10 Best Ballet Schools in the world

Best Ballet Schools in the world– Ballet is one of the few extracurricular activities that has multiple health benefits. Ballet, the dance that entails telling a story without words, engages the whole body from the head all the way to the toe. Ballet dancing is not only for kids; adults can equally engage in it. In this article, you will discover the best ballet schools (physical school and on-line school) where you can learn the nitty gritty of ballet dance. You will also learn in extensive details, the health benefits of ballet dancing both in kids and adult.

List of 10 Best Ballet Schools in the World

  • The Vaganova School- St. Petersburg, Russia.

The school was established in 1738 by Jean Baptiste, a French master of ballet. This school has an outstanding record of producing world-class ballet dancers. It is the one of the best three ballet schools in the world.

  • The Paris Opera Ballet-Paris, France

This ballet school was instituted by Louis. Initially, the ballet training was structured for only adults, but seven years later, ballet for kids was introduced.  This school has been educating the world’s greatest ballet dancers for the past 3 centuries! The school remains one of the best ballet schools in the world.

  • Royal Ballet School-London, England

Royal Ballet School is one of the best 3 ballet schools in the world. This ballet school was established by Dame Ninette in 1926 as the Academy of Choreographic Art. She got inspired to start a ballet company and a ballet school to supply the company with competent dancers. In 1939, the name was changed to Sadler’s wells ballet company and school respectively. In 1946, the ballet company and school was relocated to the Royal Opera House.

  • The School of American Ballet- New York City, United States

This prestigious school was founded in 1934 by George Balanchines.  George Balanchines was a graduate of Imperial Ballet School where he received professional trainings in ballet dance. The ballet school was created in order to train and recruit dancers for the ballet company in United States.

  • The John Cranko School- Stuttgart, Germany

The ballet school was established in 1971 by John Cranko in Stuttgart, Germany. The school is one of the best ballet schools in the world. In fact, professional dancers attend this school to get their dancing skills sharpened. Graduates of this school proceed to join big ballet companies.

  • La Escuela National de Danza- Havana, Cuba

This ballet school is quite young; it was established in 1998. Their instructors constitute members and professors from the National Ballet of Cuba.

  • The Australian Ballet School- Southbank, Victoria, Australia

This school was established in 1964 as a part of the Ballet Centre in Melbourne Arts Precinct in Australia. To qualify to join the Australian Ballet company, you must first pass through this school. The school has a mission of providing top-notch and professional dance training program to its students.

  • San Francisco Ballet School- San Francisco, California

This ballet school is the oldest in the United States. It was established by Adolph Bolm in 1933 with a motive to provide education in ballet, modern, tap and interpretive dance. This school has trained successfully some of the world’s best ballet dancers.

  • National Ballet of Canada’s School- Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This Ballet school was established in 1959 by Betty Oliphant and Celia Franca. It is one of the leading ballet schools in the world. The school prides itself as the only ballet school in North America with a training program of international standard. The graduates of this school turn out to be great ballet dancers anywhere they find themselves in the globe.

  • Julliard School of Dance, New York

It was founded in 1905 by Dr Frank Damrosch, who wanted the young musicians in the city to advance their study without having to travel out of the country. This idea was really welcomed as a large number of youth turned out yearly to enroll in this school. In 1924, the Julliard Graduate school was established and the dance division created in 1951.

Seven (7) Benefits of Ballet Dance

#1 It helps you to maintain a good posture

Ballet involves a lot of movement using your hands, toes, head, in fact all the parts of the body. Thus, ballet dancing is a good exercise for the body. The process of stretching and controlling muscles continuously result into long and strong muscles that can move with great ease and coordination. Even sportsmen and women can apply the skills acquired in ballet class in their sport activities.

#2 It helps you to be mentally strong and focused

Ballet requires a lot of physical effort thus making the brain to work a little bit harder than usual. The brain is thus compelled to build new neural pathways to accommodate this extra effort which thus increases neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity helps to improve your memory, learning and also level of comprehension. A large number of dancers make good grades while in college and perform well in their careers after graduation.

#3 It makes you more disciplined

Mastering the art of ballet requires you taking up a lot of instructions, and series of trials too. It involves a lot of practices and many days of sweat. Thus the training process builds some level of discipline, tenacity and resilience in you.

#4 It builds your social and relationship Skills

Ballet dancing requires working in a team a lot of times. So as a ballet dancer, you get to meet and interact with people of similar interest. You get to listen to others, accept their creative ideas and develop your own creative ideas through different movements. This really makes ballet interesting.

#5 It builds your confidence

It takes a lot of courage to stand before an audience, and even a greater courage to perform before that audience. In the ballet training classes, a lot of issues including stage fright is taken care of. Weeks and years of training in ballet school helps to build confidence in the student such that standing/ performing before an audience will be a small-do.    

#6 Ballet is Fun!   

Learning ballet is really fun and enjoyable. The process of picking up skills, different movements, dancing to new styles of music and meeting people of similar interest is really enjoyable.

#7 Your communication skill is enhanced

Ballet dancing involves telling stories without the use of words. It involves using different parts of the body to communicate and express yourself to other people.

Online Ballet Schools

Even though ballet dance can be quite interesting with a lot of health benefits, finding a good ballet school with some good proximity can really be tasking. Registering for a ballet class is much easier with the online ballet schools. You can now get to learn ballet from beginner level to professional level from the comfort of your living room. Online ballet schools operate using the online livestream platforms or social media platforms.  Expert instructors/Professional ballet dancers teach ballet techniques and footwork. They also help dancers develop strength and vigor, fitness and confidence.

List of 6 Best Online Ballet Schools

#1 Dancio

 You get to take dance classes right in your living room.  This online dance class was founded by Caitlin Trainor. All you need is to subscribe for the class online. The instructors are top-notch trainers from all over the world. As a Dancio subscriber, you will get to learn from expert instructors like Craig Hall, Carlos Lopez, Lauren King and Julie kent.

#2 Beginner Pointe Class

It was founded by Kathyrn Morgan, an expert ballet instructor. Kathyrn Morgan is famous for her well-detailed class and full demonstrations. She offers both free and paid sessions of trainings.

#3 The Ballet Coach-kids

Sarah De-Feu, the founder of this class offers free training sessions for all ages on different social media channels. Sarah De-Feu is famous for her special ability to teach kids ballet dance. Her classes are very engaging and full of fun.

#4 Ballet Spot

This online ballet class offers live stream classes. The lessons include cardio ballet, barre, stretch, dance sculpt, movement meditation ballet and more. Courses are taught by professional dancers.

#5 Dance Plug

This online class offers simplified tutorials that is appropriate for all levels of skill in the ballet dance. The main instructor is Kelby Brown, a top-notch dancer.

#6 Lazy Dancer Studio

This online school offers training for all levels ranging from beginners to professional dancers. The main instructor, Alessia Lugoboni offers both free and paid trainings.

FAQS on Ballet

How long will it take for me to master dancing?

It all depends on your natural ability and the amount of time you dedicate for practice. If you are serious enough, you can master dance steps between 6 months and 1 year.

Can I take dance classes online?

Yes, you can. Swing dance, ballet or belly-dancing trainings can be taken online.

What level of education is required in dancing?

You don’t need any serious qualification to be a dancer. However, for you to be a successful dancer, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree.


Ballet dance not only helps to keep the body fit, it also develops and engages the mind. Whether you are a kid or an adult, ballet is just good for everyone. Ballet dancing is a good leisure activity. Getting to learn ballet is even now made easier with online ballet classes. All you need is to subscribe for the classes and get a device that has the needed applications to join the class.

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