Best Apps For College Students

Best apps for college students

Best Apps For College Students –. Gone are the days when we found solutions to our academic problems manually. Thanks to the development of technology; we can now go digital and smart with solving problems.

Imagine an instance where you have to send or get some documentation done. You literally can get them done without moving afoot. Thanks to the innovative ideas of men and the power of technology.

Now, every student needs some sort of comfort in running their day-to-day academic hustle. That is why beautiful and smart applications are built to support the struggles of every college student. Technology is here for everyone, teaching and nonteaching staff can enjoy it.

The year 2020, came with a full pack of surprises. Everyone was affected by the dramatic change or if I would say adjust to life. We see a lot of activities going digital. People receiving lectures online, having office space online, and buying and selling online took a great change. It was like we never knew what we could do with technology.

For every college student, you must go digital. To a greater level, technology is part of what would keep the student going. You need to take some notes, make digital signatures, create a reading group online because you can leave the hostel, and do some document scanning.

Then going digital with available applications is necessary. As things you could have done manually, you can do them digitally.

What are Applications (Apps)?

People around the world are familiar with applications, as they are part of our everyday life. 

As defined by the Cambridge dictionary, an Application or App is a computer program or a piece of software designed for a particular purpose that you can download onto a mobile phone or another mobile device.

These applications can be used for so many reasons, health, education, finance, business, entertainment, and more.

In 2021, it was recorded that there were 218 billion apps around the world for users, while Android users have about 3.74 million to choose from, Amazon store with over 4750,000 and iPhone users have around 2.1 million during the first quarter. 

Types of Applications

There are three based types of applications. These apps are classified under these three, which are Native Apps, Hybrid, and web-based.

  • Native Application: Some apps are built to work on a certain device, if downloaded on another, it literally would not work. That is why they are called Native. So native apps are applications that are targeted toward a particular platform. 

Just like the android users, apps built for this set of users can only be gotten or used on android devices. If one intends to use it on other devices such as Apple Device etc; it won’t work fine. These apps are built to track and provide users with excellent services.

  • Web-based Application: Here, we visit so many sites on our daily, just to get information. The Web-based application is a computer program that allows you to work on the app through a browser and the internet.

So many Applications can be accessed through the browser. This could be convenient and also save users a lot of time and you don’t have to download to enjoy the service. However, because the interface could be crowded, the interface could be slow. At the same time, it can be accessed anywhere.

  • Hybrid Application: Like the name is called, Hybrid Apps combine both native and web-based applications to provide you with a better service. Here you don’t have to download to use the application, you can choose if to or not.

Some of these Hybrid applications can function offline, meaning you don’t have to be online. There are many hybrid applications out there, Twitter, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, etc, all these applications can be accessed on a web browser or downloaded on a mobile device. 

Getting Applications

As many as these applications are available for use, they equally do not work in sync. not every application can work on a mobile device. To some extent, users would have to know which application can work on a mobile phone or probably a smartphone. 

Meaning users have to get a Smartphone, Tablet, a computer to access this application. Mostly for mobile phone users, they have to know which application is compatible with their phone. Also where to download or get the right app.

There are stores available to get these applications that are equally compatible with their store. Android users can always get their Apps from Playstore, while IOS from the Apple store, is also available in the Amazon store, Microsoft for PC, and others.

Applications For College Students

Almost every year, different developers create or develop apps. These apps are designed to make life easy. We see a rapid increase in the number of applications. College students are disposed to so many applications for their use. 

A lot of these choices would depend on what interests the user. However, these choices must be based on what is best for their education. Though there are a lot of apps available one cannot say this is better compared to the other, because at some point they are all useful.

So here are some Apps that are best for college students.

Microsoft Office

Now, this is a very interesting and powerful tool which I strongly suggest as must-have, it encompasses several tools, such as Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Powerpoint, and OneNote

With Microsoft office for college students, students can get things done, say take notes, schedule their calendar, and many more. This application is available for all. Students can get it on google play store, Apple store, and others.

Adobe Acrobat

Although there are various PDF viewers and readers. Adobe Acrobat is great and most have too. Students can view PDFs, read, edit, fill, and sign also do other functions. However, students have the option to subscribe to get more features.

This app is available for all types of devices, mobile phones, computers, and others. 


Wikipedia has remained to be one of the best and largest sources of information in the world. A lot of people go directly to get information on Wikipedia. Though libraries are still functional, these days you see a lot of people just go on Wikipedia to get information.

So, as a student, you might be needing some information for your next research work, Wikipedia could be your guide. It is readily available for all devices and costs you nothing much to get.


As a college student; you can learn from others and at the same time earn. StuDocu is an interesting app to have, as it is an online community to share knowledge, and meet students from around the world. There are over 60 Universities registered on Studocu.

Also, on Studocu, you can make some extra cash for notes shared on the platform, this is a great deal for a lot of college students. This app is in hybrid form, students can download or use the website to access the platform. it is available for all devices.

Oxford Dictionary

This should practically be almost everywhere you go. Oxford provides you with a large number of words, meaning, synonyms, antonyms, and other information. Thanks to technology students don’t have to go around with a big book of vocabulary. It is readily available at your fingertips.

This should be a must-have for all college students. available for all devices.

Video Call Apps

It is quite funny how a lot of college students tend to stay out of social life. Students should equally learn to stay connected with friends and families, especially those who probably study abroad. 

There are a lot of video call Apps out there, Zoom, Skype, Facetime, and even some social media platforms that provide that, such as Facebook, Instagram and others.

Health Apps

College students go through a lot of stress studying. While you study, you also need to monitor your health. Every student can choose from the numerous health apps available.

Some good examples are Google Fit: Activity Tracking, Health Diet Foods fitness Help, Step Tracker, and more. Remember students have to know which is compatible with their device.

There are other apps students could also consider, we won’t be able to caption them all. However, here are some applications you can look into to support your time in school; Camscanner, Lesson Educational App, Evernote, My homework student Planner, Google Drive, and others.


Apps are made available for everyone to get a comfortable process, this could be for business, entertainment, education, etc. These are also subjected to a subscription to enjoy the best features on the platform. Also, remember to get applications that are available worldwide or in your region. 

Apps are becoming a necessity to live in the modern world, as things are going technological, in fact in the next few years; things will be digital fully, and you have almost everything at your fingertips. they are only made available to make life much easier.

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