions that showcase diverse talents. These competitions award scholarships such as;

  • Best Portfolio – Study for free
  • Student 100 percent Scholarship On tuition
  • Second best Portfolio 50 percent Scholarship on Tuition
  • Third best portfolio 20 students (40 percent scholarship on Tuition0

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

To foster talents into creative minds, students get to meet the demand for UI/UX designs, given a 45 percent scholarship on Tuition as they explore and develop these talents offered by the University for Creative Arts in Hamburg. With this opportunity, students are close to creative agencies, designers, illustrators, and companies like Google, Mercedes, and BMW.

BSc (Hon) Computer Science and Digitization

This three or four-year program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in the field of computer science and digitization. With the increasing demand for computer graduate students, many companies and IT industries have moved and also increased the digital flow. This course teaches students how to navigate and transform skills into valuable assets, pushing them right into the mouths of specific industries.


MSc Finance and Investment

For students who wish to get ahead in the finance industry and save up while doing that, this program is for you. Committed to producing students who are business gurus and leaders, BSBI has developed teaching methods that allow the students to gain excellent education from the faculty with modules like Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity, Derivatives, and Alternative Investments. Graduates who pass through this phase have a wide knowledge that will enable them to work for indifferent organizations whether start-ups or large corporations.

Global MBA 

In partnership with the University of Creative Arts, this program saves up to 25 percent of the tuition fees paid by the students. For 18 months, the opportunity to learn new skills come, assisting new students chose the path that appeals to them more; Entrepreneurship, Marketing, HR management, Project management, Modules in Environment, Strategic management, Business, and Marketing. In addition to the programs, BSBI offers professional certificate courses designed to align students in their chosen careers.

MA Visual Communication

This program is designed to enhance the cognitive domain of the students, pushing them to improve their knowledge of the evolving industry. Offered by BSBI in partnership with the University of Creative Arts, the 18 months program is taught at Hamburg Campus. Students are put across classes and methods of adaptation into other related fields such as Illustrations, graphics design, and Animation in general enriching the study in Hamburg.

MSc Digital marketing

This program builds the marketing skills of students as they learn to apply analytic methods and skills that help them reach customers. Tools are provided for project management as well as leadership roles in this industry. Classroom discussions and class visits are organized by Lecturers and Professionals teaching Modules in subjects like Digital Marketing Communication, Global Marketing Management, and Project management and leadership. Students are also allowed to choose from the following; Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, and Social Media, Project management, Character Development, and Financial and Business Modeling.

MSc in International Health Management

This Scholarship is awarded by Universita Telematica Internazionale, helping students becomes the leader that they should be. Aimed at tailoring individuals to be health managers, the University helps them achieve this goal by exposing them to problem-solving and decision-making experiences. Also, the Modules taught include; Anthropology, sociology of Health and Medical care, Financial and Economic Management of Health Organizations, and Health Policy.

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA, CUC)

To get a business degree while improving managerial skills, students are taught by professionals and educators who are in the right position to instill the necessary training needed to excel in this course of study. The partnership between BSBI and the Concordia University Chicago has provided an MBA designed for the global market place which is accredited by the Business schools and Programmes.

MA in International Tourism, Hospitality, and Event management

This scholarship is focused on the reliability and up-to-dates of the hospitality business at large. Students will be starting their studies in Athens and round up Berlin, Germany, developing and growing their skills and saving tuition fees for them. Also, the blended study mode makes learning flexible as these students have the opportunity to study and work around their schedule


This program is offered to an individual who is passionate about the idea of running their businesses helping them develop skills that can be utilized in various sectors of the industry while at the same building a chain of knowledgeable links in international business. The study starts in Athens and is completed in Berlin, Germany giving the students a chance to save a percentage of their tuition fee while achieving their academic goals. Students also have the luxury of flexibility in the course as they can work and study.

MSc Data Analytics

A course widely offered by the University for Creative Arts, allowing student save 40 percent of their tuition fees is a new Postgraduate program in the data analytical field. This course provides students with a broad knowledge of data analysis, skill acquisition, and entrepreneurial goals. With an increased demand in the field of Data Science and computation, this course revolves around the processes of data as a whole, from extraction to its final recording. This course lasts for 18 months.

MSc Information Technology Management

This course focuses on the management of data and information in the IT field, brewing students who would be able to handle and evaluate the impact of IT in the business industry and the World at large. It also trains students on how to manage problems and effect proactive measures in the tech industry. With business, this course offers a broad range of topics that exposes and develops students’ confidence, making them fast and creative thinkers.

Doctorate and Online 

Doctorate in Business Administration

This course combines modules in Advanced Management theory and practices in methodologies and techniques for doctoral research in business and management. The course aims to assist professionals and build their work strength and technique.

Global MBA (UCA)

A doctoral degree that helps students to upgrade their marketing, management, finance, and operational skills whether as a business person or an entrepreneur in the making. In partnership with the University for Creative Arts, BSBI is offering this program online to enable students to have time for other important work. Other Doctoral courses are: MA in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management, MSc Digital Marketing, and MSc Data Analytics

Scholarships are mostly offered at 50 percent off the tuition fees to international students from all nationalities. To apply, visit the school website for requirements and procedures.

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